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kids often lived with their parents and even their grandparents and took care of each other. Somewhere along the line Americans got away from the "extended family" and I don't think that was necessarily a good thing.

You're doing a good thing and your parents are lucky to have such a good son with them. Be Brave~

Daughter of 1776 American Revolutionists

You are not alone, sir

I chose a career that I always knew would keep me poor but was very rewarding. Recently I broke it off with long-term partner and had a bit of a (major) mental meltdown. I am back with my parents but as I have a contract next month, I will be on my feet soon and will do the best I can to fend for myself. Things that help me a lot are 1) getting a bit of exercise every day, a walk, a jog, swim, whatever 2) Get out and see friends whenever I get the chance 3) do stuff around the house for the folks, fix broken stuff etc... 4) hobbies - wether it's cards, sports, chess whatever. Do something for pure enjoyment and find others who are into the same things.

If you say YOLO one more time...

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You are honest and describe what's bothering you well.

Look at how many people *you inspired* to write these mostly encouraging posts! Even some of those replies that you don't like much are written only because they care enough to log in & write for you :-)

So, at least you have *something*, our replies & concerns, to look forward to. No?

Not to minimize the consequences of past and current

government policy, but don't feel too bad about living as an adult with your parents.

I developed a mental illness at the age of 24 while I was in college and suddenly became unable to either work or study. I had to move back in with my parents, and boy am I glad they were there for me! I do not regret living with them for one moment, as it allowed me to get to know them in a very detailed way, and they taught me the meaning of Christian charity and ultimately got me to give up my very selfish and negative ways of thinking.

What I wouldn't give to have Mom and Dad alive with me now. Please, please, appreciate every moment you spend with them.

Bro - PLEASE don't take this the wrong way as I'm NOT

trying to preach.

I didn't meet my wife until I was 31. Back then, I thought I would NEVER meet my "soulmate". We still haven't been blessed with children, and sadly I don't think that will change. And although we're FLAT BROKE (sorry Michael), we are happy to have food on the table. Can't say the same for many others, much less for those who live on the streets.

I would also give an arm and 10 years off my life to have my mother alive(don't know about my father - even if he's alive or not) who passed away over 5 years ago and STILL, to this moment - my heart ACHES for her. I say that because it has NOT gotten any easier for me despite what some have told me. You should go hug your parents right now. If they ask why, you can say "just because".

Many people, much older than you live with their parents. They either haven't been able to move out or they've had to move back in. YOU ARE NOT ALONE:
http://www.cnn.com/2012/06/26/living/college-grads-moving-ho... -and- http://www.forbes.com/sites/moneywisewomen/2012/06/06/failur...

Not to mention, I would LOVE to have your age & youth again. For that alone, you my friend, are the ENVY of many.

Stop trying to rush life and ENJOY it at the moment for it can be gone next year, month, tomorrow, or hour. Be grateful that you have food, a roof, a car, a degree, vision, hearing, arms, legs, etc.

Do you HAVE to have a family within the next 3 years? Maybe it's meant for you to have your own place before that happens. Try to see things as not being so immediately necessary.

You're doing the "right" thing as long as you don't fall in to the traps of alcohol or drugs in order to escape. You're stressed? Try meditating & yoga. You'll find that they are tremendous stress relievers. If you're an animal lover, see if it's ok with your parents to get a pet. It'll cost you, but you can always cut back a little or get a part time job somewhere to help pay the extra cost. Having another life that depends on you is very rewarding in itself. We have 2 cats & my wife HATED cats before, but now ADORES them. Life changing is all I can say.

Take ADVANTAGE of the internet before it gets regulated. You can learn ANYTHING on the internet/youtube for FREE. This will keep you busy and your mind occupied. Take what you learn and offer classes. It's up to you to charge people and make some additional money or charge very little to nothing and feel rewarded inside while meeting new people(your future soulmate may not have enough money to take those classes). You can always volunteer somewhere as well.

I would tell you to write down how you feel at this very moment, but you already have. So my advice to you is to "hang in there" and see what next year brings for you may even be surprised to win the lottery or meet your future spouse. Thing is, life is FULL OF SURPRISES and I bet if you ask around, most didn't expect what panned out for their lives. If you'd read this 10 years later(you'd still be younger than me - GRRR), you'd most likely laugh.

Since you're 27 - you may recognize the following:

"Enjoy the power and beauty of your youth; oh nevermind; you will not
understand the power and beauty of your youth until they have faded.
But trust me, in 20 years you’ll look back at photos of yourself and
recall in a way you can’t grasp now how much possibility lay before
you and how fabulous you really looked…."

"Don’t worry about the future; or worry, but know that worrying is as
effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing
bubblegum. The real troubles in your life are apt to be things that
never crossed your worried mind; the kind that blindside you at 4pm
on some idle Tuesday."


I'll end this long boring advice of mine with "I miss my mom" : (

Most of us are on the same boat...

Save up and look for an overseas program to teach english in the country of your choosing. I recommend Korea. Teachers are treated as royalty. You will be able to get free housing and a steady paycheck of around 60k. You can also do the same in South America and/or elsewhere. Just do your due diligence on that.

Also man, I recommend looking into bitcoins. I know lots of people here are skeptical about them but I've been researching them and have become more and more bull about them.


"We’ve moved beyond the Mises textbook. We’re running in the open market." - Erik Voorhees

you better have enough gold/silver on hand when that happens

otherwise it's all just empty waiting.. get as much gold and silver as you can cus it's about to explode.. on a safe time line i would say give it another 5, but realistically i think it can happen within a year or two, especially if china recovers more manufacturing, the under support for the dollar will be gone. some provinces in china don't listen to central policies that well, i believe some recoveries have already started in china in isolated provinces under the radar when the public's not noticing. the recent surprise data in china confirms this, though some like goldmansachs would like to say it's pure heresy and government conspiracy, like themselves haven't engaged in enough with their commodity forecasts, inadvertently too, which is what makes it sad

I started working at my job

I started working at my job when I was 20. It was a good paying job, but I didn't particularly love it. It wasn't until I turned 40 that I even left the state that I was born in. That's when I realized that I had missed so much. I could have been flyfishing in Montana all this time if I had only known. I could have been hiking the mountains all this time if I had only known. I could have been a wildlife biologist or a restorer of fine art if I had known. But that's just me.

My point is that there is so much out there that you aren't yet aware of. Time is on your side. You're young. Take care of your self. Get fit. Find your calling. Be positive. Be confident. Be pleasant. Forget the rest.

Seize the day. And by the

Seize the day. And by the way, if you have no wealth, then you don't have to worry about what to do with it. Go smoke some weed or something. Or better yet, go sell some.

Go to barnes and noble and

Go to barnes and noble and pick up a certification book for CCNA or MCSE. Master the materials in a few months then take and pass the test. Tech certs are great ways of avoiding the college trap and show you have actual knowlege. Just need to find something.. Oh and stop buying gold if you cant afford it. I really dont think it makes sense for someone who lives pay check to pay check to invest in precious metals. That money would be better spent trying to improve your life so you can make more and then buy gold.


The books and certs wont make you a computer expert, but they'll get you a job that will. Totally agreed. Also, you don't need the certs to get started with the jobs. You can make a lot more than minimum wage as a very entry level tier 1 phone answering dude who's pretty good at computers.

Oh, and since you're broke... don't go to barnes and noble... be a little less noble and learn how to torrent if you don't already. (hey, at least im not suggesting he sell weed like another guy did)

We have a former intern who just got a real job this week with us. He worked in landscaping but basically went this 'learn computers' route and it works.

Cultural Revival!!

its my opinion that we need a cultural revival in this country. A spiritual renaissance. I think its coming! Hang in there and humble yourself. Dont worry about the world so much. Focus on whats right in front of you. Be the change you want to see in the world.. If you do these things karma will take some of that stress off your shoulders. Dont forget that we're all right here next to you.. Americans. Brothers in arms!

Go to barnes and noble and

Woops duplicate comment. On android phone lol

I don't understand why you post this and then

when people offer you advice you don't like you get all indignant.
You've put yourself out there - now just accept whatever comments graciously. Some of your retorts sound more like what a 16yo would make rather than someone 27.
Almost everyone comes to a point where they stop and think, "What the hell is all this for?" My goodness, I got to that point when I realized all my 'desires' - a good secure job, marriage, bought a house, started a family. I had it all and thought there was nothing left to do so what was the point of living?! Then my nemesis (it will always be a nemesis or fool) asked me if there wasn't anything I've wanted to do that I haven't done yet. Well, yeah, there was. So I went about doing that and the nicey-nicey, safe, run of the mill life I created collapsed but the adventures began. I have had the BEST life and regret nothing... ok, one or two things I'd do differently but so what! I offer myself as your fool - whatever it is you've always wanted to do, do it, whatever that is outside of the same-sameness that the bulk of people do.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

Your post tells me exactly

Your post tells me exactly how out of touch you are.

Hang in there

You're not alone, keep your hope alive. Finding someone to talk to and share with is important. Live your life to its fullest and enjoy it. Life is a precious gift and so short. Be prepared but don't forget to enjoy it. Things will get better.

i'm not able to grow food

i'm not able to grow food right now. it was bloody cosmic that this is the case. i definitely have conceded to those thoughts you have on this subject, in the past. And those thoughts are not entirely past me, it could take a few more events and i wouldn't care at all. i really don't care at all, on many levels. i just turned 33 last week. i wandered homeless for 3 years after getting a college degree. and i was promised things and betrayed. if i were italian i would have blood on my hands. i have justification for vengeance on many people.

but if you can grow food right now, please do that. ask your neighbours if you can grow food in their front and back yards. There are many fruits and vegetables and grains.... just go through a complete list of them... and herbs too. there are so many wonderful plants on this planet. it really is amazing.


I wandered homeless for 3

I wandered homeless for 3 years, and then i found my mother again. it is very wonderful, living with my mother. i'm pretty happy about it actually. If you can grow food on a massive scale, then it would probably alleviate some of the worry you have. Maybe you can carve out underground tunnels and bunkers, if you know someone with land. i will try to wake more people up soon. i'm coming out of this depression... and it is slowly progressing to a facsimile of being whole, again.


heres my 2cents

My 17 year old son woke up not too long ago and was in tears asking if he should pursue a career if its all hopeless and were gonna die. I have never sat him down and talked to him because I didnt want to scare him but hes seen me prepping food ect. He isnt blind and has friends into hunting and guns ect so the recent gun grab got his attention and he must have fallen down the rabbit hole, anyway. All I could think of to say was make your peace with today since thats all we've ever had. And... Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. I assured him I am keeping up with all this craziness and if it gets too bad then we move...far away. I have relatives in other countries and have already put the hint out. No one really knows whats going to happen but if you look at history you will see that people have lived in all kinds of crazy situations and we were born in this time in history. For better or worse we were made for this. I can see he is really awake and now we can talk and I can reassure him. Having someone to talk to is very important. I know because my husband isnt awake and I went through the panic progression to determination alone. So I guess I'd tell you what I told my son. You were made for this, hope for the best prepare for the worst. Sometimes its gonna feel scary sometimes its exciting. welcome to the roller coaster. Find someone(you trust) to talk to.

Don't waste your life

waiting for the world to collapse. Yes make wise investments. Maybe start growing your food. But don't let the worry and impeding sense of doom cripple you. Get out there, find a girlfriend and have fun. Life is for living. Do you really want to go from eking out an existence before the shtf to eking out an existence after?

your right

People just can't sit around and bitch and cry about this... you have to actually do something... you if you can't afford expensive stuff, start prepping on smaller things... Don't let anything stress you out cause if anything did happen, your not going to be alone. We are americans, we will stick together and help one another out... There are a lot of good/caring people everywhere, so do not fret...

Knowledge is power

You have been blessed to be one of the few to see the collapse coming, you better than anyone have a chance to survive. You should be greatful. Adopt, adapt, improve.

You may not seek it, but you have the potential to be a great leader.

You must decide what you want in life and make it happen. Be prepared to put it all on the line. If you think your dead anyway, you have nothing to lose right?

In the end it always comes back to "only the strongest survive"

Be strong!

Yes survival of the fittest.

Yes survival of the fittest. It looks now this is what it has came down to.

I've been told since I was born--70s about the impending doom.

And guess what? We're still here. I'm so glad I went ahead and married and had children and lived, loved, and learned. Don't be controlled by fear--it's what "they" want. Ultimately this life is short, seek truth about eternity. When you find it, you'll really start living.

Christians should not be warmongers! http://www.lewrockwell.com/vance/vance87.html

On the money

"You can't quit until you try
You can't live until you die
You can't learn to tell the truth
Until you learn to lie

You can't breathe until you choke
You gotta laugh when you're the joke
There's nothing like a funeral to make you feel alive"


Well that's easy when you are

Well that's easy when you are not poor. What woman would want someone who can't even support himself?

Ill be honest with you man

Girls don't care what you look like, they don't care if your poor, they don't care if your fat or skinny, it's all how you present yourself. They do however care if you can prove yourself able to protect them. Not just physically, you'll get what I mean someday haha

I had friends in CA that pulled fine girls back to their cardboard box in an alley, I swear to God. I met girls that assumed they were supposed to pay for everything in a relationship.

Hit me up if you feel down, I have a few confidence techniques that will make you the king of the world really quick.

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Everyone wants/needs Love

There are most likely women who are in the same situation.
Keep the positive parts of your personality alive.
If you are still working and doing in some capacity, that is definitely more than those who are not working at all.
Get a girl you enjoy spending time with, even if neither of you are a sugar-daddy/momma.