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North Dakota Bill To Defy Any Executive Order By The President on Guns

North Dakota Bill To Defy Any Executive Order By The President on Guns

By Jerry Burnes
Posted: Monday, January 28, 2013 | 10:34 am

North Dakota lawmakers are looking to get tough on potential direct actions taken by President Barack Obama, proposing a bill to grant the Legislature the right to review, approve or reject any executive order issued by the president.

House Bill 1428 is designed to give legislators the power to suspend orders implemented unless the orders have been upheld by a vote of Congress.

Rep. Bob Skarphol (R-Tioga) is a co-sponsor of the bill and said some members of the Legislature don’t believe in governing by executive order. He said there are checks and balances ingrained into the government for a reason, and those balances should be followed.
“It’s a serious issue with us,” Skarphol said. “If our president wants to circumvent Congress, then we’ll see it the same way as if our governor wants to circumvent us.”

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It doesn't go far enough.

I would like to see one that rejects any unconstitutional executive orders......congress or no congress. BTW All the executive orders are unconstitutional, under the limited powers of the federal government.


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon


I hope Missouri follows this example