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Ron Paul 2016/Rand Paul 2016

How creative are you? Are you creative enough to imagine?

I would like to suggest an imagination of the following words. Ron/Rand 16.

Imagine for a moment, you do not like Rand. Matter of fact, he is a sellout, traitor that would sell his dad's eyes. Consider that he may want to win.. can you answer what that takes? Could you imagine the shoes he is trying to fill?

The only thing that I have witnessed so far is Rand wanting to seperate himself from his dad. You can't blame him at all. Ron Paul supporters were marginalized for 5 years.. even though we had the most popular bill that passed. A lot of people dont know this.. but Ron Paul was the most popular candidate with constituents with a 92%+ approval rating. Rand is not an idiot. He just understands to win.. you have to play politics to WIN.

To think for a moment, that Rand didnt want his father to win is absolutely RETARDED. Its his fkn dad!!!

I find it hard to believe that Ron would be so humble. His son won a bigger seat than himself in a state nearly 1000 miles away. If you believe in Ron at all.. can you at least give his son a shot?

Since Rand has been elected his voting record for us has been BETTER than ANYONE ELSE besides Amash.

This game we play is politics whether you like it or not. I am officially throwing my support behind Rand Paul until he gives me reason otherwise.

That being said, I would like to through my FULL support behind RON PAUL 2016.

If both of them run for President in 16, you tell me, how is this a bad thing for our movement? Strategy my friends. Rand is our ally.. just please chill out.

We need allies, not enemies within the party we seek to dominate.

(not to be a D... just had a rough one tonight on FB)

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Not exactly creative

Half the site was throwing that suggestion around last year. Jussayin'

Also, not sure how comfortable people would be with the whole father/son in the WH deal. Feels like nepotism.

On the other hand, it would draw in probably 80-90% of Ron's current base, and who knows how many "I like Ron Paul, except for X" people Rand could draw in.

Ultimately, it would all depend on how it's packaged and marketed.

PS: A son backstabbing his father isn't exactly unheard of in politics, historically speaking. Both figuratively and literally. The idea that Rand could be doing the same isn't "retarded" at all.

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Ron could show Rand how it's done. Rand, after all, is 30+ years Ron's junior in politics.