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Obama waives congressionally mandated aid restrictions for Algeria. Sends 3 million anyway.

Since 2011, the State Department has ranked Algeria as “Tier 3” (the lowest ranking) in its annual Trafficking in Persons Report because it “does not fully comply with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking and is not making significant efforts to do so.” Algerian officials have strongly objected to the ranking as an “unfounded” effort to harm Algeria’s international reputation.

Due to restrictions enacted in the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (Division A of P.L. 106-386, as amended), Algeria’s poor ranking in the State Department’s annual Trafficking in Persons report potentially makes it ineligible for certain types of foreign aid.

However, the Obama Administration has waived these restrictions. The Administration has also waived congressionally mandated aid restrictions contained in annual appropriations legislation that apply to countries that do not practice budget transparency.

In 2012 the US gave Algeria 2 million dollars in USAID. This year they are scheduled to receive 3 million in USAID.

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