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How Purchasing A Handgun Has Reinforced My Marriage:

Cindy, my wife of 42 years is an old school (don't rock the boat) responsible citizen. Up until now she has avoided politics and opinion except responding to me. Yes I've had a few beers on the weekend called out all the injustices our Govt has bestowed upon us and she takes it with a grain of salt UNTIL I bought a handgun. Now she's becoming more active and easing onboard with the 2nd Amendment. She allows me to tactically stow my weapons and endorses pistol range training. She knows whats happening and seems carefree with my agenda. I am blessed with a wonderful companion and understanding wife. I might say I'm making progress in turning her around, but I sometimes wonder if she didn't awaken me by allowing me to find my way.

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Just make sure you don't go

Just make sure you don't go too crazy with purchases! :-) My wife does want to make sure we are financially sound, and part of that means putting money to good uses, not just fun use (aka my gun purchases). Good luck!

Jason Robinson
Republican Liberty Caucus of Idaho