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Texans-Start Acting Like Texans

The last time thieves and bandits tried to take advantage of the good citizens of the great Republic of Texas, The Texas Rangers cleaned house.

Does anyone else think it's time to clean house again?

I have not met many real Texans who are not "live and let live" kind of people. I also have not met many real Texans that are afraid to stand up to those who won't "let live". In fact, just a brief review of Texas history will show the resolve of her people against tyranny.

1. Ron Paul for governor.
2. Comission Texas Rangers to round up evil doers and show them the door.
3. Take back the 11th largest energy market in the world.
4. Ron Paul for president of the Republic.
5. Set 2 Rules. 1)Turn the right to bear arms into a requirement to bear arms like the Swiss. 2) Love thy neighbor and his right to be free.

PRAY WITHOUT CEASING! These are demons and principalities we're dealing with here folks. I see no other explaination for the centuries of horrific acts I've come to know of in my awakening process. In the end. they lose! We just have to make sure we don't lose with them!!

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On "Messing with Texas"

The record is not in favor of any alleged "Texan pride" or "Texan resistance." The Occupation messed with Texas big time during the War Against the States. Ever since, loyal 'Murrikins residing in occupied Texas have licked Massa's hand and obeyed Leviathan's edicts to the letter.

"Acting like Texans"?
"Acting" is right.

dynamite anthrax supreme court white house tea party jihad
to be continued

Requirement revision

Maybe it is required to own a firearm to be a part of the militia.

But then again, if someone wants to fight with the militia with a baseball bat in hand, I'm all for it.

So I guess I withdraw my revision.

I still like the spirit of Texas.

The founders would be ashamed at us for what we are putting up with.

5)1) "Requirement" violates

5)1) "Requirement" violates the non-agression principle. The Doc has hinted many times that he "may" not even own a firearm.