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Al Gore: Our Democracy Has Been Hacked

OK if everyone from Alex Jones to Al Gore is saying this stuff - I'd have to believe that the "change" has already been sanctioned.

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I spotted the comments below re. Democracy, thanks guys

I am so fed up with politicians who keep calling our system a Democracy, its a Republic stupid! AlGore was a senator a vice president, he should know better, Ron Paul does.

In fact Democracy is the problem. Some how, at some time the government morphed into a Democracy as we abandoned the constitution and at that point we lost our Republic. We all know here, as the founders did, Democracies fail when the majority of people vote for benefits from the public treasury. The constitution did come with a reset button, but no one is willing to push it.

Al Gore is a hack.

Al Gore is a hack.

The founders would be ashamed at us for what we are putting up with.

I liked this youtube comment:

"So many things wrong with this. America is not a democracy. Al gore is BIG MONEY and a douche bag."

Hey Al Gore, we weren't

Hey Al Gore, we weren't supposed to have a Democracy.