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Anarchy Amendment $10,000 for your support

Proposal: a Constitutional Amendment that makes all present and future federal laws self-expire after 10 years.

-Includes a $10,000 tax deduction for everyone who proves they worked for it.




Our political system is geared to sustaining new and more encroaching laws, like a boa constrictor. If laws self-expire, liberty has the upper hand and the political dynamic is changed. It must be changed if we are to be free in the long run.

This fosters state and local activism; that arena is hot right now for the right proposal. Better to put your eggs in a comprehensive constitutional amendment, rather than a fleeting man, party, personality, or leader who can betray you.

Gun owners will march around this year. Will they make federal laws self-expire fertilizing all our liberties?

Otherwise, what's the point?

Instead of END the FED *directly,* be like Sun Tzu, and end it indirectly. This does that.

All I'm saying is that politicians are not infallible. Therefore, their laws should not go on indefinitely. Law-limits count; term-limits miss the point.

Hope we can generate a big discussion about this, so that it takes off. Many people here know how that is done. I'm all ears.

It is something that almost everyone can agree on. No one believes our politicians are infallible.

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