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Rand bashing

New user here longtime reader. Why does Rand's own state papers bash him and put him in same category as McConnell?? Is Kentucky stupid or just the media? Many Rand articles have negative comments. Any thoughts? We will never have a constitutionally minded president at this rate!

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Do some research

This paper is owned by the Gannett Company who also owns USA Today.
Of course they don't agree with Rand.

This article is basically bashing him because he isn't more moderate.
I don't believe the Hillary questioning was political posturing. He was simply trying to hold the person in charge accountable which all of our senators should do.

This editorial is a hit piece and it isn't a representation of Kentuckians. You realize that newspapapers don't speak for local residents? That their staff is swapped around constantly?

"Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul

His true colors

He shows his true colors more and more each and every day.....

Very disappointing.....


chose what they thought was a strong libertarian conservative. They could have elected that other neocon panderer guy. Kentuckians feel like they've been had with a bait-and-switch. They knew who Ron was and his reputation for honesty and character. When they voted for Rand they thought they were getting a younger Ron.

Oops. Jokes on them! :>

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

'fraid so

i saw a clip on youtube where in kentucky rand snuck out of the back door where he had given a talk and was whisked away rather than face
a small group of salt of the earth types who wanted to ask him some questions.

where as his dad was dr no rand is becoming dr. maybe.

So far Rand has endorsed

So far Rand has endorsed Skull & Bones Satanists and likes what they stand for.
So far Rand has endorsed Mormon Mafia Globalist Mitt Romney and he has so much in common with them, like kids and stuff.
Rand likes the Zionists too, he likes where they are going, an attack on Rothschilds fiefdom is an attack on Amerika.

I am hoping he gives support to the Communist Chinese now, and maybe corporate prisons too. Rand can be a great supporter of Gulags .... i just hope he can make a leap of faith and blaze trails.


Actions speak louder than

Actions speak louder than words, which is why I'd still vote for Rand

He just confirmed John Kerry

He just confirmed John Kerry as Secretary of State..... that could be one reason... but there are plenty of others.

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

starving the elderly & children in Iran is AOK

with dr maybe, after all they're not christians

As I understand,

there are more left leaning people in Kentucky than politically right leaning. Many on the center-left vote Republican simply because Democratic party often fields in real socialists.

But if you read DP & the comments from DP posters, you would find that most current DP readers are against Rand Paul. You see, our folks are more agitated about conspiracy theories, Rothbardian anarchism, Rothschilds & bankers. They really do not understand how capitalism works and need sideline scapegoats. Bankers and Zionists are the usual scapegoats. Populism against bankers and Zionists worked hundred years ago and works today - under monarchy, capitalism, socialism, corporatism alike. People love it. When folks realized that Rand Paul is not against Israel (and Israel itself does not mind if USA stops its aid to ALL), their interest in Rand faded. Many cast their longing glances at Palestinian Amash now.

How is...

1) Rand openly advocating eliminating aid to Israel's enemies first and the only to Israel later and gradually 2) openly advocating the first step of fiscal reform is to pay interest on the debt to the criminals at the FED and the NY Fed banks and
3) voting for Kerry any kind of "conspiracy theory".

How is any of that "conspiracy theories" and not liking it any kind of shout out to "rothbardian anarchism" (better known as anarcho-capitalism)?

Anyone of an Old Right bent would object strongly to all of those.

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

rand says he wouldn't expect to see aid cut

to Israel in his lifetime. That any Ron Paul supporters could fall for this trickster is a sad statement for Liberty.
give me The Judge, Woods, Johnson, somebody that doesn't lie.

when approached at the RNC rand denied any knowledge of mistreatment to his dad's supporters.

Rand lied?

You mean Rand promised to Ron Paul supporters that he will be against Israel? No, Rand actually discussed phasing out US aid with Bibi. But will Pentagon and our taxpayers be ready if Israel sells its technologies to China in order to get cash to buy old F-15? Or may be Israel wont need absolete F-15 anymore?

If aid to Israel bothers you and the issue is about money (and not a hidden agenda to weaken Israel) than consider this: your particular taxes will go to NATO members like Turkey. That money is not considered as foreign aid and wont be cut. Taxes from American Jews will go to Israel. I will support you if you lobby against Turkey.

the lie was when he was

approached by a newsman at the RNC about the treatment of his dad's supporters, who i believe he later dissed as well.

the Israel aid statement to me is more a blurring, and typical politician trickery.

the wind was blowing strong when this nut fell from the tree.

Each of us is intitled to

our own opinion. I see nothing wrong with 1) [since Russia and Iran will balance the equation] and 3) [I do not want democrats veto all Ron Paul nomination if he were in power.] Kerry is not worse or better than Hillary or any other Obama's choice.

But where you are completly wrong is in 2). One can see, your education is from youtube clips and parroting others. US $16T debt is borrowed from others and not from the FED. 7% are owned by regular UK citizens via investment plans. Japan, Germany China have some T-bills. The rest is American people who also invested in USA T-bills. The FED charges interests only on money cash paper it lends to banks to accommodate cash withdrawals and on reserves. FED's NY "Discount Window" is for premium member banks only, not for government. Look at the FED budget - it is open to the public.

i'm sorry. i'm not making

i'm sorry. i'm not making any sense. are you for or against something? whatever it is you are for, i'm against it.

Rothbardian Anarchists Individualize and Unite!!


nice try, co-intel pro

nice try, co-intel pro


nice try, co-intel pro

go peddle your wares to Jack Hunter


right on!

& the other neo con lites who in 2016 you won't be able to tell apart from the old boy network.
infiltrated? hah. they're evil but not idiots. absorbed is more like it.