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I was rejected by a girl at

I was rejected by a girl at work recently for that reason. It looks like she found a sugar daddy.

I am also 27 and live in Los

I am also 27 and live in Los Angeles where if you go out to a bar girls literally ask what show you've been on and what you drive within the first two minutes of conversation. So what am I to do? Meet girls somewhere else.

Join an intramural team, volunteer somewhere, go to the park, work out somewhere. Are you seeing the theme here? All of the above are FREE, and you are also likely to meet a much "better" person there than at a bar.

I would also recommend you save up $1000 and backpack through costa rica. Most business people can speak English there, so you will be able to get around with limited Spanish. You will be able to spend a month there at least if you conserve your money. Also it will open your eyes to a whole different world, universe, reality. I did this several times when I was between 22-25 and those trips were the best time of my life and greatest learning experiences.

Stop worrying about when its all going to collapse and just focus on living TODAY. If the world is going to end tomorrow, there is no place I'd rather be than the cloud forest of Costa Rica. In fact if the dollar collapsed tomorrow, I would probably move there just because of how awesome, self-less, loving, and giving the people are there.

Yeah but I really liked her.

Yeah but I really liked her. There have been only 3 women in my life that I really liked and she was one of them.

This has happened to me and dare I say most of us.

Can I ask "what" specifically it was that you "really" liked about her? Can you also write down on a piece of paper the top qualities you look for in someone you would want to share your life with(forever), be proud to call your partner in life, and be the mother of your children?

Would you have rather have found out what type of girl she was NOW or would you have preferred to find out later on down the road, after she could squeeze any little bit of money you had out of you?

EX:COUNTLESS songs are written about guys asking for their jewelry back.

Trust me bro, this is NOT the type of girl whose hands you want to place your heart in. You think your heartbroken now? Just imagine how much worse it would have been had you invested deeper feelings, time, and falsely picturing your future plans together in order for her to kick you to the curb until someone with a bigger wallet, better car, nicer clothes came along. It's not what she's looking for and from what I read in your original post, it's certainly not what you want or deserve. You really need to value yourself a little more and convince yourself that you're worthy of, and deserve better. NO ONE deserves to be used, much less at the expense of someone's feelings.

Other than her looks of

Other than her looks of course, we had similar interests, she was smart (FSU grad) and her personality. I was really attracted to her and we talked often there. She just lost interest when she found out I lived at home still and found this preppy well off guy. Now she always hangs with him and talks to me like an acquaintance. I'm done chasing girls.

I would never suggest chasing a girl.

I would however, suggest becoming friends with someone who is worthy of you. By that I mean someone who wants to spend time with you because that person enjoys your company(in other words YOU) - and NOT what you could potentially offer them economically & material wise. If however, you do meet a girl who has all those qualities that you are looking for, then and only then, would I say "chase" her - without becoming a stalker mind you LOL.

Having said that - how'd she compare to that list of qualities you wrote?

Well that was her qualities.

Well that was her qualities. She fit them all. I had deep feelings for her. I just wished it worked out.

She fit them all?

You had gold digger as a quality? Maybe I should've asked you to write down what qualities you DON'T want in a life partner?

Bro, you really wish it would have worked out? That you had gone in to a relationship and then some time down the road have her leave you for someone better off?

I can't help who I am

I can't help who I am attracted to. Most all girls I am attracted to seem to be like that.

That reminds me of

the girl that's always complaining about why she always has to pick the guys that use and abuse her, yet never picks the "nice guy". Go figure, huh?

No, it's true that you can't help who you're attracted to. But what you can do is work on putting more value on other attributes/qualities, and lesser on appearances. A hot girl, not all - but for the most part, know they're hot & know they can pick & choose. Usually, reverse psychology works on them, and if ignored, they'll tend to wonder why they're being ignored since it's not what they're used to. Try that and sooner or later it'll become second nature as you look for other qualities to give more importance to.

I've had several buddies in the past that would meet girls in bars/clubs. They were happy with the girls - AT FIRST. But, once they wanted to get serious, they would complain about the type of revealing clothes their girlfriends wore and also complain about how their girl always wants to go dancing. It never bothered them before so what changed??? Also, if looks are very high on your list at the moment, don't complain later when their looks fade. Chances are, she'll be high maintenance. Something you may want to consider. Ultimately, you choose WHO you want to pursue & WHY, and ultimately it's YOUR choice - just don't complain about it if it bites you in the ass down the road.

As I said before, don't rush in to anything serious, and just enjoy yourself for the moment. Get out & socialize, volunteer, teach, whatever - just meet new people. Love comes when you least expect it. You'd be surprised how once you fall in love with someone, in your eyes, suddenly they're the most beautiful girl in the world and you'll love them for their defects as well. Good luck either way.

Well you have to be attracted

Well you have to be attracted to someone physically. How can you have sex and kids with someone you are not physically attracted to?

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Well then she wasn't worth your time was she?

I am your age, I understand your frustrations but there are people out there who are more interested in you than your wallet, you just have to look for them. I know where you are at in life right now, I get it.... rise above; you can.

HaHaHa My husband will roar when he reads this.

We are VERY poor--financially that is. But very rich in life, love, and laughter. You need to get some confidence. You can support yourself, but you're going to have to get some nerve and figure out how. I'm not trying to insult you, I want better things for you than being depressed and ready to give up on life.

Read this, maybe it will help.

Christians should not be warmongers!

Hey 1controversialchick

You don't have your contacts active, hit me up with a personal message and an email or facebook to contact you back at.

I sent you an e-mail through your contact page...

maybe you just didn't check it yet. thanks for responding

Christians should not be warmongers!


Love your comment, this person really needs to hear this. They really have to motivate themselves, that is the only way... Great comment

It is strange we have air

It is strange we have air defenses being disarmed in the South and are conducting "practice assaults" over cities in the south. I call for us to call the house and senate and ask "what's up":

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??How is this in any way related to the post??

You could make a post of your own if you want to talk about a different subject.

Otherwise, please explain. I don't see the connection.

Out of curiosity

Is the south still protestant ?

no, Luciferian, like the rest

no, Luciferian, like the rest of the country, save for a few pockets of christianity


Pursue happiness. I mean, try

Pursue happiness. I mean, try to get to do things you like and get paid for it in the process. Your diploma does not matter, unless you don't enjoy your field. Find good people to do your dreamjob/business with. Start small.

Apologies if this isn't the kind of advice you want. I've been in a similar place like you not long ago, then a chain of unpredictable events and luck (or providence) got me here and I'm LOVING my job. You can't predict what's going to happen, but the key is to break the status quo and start doing something *you* like.

Imagine yourself in other periods of history of this country.

The Revolutionary War and recovery (financial collapse)
The War of 1812 and recovery (destruction of Washington, D.C.)
The War Against Northern Aggression (War Between the States) and Reconstruction
The Plains Indian Wars
The Gilded Age and the "Robber Barons," also famous outlaws
"Manifest Destiny" and American Imperialism - Creation of the Federal Reserve
World War I and the Depression of 1920
Prohibition, etc.

Life has always either sucked or soared, depending on your point of view (attitude).

You decide how to view life and deal with it.

The economy is going to

The economy is going to collapse,it's inevitable.We know this as fact because it's simple math.But don't let this bring you down.It's actually going to be a good thing for many people.The
greatest transfer of wealth in the history of the world is only going to hurt people who rely on the current system of fiat money.Those with tangible assets are going to be the well off ones.So keep your head up and keep stacking my friend.

Why would the US be any different to

Greece and Spain where people now are trying to get by with barter trade?

Why this belief in metals. What good are they if you don't have any food left. Why would someone else hand over their food to you in return for metal which they cannot eat?

It makes no sense to me whatsoever. In Greece and Spain people don't care about gold and silver. They care about food and water now. Metals are only of interest to a people if everyone has it or enough of it to use in exchange for goods and services. That is not the case with ordinary people in either Europe or the US.

Wouldn't that - Greece & Spain - be a place to look at and learn what actually happens when a country's monetary system reaches terminal failure due the obfuscation of our promissory obligations to each other which we have learned is 'money'. I find it strange that the people of the United States have forgotten what Jefferson said, that the issuing power of 'money' should be handed BACK to the people.

When the principal we create through an alleged bank loan must be paid back to the bank + interest that is never loaned or borrowed into circulation - ONLY principal is - then how in the world can a monetary system then NOT collapse at some* stage ? (*which is now) - Can anyone explain this?

Every $, €, Yen in circulation banks claim they lend to us must be paid back + interest. Yet, if we are to fulfill such a contract agreement with a bank then someone else will default and eventually go bankrupt and place that burden on the rest of the people. Who else to pay for it because of a stupid monetary system? Banks?

In order to pay back the alleged loan to a bank we would always have to re-borrow principal back into circulation because of a money shortage due to the interest we must ALSO pay out of circulation, right?. But that money is also interest bearing debt. This is what Jefferson meant. If you let banks issue the principal/money instead of doing it yourself you end up as bankers slaves. You will never get out of debt as a society or as an individual as a ever more decreasing sum of money in circulation to maintain the vital commerce and industry in society will force everyone out of business in the end because of the multiplication of interest bearing debt in circulation. This is how they/banks rob the people blind on a daily basis.

I cannot understand why these simple facts are never addressed by Ron Paul.

Gold and silver are for

Gold and silver are for preservation of wealth.Yes there could be a period where food and water is more important and no one wants money / gold and silver for it.But eventually the system will reset and gold and silver will return to it's true value.The experts who understand real economics know gold and silver is way undervalued by the people trying to keep the fiat monopoly game alive.To understand why the founders said only gold and silver shall be legal tender,you have to learn what money is.I suggest you do some research on the topic: What is Money?


to put all your eggs in one basket (the experts) without even explaining/defining yourself what money is and what purpose it serves sums it up pretty well I'd say.

You can't - so you refer to others. You are your own worst enemy.

You're not getting it right

Gold and silver are metals. They cannot be preservation for wealth as history so clearly has proven over and over again.

In order to expand the economy you'd have to generate enormous sums of gold and silver which history teaches us always fails. Especially when the money is a metal backed currency. This is where the term 'fractional reserve' comes from.

You didn't answer any of my questions. So obviously you haven't got a clue about the subject. I studied it for years and never met the 'experts' you refer to. They always evade these questions - like you did. You live in an economic lie and Jefferson knew it. Not all the founders said gold and silver should be legal tender. Yes, it's stated in the constitution. But Jefferson said the issuing power should be given BACK to the people. Now was this BEFORE or AFTER the constitution was written when using the word 'BACK' in his sentence??????? Hellooo??

You will lose it all - the experts wont come and help you out. The system will not be reset. The bankers will take all your belongings/assets before they implement fascism.

I suggest you study mathematically perfected economy before its to late. I will laugh at you americans when you go down. You can only blame yourself and your tremendous ignorance when it comes to history and money.

I suggest you get hold of some of your 'experts' right away and ask them these question. A system does not 'reset itself' without human intervention. What will that intervention be? Oh sorry for asking. You haven't got a clue. You refer to 'experts' who evade the questions lol

Yes been trying the best I

Yes been trying the best I can. I think I should now start buying food for a food storage.