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"Follow Your Money." DTCC clears most payments. $2 quadrillion each year.

Where does your money go?z DTCC knows. They settle bank to bank transactions. $2 quadrillion per annum (this page shows $1.66 quadrillion; varies by & by).

    "$4 Billion per day of DTCC repo transactions mentioned in first few seconds. This is but a peek of what flows through this gargantuan cash machine. Newsreel form DTCC about themselves.

    DTCC's depository provides custody and asset servicing for more than 3.6 million securities issues from the United States and 121 other countries and territories, valued at US $36.5 trillion. In 2010, DTCC settled nearly US $1.66 quadrillion in securities transactions.

Most records in the US transmitted bank to bank go through a clearing house. The Monopoly Boyz clearing house is Depository Trust Credit Clearing: By far, more elephants tromp through their circus tent (55 Water Street, NY NY) than all of Africa. But, I digress. Their product is liquidity. Near 100% of "legal tender" bank to bank transactions clear through their circus... Their $2 quadrillion per year circus. Herds of elephants... go tromping through their circus tent. Elephants. Huge herds. Grey, white.... I think not pink; but, I am shy of evidence. Thundering through... Though I am shy of any photographs zapping lightening strikes.. No hear tell of it, evidence wise.

Most folk pay no mind to DTCC. Yet, most bank to bank checks & other financial transactions go through DTCC.

What doss all this mean to you? The checks, stock, bonds, property or other legal tender transaction go through DTCC. Anyone w/ privilege to trace a check or such could see who, when & where the payment was deposited or cashed.

Alas, when it come right down to it. None but the Federal Reserve dare look at who their owners are... Who cashes their royalty receipts. **** For whom doth the bell toll? ***

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"Things should be made as simple as possible. No more so." - MT

Happy hunting. Regard to ya, son.

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Watered Stock

'Their product is liquidity'

'... as a river flowed through. 55 Water Street ...'