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Compelling argument for why Government intentionally pushing for unrest through glaringly faulty Sandy Hook operation


Australian liberty activist Max Igan gives a very compelling argument for why:

Government intentionally setup a glaringly faulty False Flag hoax operation in Sandy Hook. Says, the laughingly comical acting and glitches are all there on purpose. They're well thought out, designed and engineered. They are there to expose sharp division between zombies and awakened and force a split.

With 3 hollow point bullets per every person in United States, government is itching to trigger social unrest, and invite catastrophy/mayhem in the society.

Sandy Hook is potentially just a pre-cursor. Expect them to get more and more desperate and start pulling crazier and crazier stunts.


My take: I have been giving a lot of thought to this, and coming around to agree. All the chips have started to fall rapidly, and this points in the direction of "Operation Utilize Those Hollow Point Bullets".

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I don't quite buy this hypothesis

If you look at the idiotic blunders associated with past events, it doesn't seem like all this absurdity is deliberate.....For instance, the reporter talking about building 7 already having fallen when it's still intact behind her...The endless anomalies and laughable explanations associated with 9/11....also many actors and photoshop jobs turned up there.

Seems to me what's happening is the Internet has grown up quite a bit, there are a lot more people a lot more suspicious of government, and these people are a lot more adept at sifting through information. The free market of ideas, the work of independent researchers, etc., is just outrunning the state propaganda machine.

Also, you have a huge chunk of the population ready to believe, or at least consider, anything, since they believe there's a foreign born communist agent in the White House. The ranks of the "conspiracy theorists" are swelling, at least for now.

This event also follows the pattern of high profile mass shootings with suspicious elements giving way to mass gun grabs in England and Australia....Seems to me that the fascists are working their same old program, assuming past performance predicts future results, and they screwed up majorly by not comprehending the power of the Internet and the mood of much of the country.