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Lawyers in Richmond, VA?

Hey everyone,

I hate to make such an odd request, but I wondered if any of my fellow DPers know of any attorneys in Richmond, VA who feel like we do? A relative of mine there is in some pretty dire straits and can't afford legal fees for services he needs, but can and will provide professional health/wellness services (he is a certified physical fitness trainer and massage therapist) in lieu of money if any attorneys are open to such an exchange. My relative was featured in GQ magazine in May of 2004 or 2005 for training GQ contributing writer Andrew Corsello. A yelp review of my relative's professionalism and abilities reads as follows:

"I have known the owner of (business name) studios for over 12 years, dating back to when he was the fitness director of an exclusive, private health club - The Capital Club. As a sports physician, I am concerned about the reputation and ability of those to whom I refer in the community. I often refer to (my relative's name) of (business name) studios because he is extremely well-versed in functional training which uses tubing, exercise balls, kettlebells, balance and stability objects and body isometrics as well as a variety of other non-traditional means, instead of old school weight training and cardio that is both boring, can be injurious and is often not appropriate for all age groups. Patients always come back to me with glowing reviews of his adaptations to the individuals' needs. This private studio is well maintained and well located."

Yes, that's a private studio, where the attorney will get one-on-one training in a gym with no one else. No waiting on machines, or strange looks from others.

If you know of anyone, or know of anyone who might know of someone who would entertain this type of transaction for legal services, please contact me directly via email at chris@nomorecages.com.

Thank you so much!

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Your relative could try posting a message on http://richmond.craigslist.org/lgs/
That way they come to him if they are interested in his trade of services. I'm not sure of the caliber of lawyer that looks for work on Craigslist but worth a shot.

Virginia BUMP

This site may be able to help.

Or put Virginia Legal Aid in Google, and see what comes up. Some I looked at only take Civil Cases.
Stating whether it is Civil or Criminal might be something you want to disclose.
Maybe someone else on here knows specific lawyers that would take the case unfortunately I don't.