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Daily Caller: Rand Paul to outline ‘constitutional conservative’ foreign policy

Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul will deliver a wide-ranging foreign policy address at the Heritage Foundation next Tuesday, marking the tea party lawmaker’s latest foray into international affairs.

“At this lecture, Senator Rand Paul will discuss his vision of a foreign policy that respects the plain language of our Constitution, the legal powers of Congress and the important role of a strong presidency,” the invitation says. “It will stress the need for maintaining the strongest national defense among nations while also questioning what constitutes actual ‘defense.’”

Paul acknowledges the United States “presently faces national security challenges from hostile nations throughout the world,” but argues that “overextending our military forces by engaging in prolonged conflict throughout the Middle East and around the globe has not been an effective foreign policy. ”

“Sen. Paul will ask what qualifies as America’s genuine national interest,” according to the invitation. “He will also ask what aspects of our current policies do not.”


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Did Rand unearth a

Did Rand unearth a "conservative" part to the constitution? Did the authors leave that part in a time capsle that was set to be unlocked yesterday? Id like to read it.


My language! This should be very interesting considering the forum/audience...

A constitutional military is needed to ensure we wouldn't just revert back to an interventionist foreign policy after a Paul presidency...but I'm very glad this conversation is taking place!


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Rand Paul: An attack on Israel is an attack on the U.S.)

Um " Israel need call call me

Um " Israel need call call me to defend themselves if bombs should rain in on the Gaza". Does that answer question?


what question?

You are obviously questioning

You are obviously questioning Rands views on Israel and his loyalty to the US. I meant to say "need not call me" not "need call call me".

Someone in his staff issued a

Someone in his staff issued a reply yesterday about Rand's statement. Basically it would be under the most dire circumstance, but once again this is politics so pandering is everywhere. But Rand is at least putting us in a good position to cause some reflection with the stubborn neo-conservatives.


the neocons are evil but not idiots.

Push the National Guard?

An issue I face when discussing the Paul position on defense with others who only know of RP from out of context media sound bites is the perception of a position being weak on defense. I know this to be untrue as Paul has stated he believes in a very strong national defense policy. What he does NOT support is intervention in sovereign foreign nations and the spreading thin our own military to engage in unnecessary and undeclared wars.

With this being said, maybe a more specific vision of a strong national defense should be presented. An idea I've been pondering would be for Paul to push for federal resources now being spent overseas shifted over to the National Guard. The National Guard is authorized in the Constitution and I think most Americans would have a positive reception to this type of policy. I also beleive this presents a check on overreaching federal authority when faced against a State militia of trained and armed citizen soldiers.

Rand is truly setting himself

Rand is truly setting himself up as a leader. It is intriguing to watch him work.

Moving a Supertanker or Aircraft Carrier

I say any movement away from our present course is great. So if Rand is 1 pct or 99 pct like his dad it is for the better. So I am ready to support him in his efforts instead of nitpicking him to death.

Ron and Rand promote thought and analysis. Rand may make me think differently or I may disagree with him after his speech next week. I may even think he is pandering, but I will probably still support him fully instead of the absolute garbage we typically have in DC now.

Rand says non intervention except IzUnReal

B e c a u s e they are his bosses.


Try to keep an open mind.

Try to keep an open mind.

tasmlab's picture

Let's hope for some Ron Paul style principle!

Crossing my fingers but I'm sure tempering any optimism.

If it is at the Heritage Foundation, will anyone hear it? Will the Huffington Post feel like putting a bad photo of him on the front page with some nasty headline? "Idiot tea partier w/ curly toupee wants less war"

"Strong presidency" = yuck! Strong 'rule of law' if anything-at-all!

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bump to this as well, we are in the last days of the Republic, it's now or never.

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero, www.freedomshift.blogspot.com


Thanks Bobby.
BIG bump!

I was just watching someone from the heritage foundation on CCTV(China/American news agency) speak to the topic of Iran and "wipe Israel off the map", "Missles capable of delivering nuclear war heads to Ameican shores"
"obama is too soft on Iran"

all those things were said.

Rand Paul is taking the bull by the horns with this and challenging them head on.

I like that "in your face 'McCain youre a troll' " persona Senator Paul has.
If he keeps it up- the Tea Party will bust through this horrendous foreign policy we have.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016