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I think after the George W rhetoric of "with us or against us" - in the form of "an attack on Israel is an attack on the U.S.," and his vote for Kerry - among all of the other questions so far (e.g., endorsing Romney), Rand Paul is as unsupportable a candidate as any other GOP hack.

If you disagree, first ask yourself what you would have said to his statements were he any other candidate debating his father in the last primary.

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He voted for Kerry?

He voted for Kerry? Seriously?

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it's brilliant, see. Now he

it's brilliant, see. Now he endorses Skull & Bones. He's playing the game and waiting for the opportunity to endorse the Chinese Communists next.


Yes, this is the most brilliant chess move yet

Rand has now opened a gate to the fifth dimension and has moved on to playing mega super ultra happy funtime 5D triple overdrive chinese checkers, where he will do battle with the mighty galactic overlord, jvxxz.

To us lowly mortals, it just *appears* that he's getting into bed with the establishment! You just don't 'get' it!

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Three nays for Kerry - all Republicans

Inhofe (R-OK), Nay
Cornyn (R-TX), Nay
Cruz (R-TX), Nay

John Cornyn is trying to suck up

and the jury is out on new guy Cruz. Glad they voted this way but their votes were not determanitive. Cornyn is a wanna be rhino and I have yet to see Cruz throw down a gauntlet over anything of significance.