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Mississippi Strikes Again!

Mississippi's only abortion clinic, which I used to live right down the road from, is being closed. We are going to be the first abortion free state. We are also expecting more states to follow. Mississippi is plowing the way for Liberty.

I understand that prohibition doesn't work, but we have to protect the Liberty of those to have their own choice. Yes, Freedom is dangerous. Selective rights are wrong, and even more dangerous.



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Was this

Was this because the people of Mississippi, or because of government in Mississippi? I am pro-life and I extend congratulations to pro-life. I am pro-freedom, and do not appreciate the term "abortionist" because not all abortions are choice, but very unfortunate circumstances. Will these unfortunate parents who do not chose abortion, but actually need one to save the life of the mother have to leave the state? What choices is Mississippi giving men and women besides forcing them to leave the state?