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Greece: How Long Until Juanta?

It is often said that to get a glimpse of our future we should study the lessons of the past. Or we can observe the fate of those marching a few steps ahead of us down a road we seem determined to travel. Take Greece. Long hailed as the birthplace of democracy, it is now a poster child for excessive government spending, bloated public sector unions, unfunded entitlements, and stultifying regulations. What happens when the politicians frantically trying to stave off economic collapse finally run out of other people's money?

full article @ http://www.huffingtonpost.com/bill-frezza/how-long-until-jun...

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From my view here in Greece...

From my view here in Greece, this is an accurate update. I live in a small village on an island, so the scene in Athens seems far removed from daily life here.

I am pleased to read Frezza's reference to the courage and strength of spirit that stills lives in many Greeks here. Based on my neighbors and friends, when I read about the "other" stereotype so often I'm always disappointed that this bad rap stains so many millions of admirable people and their families.

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Great Update on the Current Apocalypse of Greece.

I have been shocked at current news of Greece, yet haven't seen much lately.

This is a great update. Bill Frezza is excellent. Thanks for the post.