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Illegal in Iceland to name your kid without permission

Despite all the positive things coming out of Iceland about their attitudes towards the criminal banking families of Europe, it seems there are still people up there with their heads up their rears.

In Iceland, get this, I kid you not, there is a government "Naming Committee" that dictates which names are acceptable to give your children, including which names are "boy" names and which names are "girl" names.

In the case below, "Blær" is not approved for a girl's name despite the fact one young lady was named as such by her mother. The two are fighting it out in court for official "permission" for this to be her name. Until then, any official documents simply refer to her as "Stúlka" which means "girl."


(there's also a poll in the middle of the article asking your opinion on the case and what should be the outcome - you know what to do...)

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I think it

sucks, but it's their country and their business. They did recently approve the name Elvis!

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