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Since Reince Priebus claims to read the Daily Paul - Here are some questions.

1) Why did you (the GOP) feel threatened enough to deny Dr. Paul's speaking slot at the convention when he RIGHTFULLY EARNED it?

2) Do you feel that he didn't earn it?

3) Why was it okay for Romney to select a vice president BEFORE he was nominated at the convention?

4) Why was it okay for the GOP to ignore Rule #11a which states:

(a) The Republican National Committee shall not, without the prior written and filed approval of all members of the Republican National Committee from the state involved, contribute money or in-kind aid to any candidate for any public or party office except the nominee of the Republican Party or a candidate who is unopposed in the Republican primary after the filing deadline for that office.


(b) No person nominated in violation of this rule shall be recognized by the Republican National Committee as the nominee of the Republican Party from that state.

You can take this as a way of HONESTLY answering some unanswered questions and the opportunity to mend some fences with those you & your party have disenfranchised. Go ahead, clear the air..

We look forward to your responses.

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I suspect as much

I don't think he'll answer, but if he comes here on a daily basis, you would think that he would want to open communications - maybe post something addressing our concerns and complaints. So far I haven't seen that done. If he were to answer, I hope he realizes that we here in this community care far more about integrity & honesty within replies as opposed to a PR type of response.

BTW - I didn't write that last line: "We look forward to your responses."

My last sentence actually went along the lines of "We'll wait & see."

Interesting how it was edited.

yes the Mods

want to keep the name calling and attacks on Prebus on here down. But free speech is free speech... mods. Tell us to clean up the swear words and name calling but don't shut anybody's voice off. If Prebus wants to engage then he should answer the questions .
We can handle the truth...
I want answers
He has done irreparable damage according to me and others , but I'm a fair man and I'll listen to his reasoning before I'll tell him to pound sand.

Michael Nystrom's picture

Who's shutting anybody's voice off?

Are you the one who posted the thread with the asinine name calling in the title? If not, my apologies. If so, yeah, we're going to take that down every time, as soon as we see it. Please don't make us look like 12-year olds.

If you want answers, then act like it. Act like you're standing in the room with him, and address him the way you would do if that were the case.

And as I said elsewhere, if it would be your M.O. to address him as "Rancic Pubis" or whatever face to face, then we have a problem. If not, go ahead and ask the questions.

Well Michael

After what he did and what is happening to our country because of his kind. YES.... I would if in a room face to face with that guy call him just that. I'd be in his face. You know you are not the only person committed to Liberty. I don't think playing nice with a guy that screws you over and over at every turn is the only way to play this stinking game, my opinion.
I was invested heavily in 08 and even moreso in 2012 in the campaign for liberty. Some of it had to do with the admiration I felt for you and the emotion you showed in the ForLiberty Movie. I don't appreciate his type of dirty Politics. And you showed you don't either and what type of men we both stand for in politics. But I'm not crying like you did in the movie., I'm fighting mad. He needs to be called out and we need to get the attention of many more ears to grow this movement.. Also if you think that everyone associated with this movement needs to just lie down and take the kicking from him ; then that is what we will be doing next time. Lying down and taking our punishment for standing up against the machine.
Yes I posted that thread. Now you are calling me out and calling me names for posting it. In front of everyone else who reads this and trying to gain high moral ground. Michael this is your gig. You have the ability to block me and cancel my acct. But you don't have the ability or right to tell me I can't show my disgust for this so called leader of the RNC. Tell me to tone it down Yea..Cut my feet out and shut down a thread No.
The thread was exploding with folks chiming in to show their displeasure of and to that man .I'm not the only one with his feathers ruffled. You stopped a "mop scene" thread. Thats all , I don't thing you'll change all of their hearts though.

We have his attention and you say we should play nice with him.. No thank You... He needs to Go OR we or should I say " I " need to start re-thinking just what the heck I am doing in this corrupt party. I don't speak for others.
Now the title of your thread says "Who's shutting anyones voice off?" I guess we'll see.
just another pissed off asinine 12 year old.. ps.. Notice I didn't call you names...

Michael I Respect You

But I stand w/ TBuck on this issue.

Suggestion for Mr. Priebus and Michael...


I know many might vehemently reject this idea, but...

How about if "our" RNC chairman sets up a VETTED (as him by Michael N.) account here @ the Daily pAuL and actually commences the process of COMMUNICATING with us.

Yes, a busy man, shouldn't be expected to post constantly or even very often, but what-the-hey?? If the man actually took this step... good chance for us (yep, me included) to see if we have the wherewithal to refrain from brutal personal attacks and name-calling, right??

Personally I don't care if the only reason the Chair is "extending the Olive Branch" is because the "numbers say he needs us" or whatever. Not a thing wrong with opening some repartee on what "we" (okay--us/them) agree upon. I posit that the first "plank" might be that the Democrat philosophy/platform is truly tyrannical, even to the point of being demonic (atheists may prefer another term but likely do agree with the point).

Michael Nystrom?? Thoughts??
(Shooting me straight down is, obviously, a perfectly acceptable response.)

Michael Nystrom's picture

I think that is a great idea

He's certainly free to set up an account here if he wants to.

I hope he does. Why don't you put up a thread inviting him to sign up? Or email him or whatever.

(I just hope you're not asking me to do it.) I'm just the gardener here. I till the soil, pull the weeds and let what is going to grow, grow. So feel free to make it happen.