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Utah sheriffs warn Obama of deadly war over guns

Paul Bedard January 20, 2013

In the most strident warning over gun control to President Obama yet, the Utah Sheriffs' Association is pledging to go to war over any administration plan to take guns away, even if it means losing their lives.

Calling the Second Amendment a sacred right of citizens to protect themselves from "tyrannical subjugation," the association state elected sheriffs said in a new letter, "we are prepared to trade our lives for the preservation of its traditional interpretation."

Theirs is the first meaningful proof that some in law enforcement and the military are preparing to fight federal forces if the president wins his goal of sweeping gun control.

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They don't have any problem

They don't have any problem getting that Federal money and enforcing the Federal War on Drugs though. Hypocrites. Guns, no problem; they'll start a civil war over it. However, get caught with a plant, and they'll ruin your lives. *cough*cough*NRA lobby-ism*cough*

It must be a slow week for

It must be a slow week for Sheriff David Edmunds' office. This was talked about in another thread, and I pointed out at least 4 arrests made by Sheriff Edmunds' office for possession of Marijuana. His office hasn't posted any recent bookings since last week though. It's nice to know that those in power will stick up for some rights, but it's sad that they pick and choose which ones to stand up for.

if Obama was concerned about lives

he would end this gun control nonsense. More lives will be lost trying to take guns than would ever be lost if he did nothing.

they're not afraid of us shooting at them!!

They"re afraid of being outed, and are doing everything they can to avoid having their deeds and plans exposed. If we keep whittling at their impenetrable shield (brainwashing, NEWS"), They will no longer fool us into destroying each other and will no longer need them , at best. No ruling elite have ever allowed themselves to be exposed and have historically gone to ingenious lengths to prevent this. Critical thinking and information is on our side , for now.

Testing the waters

The administration is testing the waters on how the people will react. As someone mentioned below the most havoc will be caused by the registration process, ability to purchase (background checks)and added taxes.

Obamacare will have a centralized database -- mark my word -- the data will be used to cross check for "mental" illness. Mental illness was the buzz words said over and over again by our mainstream media (both sides of the isle) after Sandy Hook. It was relentlessly repeated that we must stop the mentally ill...we have to do something about the mentally ill. I'm not a doctor, but I never categorized autism as mentally ill, but the media kept associating the two. What else will be defined as mentally ill...a bout of depression after a loved one dies? ADHD? The list goes on. Who will define mental illness and who will have access to those records?

This article is a "hype on words"

Read the actual letter first and then see if the letter strikes you in that way.


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon

I do not like the choice of words.

It is inviting a challenge to overturn. It also provides a wide-open door to further compromise as long as guns are not physically 'taken'. This article, to me at least, satisfies the average American and average neocon. It does NOTHING for those who draw a hard line on 2nd Amendment and Liberty folks.

IMO, ANY infringement is against the Constitution and is treason.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Harry Reid is the Senator from Utah

Senator, looks like your support of gun control is not playing well with the locals.

He's from Nevada, also

He's from Nevada, also Mormon. Harry Reid has gotten high marks from the NRA in the past voted against the 1994 AWB as amended before voting for the overall crime bill. I don't expect him to stick his neck too far out for Feinstein. IMO AWB is DOA. Universal Background Checks (Registration) is what they're going to get this time around.


Then some time passes and the story becomes oh that didnt work, we need you to turn in your weapons... and the sheep will do it

Oopsies, you are correct, Nevada


You are correct.

And the march to tyranny moves slowly forward.