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A Secret Paradise for Gun Rights and Residency

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Doesn't seem like it

Okay, so you can 'rent' a rifle. What about actually owning them? Or handguns? I'll look into this more but I wasn't exactly impressed by what I read in that article.

Why not just go to New Hampshire? Even more gun rights, and not nearly as cold. Also much cheaper; Norway is *very* expensive.

Still, it's a place to keep in mind if things ever get *really* bad here...

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Northern NH

Southern NH was already overrun by Massholes that love government.



southern NH sounds a lot better than Svalbard if someone's looking for gun freedom and bitingly cold weather. (though Svalbard sounds like an interesting place to visit...)

I live in southern(ish) NH and if anything, it's the native born "live free or die" folks who seem most comfortable living off of the state/feds.

I've spent a lot of time living in both NH and MA, and really, the people seem interchangeable for the most part.

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