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Reason.com: GOP Restrictionists Are Big Labor's Dupes on Immigration

Shikha Dalmia from Reason Magizine and scolar at the Reason Foundation argues in her latest article at Reason.com that the GOP is knowingly doing the will of big labor in the immigration battle:


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Restricted immigration has always been about protecting unionized labor (in a parallel to how tariffs are about protecting cartelized industry). That and electoral politics (keeping out a demographic which is likely to vote for your opponents). Since the Republicans don't get the support of the unions, I assume their opposition to immigration these days is political: trying to keep out Hispanics who tend to vote Democrat. It was the same in the 19th century: The Reps tried to keep out Irish, Italians, and Germans who tended to vote Democrat.

The libertarian position is for free immigration right along with free trade.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

If only...

If only we could reach through to conservatives on this. I tried posting about immigration not long ago on this very site and I got bombarded with people who were anti-immigration...at least they believed that the government should restrict immigration and tighten the border instead of opening it.

Really? No responses?

Wow. I'm supprised. I thought that there'd be more interest in this.