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Not nosy

Sometimes I enjoy actually having a conversation with people here instead of just popping in a thread and yelling at each other.

My music tastes vary greatly. I own 70 gigs of music, everything from betovhen to Metallica. I love 90's rap because it makes me laugh, I love indie and oldies. Reggae is always fun. I love showtunes (yeah.. I said it). I have been a little bit angrier than usual so I am currently raging against machines and listening to TOOL on top volume. But, I love new stuff also. Some dude stopped by the other night and dropped off some German vintage yodeling....

Surprise me, I bet I won't hate it. I'm not naming names or songs, but in that whole thread there has only been 1 song I do not like.

China. There is a market for teaching English right now, and it pays well. I have a 1 yr contract to teach in Shanghai where they are paying for my roundtrip flight, my rent and rent related bills and 3 meals a day m-f at the school. Plus a salary and an $8,000 bonus when I complete the contract. I did the math the other night and if I spend frugally (of course allowing some $ to travel because I love traveling) I will come home in a year with $20,000 cash in pocket. There are a lot of work opportunities over there right now, it is something to think about.


Yeah, it's sort of relaxing to be able to have normal conversations on here every so often. Sure wasn't expecting it in this thread, lol.

70 gigs of music? Did you get that much from just randomly grabbing anything? Pretty much what I did.

Metal is my bread and butter, but I also like at least a few songs from just about every genre you can think of...including showtunes.

Yeah, figured you were going over as an English teacher, everyone does. ;) It's easy enough to qualify for, so why not, right?

...although, I've heard from a few friends who've done it that it's not always as easy/fun as they thought it was going to be.

In any case, hope you'll enjoy yourself over there. Keep an eye out for cheap name brand handbag replicas!

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I hijack threads

I've done this to so many threads, but I've really gotten to know a lot of people here by doing it.

Yeah, we are all English teachers, but it pays well. Plus I'll get to travel. I'm thinking of doing the trans Siberian railroad from Beijing to Moscow....because, well... why not?

Not into handbags but my friends are already telling me to keep my eye open.

It was nice hijacking this thread with you. I'm going to try to beat the beast that is insomnia tonight, but I hope one of these nights you find your way over to the jam session. It's a chill place with no yelling lol


Yeah, I've noticed you like to do that. It livens up the place quite a bit. :)

Traveling the Trans-Siberian railroad sounds awesome. There are some really great (and well hidden) enclaves of freedom lovers in Siberia. Well...cults too, but you take the good with the bad I suppose.

I'll post two songs in a few minutes, you can hear them after you get some sleep.

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Never ever give up hope

After losing all material possessions, my mother endured the loss of her first born son at birth in an internment camp for Japanese-Americans. The medical conditions were extremely substandard and ill-equipped, and the doctor arrived over an hour late, too late to save the baby which I learned via the papers made available after the
Freedom of Information Act passed. The entire family including my mother’s 7 siblings was devastated as the baby was the first of the third Sansei generation. What Executive Order 9066 did not take away from any of them was the will to endure and overcome adversity.

There were two factions of people in the camps. Those who accepted their fate with resignation and those who rebelled and refused to sign loyalty pledges. I can see today the importance and value in doing both, ie the former by their inner strength and courage with some demonstrating their loyalty by joining the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, highly decorated for their efforts in Europe during WWII; the latter by their attempt to restore honor and justice. Not one to make waves, my mother subsequently lived with a joie de vivre acquiring so many talents, it would take a long manuscript to describe them. William Hohri, who became a personal friend and light in my life, became a hero for his personal sacrifices in leading the class action law suit against the government which encouraged the official signed government apology to internees. Both of these people would tell you to discard the words defeat and hopelessness from your vocabulary. My mother would tell you to embrace your loved ones and surround yourself with enjoyable activities, hobbies and friends enjoying something you like doing on a daily basis. She would say, ‘cultivate your own garden, no one else is going to do that for you.’ Hohri would tell you to fight for what you believe in always putting your best foot forward. I’m still trying to follow in their footsteps.

Amen Tomoye

never give up hope

+1 :)

Back at ya!

Take up Meditation

I've been practicing for about 5 years and meditate every morning and sometimes before bed. A 20-25 minute session in the morning puts me in a really good space, and can last all day.

Keep in mind that no matter what happens in the world your inner awareness will always be with you. Get in touch with that and you'll find the kind of freedom that no one can ever take from you, no matter what happens in the world.

I recommend "Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind" by Shunryu Suzuki.

And if you're religious, don't think Buddhism is a religion. Contrary to popular belief, Buddhists don't worship Buddha, or anything else.

It points you to the real you beyond your ego and beyond your mind. A place that few people ever go. In these times, that can be extremely beneficial to one's sanity.

I'm right there with you

I'm right there with you ryno. There is so much despair. I'm glad you shared your feelings. I guarantee you helped some people feel not so alone with your post, including me. I posted something a day or two ago about my current circumstances and sort of a stream of my feelings. It's so damn long that I don't think anyone read it. Here it is if you want to read what a torn man like me has to say:


Hell, I'd like someone to know what is happening on my own emotional rollercoaster, so please, take a ride. And, I'm about your age, by the way.

It's not easy knowing freedom sometimes.

Posted on your thread Free

been offline for a while so I'm behind on whats been posted

also had a hopeless day

It seems that things are deteriorating rapidly and there is no Ron Paul to inspire us that things can get better. Obama has the Progressive wheels turning And much of the Country seems to be giving in. Common sense is under attack. Every decision and evert trend is going in the wrong direction. We need a serious opposition strategy now.

Ron Paul will be speaking soon

Just wait a bit.

To the OP, try to look at the brighter side of life. I also go through ups and downs.

Go for a hike, go camping (yes I know it's winter, best time, no people) and just disconnect for a bit.

Destination unknown.

I guarantee you are brighter than 99% of most people. Unfortunately that is not only a gift but also a curse.

Try to relax, spend time with friends and family, keep stacking silver too. Do what you think you should do but don't dwell on why you should. Just do it.

Piss Poor Preparation leads to Piss Poor Results.

I'm a single dad (with PTSD) who has been raising a child on his own for 11 years now. I live on a single income and I always worry about my child's future. But the only thing to do is take life day by day and so long as your parents own a house or property and you follow your path you should be fine.

Check out the free lakota bank and keep stacking up silver for yourself and your kids when they do come. Keep in mind our ancestors made it through the great depression too.

Have a little faith. I know it's hard. Do what makes you feel better and try not to dwell on negativity.

My words will not have any relative impact on your life in the long run. You gotta find your own path. I'm sympathetic in any case and I hope you feel better soon.

It's a shock to wake up suddenly. But I've found I've woken up in layers. But I think a lot of people do that. You are in good company.

My best to you. I've found when life gets too serious I need to do something silly like watch adventuretime with my son to relax or get out of my comfort zone (when in dire straights) so that I have to face a fear, conquer it, and realize life, well, once you conquer each fear the stronger you become.

I know plenty of people in their 60's who keep having waking up periods and feeling very uneasy. It's the ebb and flow of life.



If you have some money saved up, gold and silver, well take it and move. At our age we can pretty much do anything so getting a job, even at min wage isnt difficult. Texas has lots of jobs right now. Want something more ambitious, come to paraguay like i stated before. Just think about what your ancestors did when they came to the new world. They had no clue wtf was going to happen to them. Find a buddy and just pack up and go somewhere that actually has a growing economy...paraguay is set for 10% for 2013.

DUDE. We need to talk

I've been looking at Paraguay for awhile now. I signed up with the guys at TDV a few months ago, and I'm just waiting to land a job where I can secure a remote income. I'm really surprised at the lack of boots-on-the-ground info on Paraguay over at TDV. They don't even have a section for that country under TDV groups.

Anywho, do you have enough info to be able to give a straight answer on gun laws there? Ownership, carrying, etc.?

didn't the Bush clan buy property in Paraguay?

I read somewhere they bought up 100,000 acres of land and is now difficult for anyone else to buy due to the agreement the president of Paraguay has with Bush. Could be hype but there are lots of stories around about it.

Land can easily be bought

Just make sure that you check the origin of the title and so forth. I doubt that bush has land here. Plus land is no good if you are not using it for anything. Bush would have gotten taken advantage of soo bad.

Gun laws are good and bad.

You are allowed to own guns, rifles, semi automatic pistols, shotguns, etc., but they are relatively expensive in comparison to the USA (about 2 to 3 times as much). I think it may be related to prohibited sales of guns to Paraguay by other countries because I asked about importing my guns from the USA and they said it would be no problem. Registration is required if you want to move around with your gun, but if you keep it at home it isn't enforced. Police will never come into your home and try search for an unregistered gun. If you are in your car, it is considered your property and you are allowed to have a registered gun. Head of Police have publicly come out urging citizens to protect themselves. Criminal comes into your house, kill them, no questions asked. There is no movement against guns, people understand their benefits.

Rampant corruption here, so pretty much anything goes. The natural laws are really what matters here. People don't randomly kill people because their family members will come after you, that type of stuff.

Good place to live, but you literally get ZERO benefits from the government, but we also give them nearly nothing in return.

Good Info

So it sounds like guns are really expensive domestically, but you can just import from other countries without a problem?

And its nice to hear that you can have it in your car with registration, but does that also apply to carrying it on your person? In other words, is it the equivalent of a concealed carry permit in the states?

On a different topic, would it be wise to get a passport/citizenship in a country like the Dominican Republic and just reside in Paraguay, or do you think there are advantages to having citizenship in Paraguay while living there?

One final note on what you said about retaliation from family members: monopolistic government law seems to do more to protect violent offenders from the consequences society would heap on them than it does to protect the innocent, doesn't it?

Here are the Answers...

1) It seems like you can just import. I have yet to do it but would like to try it sometime soon. I am consistently going to the USA so I might try to bring down a Glock to start out; Glocks are about $2000 here. I think it is just a lack of supply, because good shotguns go for about $500. Also it may change now that the socialist (wannabe dictator) president was impeached. Next election will be won by the Colorado Party, equivalent to the Republican in their original ideologies.

2) There is no concealed carry permit. Kind of a gray zone. Technically not legal to carry concealed, but police don't bother people about it (as long as it is registered). For example if you were to go into the grocery store with your gun no one would bother you about it. People walk around armed here. You see dudes on motorcycles or just walking around with their 22 gauge shotguns (hunting). However, if you would legally like to carry the weapon, simply request an authorization stating that you are at risk. Security personnel do this. My city's police are inept so we have a private police force in the town. I pay a monthly fee of $250 to have an armed guard in front of my business.

3)Paraguay allows foreigners to just come on in and start working. As an American, you will need a Visa, but they are simple to get. Once here, you can go through the bureaucracy of getting your documents. In about 6 months you will have an ID that allows you to vote in local elections and run for local positions; also you no longer will need a visa, ever. It is one of the things that makes this country great. Their are no border controls. If you don't travel deep into the country, there is no requirement to get documents. If you decide to live away from the border, then you should have a visa or ID.

4) Society here in general is very relaxed. Because of the drug trade, there are always some disputes between different factions, but it doesn't affect the rest of the population for the most part. With the growing economy, lots of petty crimes are going down; simply better to work than to steal, especially when you could get shot at. By far most murders are either passion crimes or drug related. Occasionally a high profile kidnapping will occur, sometimes the person gets killed. Recently happened here by some Brazilians from Rio de Janeiro, but they immediate left back to Rio. One was caught already and killed. The other three don't stand much of a chance, even way back in Rio. They messed with a very successful businessman's family.


That is all I was hoping for. As long as getting caught with a weapon (in the extremely unlikely event I would have a run-in with police) doesn't mean I would spend 20 years in a South American prison because of some draconian gun laws, I'm happy. In fact, it sounds like Paraguay is functionally the closest to the US in being able to buy and carry guns.

Could you do me a favor and contact me via email through my profile page? I'm dead set on expatriating if at all possible. Ideally, within months. If not, I REALLY want to be out of here by the end of the year. I could use some local guidance, and you've confirmed my feelings that Paraguay would be the best choice.

Teachers aren't paid well?????

I believe I read that from you. Surely they make more than minimum wage, and have benefits and retirement and time off. Teachers I know are paid well.

Seems like you have certain expectations, and won't accept anything less.

I have an advanced degree, but hated my career, so gave it up and got a job at a warehouse 12 years ago for $8 an hour. Really liked it and now I'm running the place making a good salary.

We're always looking for people interested in working hard with a positive attitude. Surely there is someone in Floride thinking the same. If you are convinced things are hopeless, they will stay that way.

You seem resistant to suggestions. Perhaps you are genetically programmed to be negative, and will live with your folks until they're gone. If that's the reality your brain sees, its what you'll get.

My sister has been doing it

My sister has been doing it for 8 years and she still makes the same I do. She has 3 kids to support. She is so stressed out from it she picked up smoking again after quitting 6 years ago. She strongly discourages it.

If you stay informed

You will be able to navigate the troubled times ahead. Trust me. It's people like us who are going to end up on top. Keep your chin up. That's an order ; ).

Senator Peter Schiff 2016

Thanks, and to everyone who

Thanks, and to everyone who commented. I wish I known all you in person. Myself and a friend of mine at work are the only people I know of that are awake. Everyone else are Obama zombies.

Always darkest before the dawn

Hang in there friend. I've been where you are now and even far worse. I've been broke, homeless and hopeless. I lived through it even sometime I thought I might not!

Nothing improves the spirit like new found hope. Hope that is based on reality is hard to come by these days for a young guy. Recognize 99% of what you see and hear on TV, radio or movies is designed to make you feel despondent. It is critical you turn it off! After a few weeks of ignoring the MSM, things will automatically improve even if nothing else changed in your life. It is all designed to kill your hope! Be thankful you are not living in Gaza where the young guys in your situation are programmed to martyr themselves. The same hope-killing principles are at work in this country, its just that we do not yet have a Isreali boogeyman next door to focus anger.

As far as jobs, girls and money, they are all over-rated. Job hunting is a drag no matter who you are but I can tell you from experience an educational pedigree means jack squat in most of the real world. I dropped out of college (broke!) and bounced around from career to career until I was 30. Moved furniture, swept floors, oil field, cattle ranch, retail, health care, shrimp boat, you name it. Learned a little from each one, some more than others.

The entire time I was bouncing around I recognized they all had things in common. At each place, the people who were the best at what they did all loved what they were doing. I finally bounced into something I loved (IT) and have been doing it now for 20 years.

On girls - I've heard it said "if I am poor then I can't find a girl". Thats pretty rich. And very wrong. Some of the biggest ladies men I've known over the years could barely pay the water bill and owned, at most, 3 decent shirts! And those cats were always smiling. The richest dude I know is on wife #3 (and probably girlfriend #50) and is in and out of the shrinks' office, miserable and can't find happiness. Those are the player types but the same is true for the monogamous guys who's idea of happiness if a good woman to hold, kids to raise and a good bird dog to hang out with on the weekends. Find what you love to do, and in the meantime, while you are looking, maybe you'll bump into a good woman.

Longest comment I've ever posted here but I sense a kinsman in need and wanted to pass along my little story in hope it helps. It will all work out. Get right with the Man upstairs. Read the Bible (KJV). Have faith!

Yeah, now it just seems

Yeah, now it just seems everything you see on TV is fantasy. "News" and everything. It is quit scary when you wake up realized you have been brainwashed your entire life, with school and evereything.

If I was 27 and looking for something new...

I would pack up and head to North Dakota. Find a job site and fill out an app. Pass the drug test and go to work! Entry level I bet you can make 40k easy up there. If you have a knack for it you can job hop and make 60 first year. 3 years from now, making 80.

Of course that assumes you don't die in a horrible rig explosion or a bar fight. Or, after your bank account is flush, fly "home" and go carousing with your old buddies, chase college girls for three days, and end up in jail, spending it all on lawyers. All avoidable! Don't ask me how I know.

Be grateful you see it now

You have a head start. Most people are still in the dark. The important thing is to chart your own course. Don't let the man get you down. He wants to make you a beggar because beggars are easier to please.

After 5 years and all the BS I tired of this shit.

I want to go where I can hear self made soverign people in a discussion of facts that have meaning in our times. Not a bunch of cry babys telling their tells of pity for their situation.
Thanks for the time Michael and Adios Y vaya con Dios.

It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people that pay no price for being wrong.
Thomas Sowell

Lighten up Francis

... cut some slack amigo.