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Army Training Exercises In Populated Areas: A Numbing Effect?

Recently, the U.S. Army staged military training exercises in a populated Houston neighborhood in conjunction with other Federal agencies using blank ammunition which, while harmless, still sounds exactly like live rounds. The population in southeast Houston was predictably terrified, having been given no notification of the impending aerial and ground assault, occurring at a nearby high school, which had been out of use for years. However, it was still within earshot of the local elementary school, which was active during the day with classes.

The responses from the residents ranged from being properly outraged that this was going on, frightening their children and themselves, to those who are foolish and gullible and state proudly that “If it’s to protect our kids, I’m all for it.” Because obviously, the movie “Toy Soldiers” is going to happen in real life and the Army will need to mount a full assault on a high school in suburbia.

What isn’t discussed is what could be an ulterior motive for these types of operations, which are becoming more common: The numbing of Americans to military operations in their neighborhoods. The residents of this Houston suburb were shocked, scared and outraged that the military would stage something like this without warning. But why was there no warning given?

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Strange.. Obama apparently

Strange.. Obama apparently shutting down air defenses in the south.. drills took place.. in the South.. I live in Miami.. (crosses fingers) LOL


The question is

Why would the military need to "practice " shooting machine guns out of helicopters over American cities?

Isn't practice when you get ready for something you actually plan to do?

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I agree. This was so obviously a calculated move not to announce this drill to the public. Communities need to get vocal and speak out against this crap occuring in their back yards.

It's truly absurd

That anything like this could go down without anyone being notified.