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Arguments that can be used to nullify Drivers License contracts

When I obtained my State issued Drivers License, I unknowingly entered into an agreement with the State which caused me to give up my right to travel unmolested on the roads. When deception is used during the creation of a contract, the contract becomes fraudulent and fraudulent contracts are null and void. Furthermore, causing someone to unknowingly give up a constitutionally protected right does not remove that right from an American. No person or government is qualified to give a right as a gift, or take a right away as if it were a privilege.

If an American is forced, coerced, or unknowingly placed under the state’s powers, the courts have ruled it is a clear violation of their rights. The majority of Americans carrying State issued Drivers Licenses and vehicle registrations have no knowledge of the rights they waived in obeying laws such as these that the U.S. Constitution clearly states are unlawful, i.e. laws of no effect – laws that are not laws at all. An area of serious consideration for every police officer is to understand that the most important law in our land which each officer has taken an oath to protect, defend, and enforce, is not State laws and city or county ordinances, but the law that supersedes all other laws—the U.S. Constitution. If laws in a particular State or local community conflict with the supreme law of our nation, there is no question that the officer’s duty is to uphold the U.S. Constitution. Furthermore, when a Drivers License is required to perform routine daily functions like cashing checks, selling personal property at pawn shops, and to even pick up prescription medicine, a Drivers License contract becomes a “Contract of Adhesion” in which Americans are put in a situation where they have no choice but to accept the terms of the contract and obtain a Drivers License.

Other legal Arguments that nullify arbitrary contracts between the people and the State: