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Armed citizens helping police

Piers Morgan liked to say how the last 5 mass shootings were with assault rifles, so I found a sight that show 22 situations in which armed citizens have come to the aid of police. Link is below.


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Thanks for the link.

Thanks for the link.

i would never help a cop. at

i would never help a cop. at least pennsylvania has not come to their aid, on that list. f*ck the police. there are more people in prison in america than there are in communist china. i'll laugh at the pigs if someone wants to hurt them.


Piers looking the wrong way

Piers is looking at the guns doing the killing with no consideration of a knife, but in the real world the person does the killing who has the opportunity of having a gun but would use a knife in many cases if a gun wasn't available. When it comes to the right thinking and right choice of questions, Piers is a born loser.

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Double bump for a great post. :)

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That's a link worth spreading


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Nice find!

Nice find! Thanks for posting

Got lucky

You are welcome