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Sen. Ted Cruz letter to Smith & Wesson leadership SCREW Chicago and BofA, move your JOBS to Texas

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Page out of Rick Perry's

Page out of Rick Perry's playbook. He's been saying stuff like this to California for years (it has worked for the most part).

Southern Agrarian

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This is a fantastic letter.

This is a fantastic letter. It's nice to see a politician being proactive and doing the right thing. Keep it up Mr. Cruz!

like him or not...

...Cruz deserves props (and encouragement to do more) for this.

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Nice letter! Don't fence me in!


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Atta Boy

Nice work Senator Cruz.

Now I don't anything about Ted Cruz

...but if he isn't 100% liberty minded, this alarms me that there will be a trend in the next election of pseudo liberty politicians who will use the gun issue to rally voters and just drag out more of the same.

We don't just need people who talk tough on guns but who ARE tough on ALL liberty issues.

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for visibility.