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Sometimes "blowback" is beautiful to behold... "buybacks" turn into gun shows.


"... there is no denying that the buybacks have – so far – been utter failures from the government’s perspective, less so from the private buyer’s perspective."


Thanks to truefiction for this video:


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So, there were hundreds upon

So, there were hundreds upon hundreds of guns all together in one location, in the possession of hundreds of people in a nice, neat, single-file line, out in the open, and it wasn't a blood bath? Nobody was killed? I thought guns were bad and did nothing but kill innocent people?

More brainwashed

More brainwashed collectivists disarming themselves! What a hoot! LMAO!Somebody should have set up a kool aid stand, they would have sold out in an hour.

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what can I say


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Reporter: "I checked the laws in Washington about gun sales"

Why dont you just take a look at the second highest law of the land you c0cksucker

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It may get me profiled by the police

Is there anyplace online that sells used guns? Like craigslist?

2nd Amendment

Thanks for the heads up. I just moved to this area. Haven't moved my guns yet. Now I know I can buy new ones here and not worry about varying laws about transporting guns across state lines. I'll just not bring them.

My granddad destroyed his guns before turning them in in the UK.

He didn't trust the police with them...

What I guess I'm saying is if you don't want a gun to end up in the wrong hands take a hacksaw to it, you don't need the government for that.

They were guns he picked up during the war, He would have kept them but my grandma didn't want him to.


Former gun owners...

like lemmings? So quick to unarm themselves...

The problem, even with

The problem, even with creating a competing buyback program, is that the government has the authority to buyback even stolen weapons, an action which would rightfully be a crime if we were to attempt it. Doing this creates an artificial market for stolen weapons by the state basically rejecting the victims claim that they have on their property and guaranteeing the theif an ability to sell the stolen property.

If a pawn shop did that they would be screwed

Unless the law man owns the pawn shop. The only time I ever had my guns stolen I learned they were hocked at a gun shop owned by the Sheriff of Texarkana, Texas. That bastard bought my guns and kept them. The guy that stole them originally went to prison (for this theft and others) but the Sheriff stole them again.

30 years ago but I learned then the law is not blind.

Well done!!!


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They could easily stop these pesky gun buyers from showing up.

Just keep the time and location of the buybacks a secret. The government is good at doing secret things.

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

No, Wait

That would ruin my plan for burglars who want to follow them home...

Apparently, the gun-sellers often get more for their guns at buy-backs than they're worth, and turn around to use the money for a new one. Don't you just love government programs?

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That would be hilarious to go

That would be hilarious to go in with 6 or 7 old rusted .22 rifles, get $100 bucks each and tell the cops your going to stop at Cabellas on the way home and pick up a new AR-15.

Even if you got the amazon gift cards, they have some good deals on quad rails etc...

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more hilarious if the first gun someone,traded for a gift card

Had been used in a crime and would otherwise been in a Seattle storm drain

Good plan!

That is exactly what we did back in 90's when a yuppy area in Houston (don't remember but I think it was Belaire). We told all the guys we worked with (ship channel so a variety of characters) we were paying 50 bucks for any gun no matter the condition. We got 18 old crap "blow up in your hand" guns. Mostly old gut shooters that were rusted shut.

We took them to the turn in day and got 100 each (we got 80 dollars on one because the barrel fell off when we turned it in.) We split the profits and I bought a nice little Ruger 22. Free money!

HaHa, its like "cash for

HaHa, its like "cash for clunkers" but for firearms...

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.

**cough cough**

mhmmm yep yep I've been watching the news carefully for one of those patriotic events nearby so I could attend and show my support~ go team go! =]

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You may want to add this to the OP:



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5 stars all the way.

Loved it.


I try to change people every day. Do You?