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For Your Consideration

"If": You think you are beaten, you are...
"If": You think you dare not, you don't...

If you'd like to win, but think you can't?
...It's almost a cinch you won't.

"If": you think you'll lose, you're lost______

For, "Out in the World", we find,
Success begins with a fellow's will,

It's all in the state of mind,
Life's battles don't always go,
To the stronger and faster man...
But sooner or later...the man who wins?

....Is the one who thinks he can________.
written by Walter D.Wintle
I reposted from my previous post:
Check it out...some good links there, might inspire?
I hope so. Good Luck.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Do you mean

a SHTF scenario where the government becomes tyrannical, you lose all your rights and become a slave to the state?

It's already happened. And everyone is just sitting around talking about it.

Expect the Hollywood version and when the real world version happens it is accepted without the blink of an eye.



Get the basic cert. Afterwards look for jobs in Asia, Eastern Europe, S.America, etc.

Here's a great program in Japan: http://www.jetprogramme.org/

Then, while you're teaching, look for opportunities in whatever country you're in and try to learn the language. Maybe that opportunity comes to you in an idea or maybe through a female... who knows? Keep an open mind.

I did this in 1995 and never looked back. I'm no longer a teacher but have fond memories of those days.

Trust me on this, opportunity will not find you in your parents house. I speak from experience because I was there just like you. When I got on that plane, it changed my life.

You've got to find or make your destiny, son. Don't sit around waiting for the world to implode cause it ain't going to happen.

In a Relative Sense the Answer is a Yes

...but you might have 8 to 10 years to prepare (I notice you posted this back in January and maybe you've figured out what to do by now).

Anyway, the bankers are adept at nursing inflation along at about 10% no matter how much reckless spending goes on in government and they don't intend to have runaway inflation until the nuclear war which will take out the dollar in the opening nuclear attack (which is where the war on terror is headed). They want to blame the destruction of the dollar on the Russians (and Chinese) nuclear attack. They walk away scot free and say "our fiat currency was sound ... we didn't know the Russians would do this". Here's a couple interviews to give you a heads up on why this war will take place:




I liked what you said and your reaching out.

The ebook "Rangers Dare" at Amazon is a good starting point for anyone, financially speaking.

Maybe a plan and making some progress even in your position will give you hope.

You can adapt the author's "system" of automatic (or manual if you prefer) bank transfers to Smartypig.com if you are out of the military payment system described in the book, or were never in it. That's my own innovation on it.

Investing can be done yourself at thinkorswim, or optionsxpress, pretty much as well as the plans offered in the military retirement system described too.

If anyone wants to add to that please do.

I was like you upon returning

I was like you upon returning from afghanistan 3 years ago until late last year. I survived a damn war, yet I couldn't stop questioning myself. I'm also 27. I got physically ill. Lost 30 lbs. Had headaches and chest pains Then I hit a low one day and asked myself,what are you afraid of man? Go out and work your ass off and make your dream. Since then I got married. We have twins on the way. Got a good job and got involved in the community and educating people. It's fact that if you get busy on something you won't have time to worry and now days there are lots of liberty minded organizations and people to associate with and more importantly TALK with. Talk to people and smile alot...anybody,whether they agree with you or not. They will validate you. They will lift you up and they will give you hope:) We are all going to die someday so don't live in fear!live free! Life is hard and can be scary but damnit you were born free and can remain free!

Dude it's only castles

Dude it's only castles burning!


There is no future without

There is no future without complete and total economic collapse.

I'm starting to really believe that, too


I think "they" will do something (false flag?) to ensure they remain in control, or at least try to bring an orderly transition (Fema camps for patriots) to the 'New' world order.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

I just noticed

That this was a pretty old post. Hopefully you have made some progress.

There is lots of advice for anyone and everyone in the comments below.

Most cultures have their children live with the family

until they are wealthy enough to move out. The USA only has the idea that you should live on your own because it has been exorbitantly rich for the last 100 years. This will change. Try finding jobs outside the USA. You can make good money teaching English in non-English speaking countries.

Also, realize that the situation in the world is that there is $1.4 Quadrillion of debt in the world and the world only has a GDP of about $60-80 trillion, so the problem will not be solved until people force the bankers to cancel debt that they created. Either the people put the bankers in jail, or the bankers (who currently control our gov't) enslave the people. Its that simple. Your generation may be called upon to solve this problem just like the great generation was called upon to stop Hitler. Its just where we are in history. I somewhat envy my parents, who were able to enjoy the fruits of our victory over Hitler for most of their lives, but our generation is called to a different duty.


If you discover yourself then your path will become clear. Take into perspective the reality that you face and prioritize your own freedom and independence for yourself and your posterity will come. To me freedom and independence is owning or controlling my living arrangement without the need for rent or payments. That can be difficult or it can really be very simple. I must also acquire the means of controlling my food supply and the provision of many of the comforts in life like electricity. If I can make all of these things and perpetuate them then I have earned my freedom and independence. Then I can chase my dreams.

You should consider growing herb. No matter what the social circumstances it will provide you with food, clothing, shelter, medicine and more. As a universally recognized object of importance it can make an excellent currency. There is plenty of history behind it and the United States government at one time accepted it as a currency for paying taxes. Its use was vital to the war effort. There is plenty of reality around to keep you sharp. You just need to discover for yourself where your passions lie. It takes time.

there are still many opportunities for a good living here.

Specialization in some area is what you will need to do. 40 years ago you could do about anything here and afford to buy a modest home and have a family. Today is much different. My younger brother is 30 years old and did not go to school or enhance his talent 12 years ago in web programming and is stuck with a 12-15/hour job that he absolutely hates, but he now has a family and is stuck in a financial rut. I'm 3 years older than him and specialized in software/network/kernel engineering and make 3x more per hour than he does. I own several percentages of stock in the company am employed by that is a growing industry even in a recession/depression that has revenues of 7-8 million per year now, doubling every 18-24 mos. That stock will be my retirement in 5-8 years from now when it sells for 5-8x that amount. My wife stays home w/ 3 kids and one on the way. We pay our bills and might have our house paid for in 4 years at the age of 39 in California.

It can be done but it's not always fun and will require potentially a decade of your time to get there. Find your niche and specialty and go for it. Do something you are passionate about or be miserable. Some days are better than others but I am challenged daily by my work.

My $.02

Peace, Freedom and Prosperity. Not War, Welfare and Bankruptcy.


Keep your chin up

Who knows when SHTF.

Load up on food first if you are worried. Grab a copy of Smudge's book. Also grab some books or a book on foraging in your area. Learn plants and which ones you can make a meal out of. Learn the poisonous ones as well so you don't die. I won't ever starve, hopefully. Just the walk from my house to a liquor store I could make almost a whole meal of plants if needed, although they would not be too healthy close to major intersections and the freeway. Find some plants in an area away from pollution and start preparing them to eat after learning what they are and how to make them tasty.

Otherwise, don't lose hope. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

I like to get some silver here and there, but you can't eat it and if a collapse comes if you are living in poverty, food will get you farther. Silver might get you robbed or killed when exchanging for food.

Gold and silver are great if you are already wealthy and stocked up. It's good to stack some rounds but beware of your socio-economic status and prep for your locale and financial situation.

Oh, and like Cyril wrote, learn a trade. My son isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer so now I have to learn a new trade and teach him. Maybe how to make shoes or something. Learn how to make a tangible good which people need. Of course food is #1 but people will want stuff like shoes and clothing and shelters/yurts/huts/solar/hydro/&c. once and if SHTF.

Sorry for commenting on an old thread.

No fear

You have but a blink of an eye on this planet.

Make the most of it.

Don't end up in the fetal position...that sucks!

Throw glitter in front of the disco ball!


For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.


good man
My grandma used to say EGBOK- everything's going 2 be OK, but I like...

"Make the most of it.
Don't end up in the fetal position...that sucks!
Throw glitter in front of the disco ball!"



You had a good babka

She knows what love is about...

For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.

This interview

with Bix Weir may cheer you up. It did for me.


Ron brought the Liberty movement together, Rand is expanding the crap out of it! :)

Good interview because I've

Good interview because I've know how it ends.

don't just wait for the shtf

don't just wait for the shtf to happen. It could happen this year or not for 20 more years. Nobody knows for sure. Move to a state where the ecomomy is booming and be ready to change careers. Don't be afraid to do some physical work if you can make a lot more money like in the north dakota or texas oil fields.

Move to Chile'

in all seriousness.

-low/non-existent property taxes
- private bank laws
- thriving economy
- property rights strong
- stable government and political environment
- not difficult road to residency/passport

it's in my plan....for private reasons i can not act upon it immediately



Weird but...

...someone just told me about North Dakota. Check your options in that state. The oil industry is booming there and the Walmarts are even paying $17 an hour.

Read this comment more than once

OK I know the econmy sucks and people say there are no jobs, and I used to agree with that, after all i got my degree in business admin and looked for a job for 2 years!

Then i found I guess what you call a job loophole. There are in reality TONS OF EXTREMELY GOOD PAYING JOBS THAT YOU CAN START ASAP. OK, dont believe me? Go to craigslist.com, go to the sales jobs section, now start calling these people up. Yes I understand, you dont like sales, the idea of convincing someone to buy a product sucks, however because of that very reason nobody wants to take these jobs!

Let me tell you something, If you motivate yourself to learn how to sell and listen to your boss, you can quite easily make $1000/week. Sales may not fit your personality, it doesnt fit mine, ut thosew jobs are readily available for the taking, in high demand, pay a ton, and you dont need any special credentials. The only catch is you have to be brave and wiling to fight to learn.

If you can do that, youll be moving out of your parents house in no time. Seriously start calling these people up. I guarantee with minimal effort youll have 3 interviews lined up for well paying jobs, and they will hire you even without experience simply because they are desperate.You can start working within only a few days. Dont let the fact that its commission only and not an hourly wage phase you. If your willing to really try this and put your best foot forward, youll make way way way more money doing this then with an hourly wage job.

This is good advice

It is hard to sell, but if you use the experts advice then you can make some money. I am in IT but there has been times I have had to turn to sales and it will certainly pay the bills and more.

I don't like sales but I didn't like a lot of jobs I did.

Since you don't have kids or wife. Maybe consider picking up second job on the side. A lot of sales jobs are Part time, might find you have a knack for it.

I found that I was pretty good at telemarketing. Go figure I hate talking on the phone.

Sales also have all sorts of bonuses. Win a monthly contest you could win 1000 dollars just for doing your job. Depending on what you are selling could be way more.

Either way have to fight on, even if the world ends tomorrow.

One thing to remember in a collapse you don't have to have everything, because most will quit and it will be laying on the ground for you to pick up.

Here is a good article that you may enjoy.


Cyril's picture

BOOSTING time - Part III

BOOSTING time - Part III

Parts I and II (below) were about trying to boost up your mood, staying in the generalities of why you are - at least - in the right "camp". Liberty.

I came back for Part III, which will be the last. I have re-read your post again, including trying to read between the lines, thanks to other comments you provided below.

So, here's part three - not gonna be long, that's the best advice I can think of - you'll judge for yourself - I'm nothing of authority for you - no one is, you'll have to remember that, anyway, you own yourself. Always. That includes risk taking and choices.

You live at your parents. You have a job. I also know you're saving a bit and trying to get rid of some loan debts. It's all very good already. That's the basics.

It's just you're still not 100% self-reliant (with own roof), you're single, and don't feel quite like in the mood of moving any time soon.

Am I right?

I'm telling you: that's still fine.

If you weren't kind of low, I would *maybe* recommend trying to meet someone caring as well (for herself, you, values).

But I don't: it's extremely rare it ever works out that way. You could try, but I don't recommend.

You must FEEL strong inside, mentally, emotionally, before getting to meet a woman. At least if you care at minima about a relationship worth of the name.

I am NOT saying it's wrong and forbidden for men to feel weak or low or with too many questions - it happens - just can't be too often. I am just saying: that's the worst possible moment. A great woman (whomever YOUR criteria are) DESERVES a great man - who also happens to feel great.

So, what?

Here is my advice my friend:

LEARN. SKILLS. AS MANY AND/OR AS MUCH OF IT as you can, while you're at your parents. Can be manual, or not at all.

BUT LEARN BY YOURSELF until your brain, time, schedule can't take it anymore.

For what's coming to us, the 3rd thing that'll be most precious RIGHT AFTER the basic prepper stuff (items) and gold/silver is ...

... skills.

In my example, I'm in software engineering, never been into hardware at all to make a living, but my wife who had mechanics all around her all her life (the bro, the father) is teaching me mechanics, and a bit electronics, too.

So, yes:


DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO LEARN - preferably about things you feel will be in demand when SHTF.

Plus, that'll keep you super busy, at some point you'll not only feel smarter but you'll actually know much more than folks around you, and, who knows ... you may even meet someone during your errands to fish for information.

Your mood/feel good average will rise, too - that is automatic.

Use the WWW before THAT, too, starts vanishing AND/OR find face to face mentors, skilled persons.



"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Yeah I did move out once but

Yeah I did move out once but had to move back in because I can't afford rent. The cost of living is high where I live and I don't make that much.

Time to move

There are lots of place out there that have a reasonable cost of living.

find a place that has some jobs and use the campsites in the area.
They have showers and laundry facilities.

Grab a one man tent and enjoy the outdoors.

It really isn't that bad and you can save some money up to get your own Pad.

I like camping so I may be bias. But being able to live in the outdoors will also contribute to your prepping skills. Don't want to figure that out on the fly.

Treat it as a test run while you are saving up some cash.

Good luck.