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Call the Senate and House and Ask Why We're Shutting Down Southern Air Defenses and Conducting Pretend "Arial Assaults"

I am quite alarmed that we are conducting "Military Exercises" firing fake bullets from choppers in Miami and Houston over populated areas, and at the same time we are apparently shutting down "arial defense" in the South.

Smells fishy, and I want answers, don't you?

Sounds like they are preparing for an "attack" that they are disarming defenses in the skies to allow. Sound familiar?

Call the Senate: (202) 224-3121 and call the House (202) 224-3121 and ask for your Reps or Liberty Reps and lets get to the bottom of this now!!!

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They did something like this in my town

just before the invasion of Iraq.

Helicopters were flying by the highway with no lights at all and a copter with lights trailed each one that was doing that only just a little higher.

Not much later at our apartment, there was way more movement. Flash grenades going off in the "woods", which were just a strip of trees so it was probably buildings where the action was.

Another pair of copters, one with no lights circled around the apartment like it was making a game of passing low through the complex, through a field, and toward the woods. Our balcony faced that field and I had an IR TV remote control in my hand and I wondered so hard what would happen if I flashed it at that dark copter. It was flying at my level and just across the street from me.

Defend Liberty!

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A lot of people are saying the halftime show...

of the super bowl in new Orleans is a target.

Sounds feasible, as they usually run these "drills" in a close time proximity, if not during, the actual event.

I've seen so many of these false warnings before but these air space drills this week are just too hard to ignore.

Nashville, Houston, Miami, New Orleans?

All I can say is I don't trust the intentions of MY GD government and I'll be at home on Sunday night!

I'll be right here after the game, either way.

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9/11 Truth.

Have helicopters

been firing blanks in Nashville and NOLA too? I haven't seen any reports. Are there any links/videos?

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I'm with OP

I'm with you on this.. I don't think it is reasonable to "get used" to this in our skies and cities. I emailed my state reps asking for answers. This can't be "normal".. what are they preparing for?


you said "that they are disarming defenses in the skies to allow. Sound familiar"? I am not sure when the U.S. has disabled air defense before? My only guess would be 911, but am unsure.



5th chopper to fly low over

5th chopper to fly low over my Nashville home tonight... last night as well

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Because they're all backstabbers

March 15 - Beware the IDES of March! ET TU, ___________ (fill in the blank with your President, Congressman or Senator)

He announced this last year when Ron Paul was talking about it.

He didn't name the posts or bases, but after the CNN clicker audience voted it higher during a debate, Obama starts talking about it a few days later.
Ron Paul said he would do this if he were president. We don't need these places wasting our money.

The military exercises, I totally agree with you.

RP never said he would shut down America's defense systems

Not that I can recall and I can't even find that anywhere.
What he has said is that the role for govt in America is to provide national defense.
He said he'd put troops on our borders and enlist the help of private landowners along the border to assist in providing security.

“A nation without borders is no nation at all. It doesn’t make sense to fight terrorists abroad while leaving our front door unlocked.”

In the Iowa debate, he said we waste our time protecting foreign borders while leaving ours unprotected.

I think you're mistaking what he said about closing foreign bases and twisting it to mean he'd stop defending our southern border.

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My bad....

I was thinking of foreign bases and don't ever accuse me of TWISTING something when it comes to Ron Paul. It was a misunderstanding and a mistake, but to say I was TWISTING it.... You just want to pick fights with people on the internets.

So what's the logic? Why

So what's the logic? Why don't we need them? I forgot what RP said. We don't need air defense monitors why? What will replace them? So we can allow attacks? LOL.

Don't recall either one of them naming bases,

but the idea from Ron Paul was to close down lots of them to cut the budget.... I would think the ones in Europe, since the Cold War is over.

Yes, I agree with shutting

Yes, I agree with shutting down everything OVERSEAS but actually the post here is about Obama shutting down our DOMESTIC air defense systems - monitoring missles, etc. coming into our airspace - see link in OP.