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The illegalization of marijuana and its socialist background

In response to the recent debate over marijuana use both legally and medically as well as the socialist state we have created can be looked at through this one smaller issue.

Allow me to begin by saying marijuana is only illegal because of the industrial, spiritual and medical use of cannabis and hemp. Because marijuana/hemp is a natural plant that can be grown practicably anywhere you can't patent it for you did not create it; which means you can’t control a monopoly on it, it would be free to buy, produce or sell by anyone. If allowed to be legal with free market enterprise applications; the production increases and saved equity from oil, lumber and other resources would benefit our economy and the nation itself; for production creates wealth not frivolous spending. In the past centuries when North America was colonized they eventually became free sovereign nations which recognized that: free market principles along with individual liberty, combined with very small government generated production, freedom, prosperity and wealth. They also concluded that government and private controlled monopolies over products, services and above else the nation’s currency; would lead to our individual liberty’s being stripped away by a massive fascist state. Fascism is the result from socialism; socialism inspires big business and big government to work together; it also paves the way for Keynesian economics another subject that people need to understand, when unchecked this leads to fascism. The last major fascist state was Germany when Hitler was in power; he rose to power after the collapse of the German dollar due to Keynesian economics with frivolous spending, world war one and hyperinflation; don’t believe it can’t happen to us.

The founder’s message of individual freedom and liberty combined with free market enterprise stuck through both Canada and the United States until the beginning of the 19th century. Because of this North America experienced the greatest economic boom in the history of mankind during the 18th century, it is important to understand this for it’s the evidence to my theory. However in the beginning of the 19th century both nations experienced a new philosophical shift in thinking about government and politics towards a more socialist belief. The people felt that government intervention in their lives was needed in order to provide services, protection, education and stability. With this new shift we allowed our government to grow, they created departments on education, food, health, and what have you. With big government along comes big business; currently the United States is the best example of this mainly because of the size of their nation. The amount of people intertwined with big business and big government departments is staggering, it’s a revolving door so to speak; first you retire from Monsanto, next you’re in the FDA and Agricultural Department. The departments grants legislation that provide tax loop holes, tough regulation on competition, use of force and what have you in benefit of the big business the certain politician backs, came from or accepts a bribe from. Who to blame? I prefer to blame the politician while others blame the corporation, this is another type of debate that also links back to socialism; without big government you can’t have corporations that exploit the people.

Because of the government ban on illegal substances such as marijuana/hemp you and I can’t use it for its thousands and I mean thousands of uses. We can’t use it to make rope, paper, oil, gas, plastic, medicine, clothes and so on; this is because big business that makes money by using say oil for plastic and gas, lumber for paper and some other “controlled” substance for medicine team up with big government to allow regulation that restricts our freedoms while enabling them more. This is the cost of socialism, or big government; our freedoms will be stripped away by a fascist state just like our founders warned us about. If you don’t believe me then you need a wakeup call, or to get a grip on reality. I don’t mean to offend someone but put two and two together and throughout time we have seen is disastrous toll on nations. “Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it” (Edmund Bruke http://www.goodreads.com/quotes/tag/doomed-to-repeat-it) the above quote says it all; take a look back at the pains of the feudal system in Europe or the Communism to the east. They are nothing more than other forms of socialism leading up to fascism. So the point of my history lesson and discussion on socialism is to awaken the reader to understand that no government should ever take away your freedoms, be they your personal habits, types of business, your firearms or right to free speech in the name of bettering a nation through economics, security and services.

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I wrote this in response

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