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An Actual Good Reason To Cancel GEICO Insurance

They think it's funny to use bestiality jokes to sell their service:


Ha Ha! That girl is on a date with a pig! And now she wants to have intimate relations with him! Sexual activity with animals is funny and extremely appropriate! Mommy, what's going on? That pretty girl wants to kiss a pig!

BTW the 'GEICO cancels gun employee's policy' story is turning out to be a hoax or at the very least a big misunderstanding fanned by the recent gun control hysteria. It's not a private vehicle, it's a commercial vehicle, and the policy would never have been issued in the way it was if this had been disclosed initially.

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at least this makes more sense than the "Jewish Witchcraft" thread.

oy vey...

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You mean, other than the fact that...

it is owned by Warren Buffet and pads his pockets.

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the pig and the doughboy should get together...


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