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Announcement: Mark Willis’s Letter to the GOP Grassroots

This is the first part of a long letter to the grassroots from Mark Willis, the only man in America willing to oppose the re-election of Reince Priebus for the chairmanship of the RNC. The rest of the letter, along with an interview with Mark as well as Ashley Ryan, the only two people to vote against that re-election is at StepDownNow.com.

To everyone across America who supported our campaign:

For the past three weeks, we embarked on a journey together that was revolutionary in approach, all the while knowing the ultimate results remained uncertain. Together, never wavering, we stood fast and carried on when others suggested we withdraw, retreat and fall in line. Standing strong, we organized our campaign across America doing what needed to be done – writing, emailing, and calling our RNC members, respectfully asking for their support. To accomplish our tasks, we used social media, talk radio, videos, television, and personal relationships in the most efficient and effective manner. Moving forward, I truly believe our approach in 2013 will become the gold standard for future RNC chair campaigns.

To recap, our campaign was one of principle that could not be shaken. We understand that there are serious issues the RNC needs to address as soon as possible if we are to win in 2014 and beyond. Furthermore, we know instinctively that these issues cannot be solved with larger donations and fundraisers. These issues have emerged from the convention and election results of 2012 and from what I am hearing, many RNC members understand and agree our concerns have merit. They know the rules need to be changed – so much that this issue is now front and center for our April 2013 meeting.

More than this, the message of a decentralized RNC with competitive bidding and superior technology took off this past week as well, entering into the RNC vernacular like never before. It was very encouraging to hear our concerns and the term “grassroots” being discussed by members of the RNC in formal meetings and sidebar conversations in the hallways...


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You can give them a message from me

When you and he sit down together you can express the belief first that the idea of auctioning the nomination to the highest bidder has to stop. You are NOT going to gain any credence with most Paul people by letting contributions determine the nominee. Ideas are what work. Look to the Ron Paul young people who came out in thousands while Romney got hundreds. Their ideas are the policies of tomorrow. Just because Ron Paul is leaving the House doesn't mean he is to be ignored. HE, of all people, predicted this mess we are in. He MAY manage to get us out without TOTAL financial collapse. Maybe.

I guess Mark Willis lost then?

I listened to the youtube interview w/ Willis and I thought he was far too respectful saying he respected Preibus' integrity and that he met a lot of good Republicans who are not Ron Paul supporters who also have integrity.

The way I see it, if these people had *any* integrity they never would've stood for Preibus' antics in the first place. Either the "non RP supporters who 'have integrity'" are phonies or they're just plain idiots (for not seeing through Preibus' antics).

I know Mark Willis has to act respectful by the way.


POS heads the POS

The video at the bottom of the page tells alot. Hear how the handler starts squawking at the mere notion of Priebus even being asked an 'unvetted' question. Ole Reince was in full bullshit mode though and ready to spew it. I buy none of it. Big deal for the new rules. I'm sure (fill in the blank but for now we'll say Rubio)'s people will just change everything at the convention anyway....if they even need to. With all due respect to Mark, truth is the only message Preibus got was an 'atta boy' from the powers that be. The republiCANT'S still outnumber the republiCANS badly. The hacks didn't even bother replacing this jerk for cosmetic reasons after getting their asses handed to them yet again in what should have been a slam dunk victory in November. He leads that and not only gets re-elected, but runs UNOPPOSED?????? C'mon man! Now he's ready to "welcome" those who are already in the party. lol Great! Gee thanks Reincy for the invite, but I've seen this film and I hated the original so the sequels do not interest me. Nice touch though, having a POS in charge of the POS (Party of Stupid)

Hate me all you want

I know we all want to change the GOP and turn it back to its roots. I know we all want someone like a Ron Paul, Rand Paul, or Justin Amash to be the GOP president, but I do not see that happening. With Reince Priebus as the leader of the GOP we will not get anything we want done. The GOP establishment want us out of town. They keep complaining about us taking high position like in Iowa.

Well I say that we start working to build up the Libertarian party this coming year. We need to get a third choice out there and get people who really care about us. We have had people use the Ron Paul Revolution to get elected then turn out completely opposite. I personally work in the Pennsylvania Libertarian party and we have made fantastic things happen. The Libertarian party is growing and we are winning local election. It is still hard to get high offices like Senate and Congress since we do not have the funds, but still we are doing amazing things. Once you get into the local LP you will see this is more the place to be.