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Updated 9/11 Documentary: War By Deception 2013


I have posted this video before, and no one has ever even tried to debunk it. The only reason more don't know about it, is because the media wants the public to think that Alex Jones, Loose Change, Jesse Ventura, etc. are the heart of the 9/11 Truth movement. But these people and that movie is to 9/11 Truth what Richard Simmons is to Muscle Building.

War By Deception 2013, by Ryan Dawson, is low budget, but filled with clear evidence for Mossad, CIA and Zionist or dual Israeli citizen involvement in 9/11. It is possible of course that these dual citizens or hard core American Zionists were just used to construct the official story. Maybe at least a few really do believe the official story and were not in on the cabal. Regardless, he shows how the 9/11 Commission's conclusions were predetermined by necons in the Bush administration.

It also shows where other 9/11 Truthers get it wrong (see his breakdown of Loose Change's error filled discussion of the attack on the Pentagon). He presents a nuanced overview of who did it, how they did it, without claiming to have all the answers. If you can get past the low budget quality, you will be amazed at what you can learn from this documentary.

It is not a coincidence that 9/11 Truth documentaries that peddle distractions get the big budgets and the ones that do not, struggle for viewership.

Please watch this important work people, and share it. 9/11 Truth still matters and this documentary provides the strongest case for Truth out there, without getting lost in distracting details. Trust me, you will not think the same after viewing it.

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jEOEr5BIozM Ryan Dawson interviewed about his documentary, by Vinnie Eastwood.

Where are our pro-Israel or

Where are our pro-Israel or anti Truther friends? Why can't they debunk this video?