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Save Detroit Kickstarter

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Not afraid to take a risk.

Recently bought a house in Detroit. I think it is a gamble, but for the price I paid it certainly is better than going to a casino.
One problem Detroit and other cities have are property taxes. Why is a person penalized for making improvements on their property?
Two men work at the same job and are neighbors on the same block, both get paid on Friday, one goes out and pisses it away drinking, the other makes improvements on his property. The house that is well kept when appraised pays more taxes, why? Certainly doesn't make sense to me. I owned a house in Key West about 13 years ago. The city had a policy that if a house wasn't painted or finished on the outside that the owner would pay less or no taxes until completed. So the result was a lot of people never maintained or finished the outside of the house. Property taxes are the worst taxes ever, why should someone have to continue paying on goods that they use and maintain?
This needs a solution, and revenues for city services need to come from another source.
Cities are setting rules that make people want people if they plan to live in the same place for the rest of their life to hope that their property values fall so they can pay less taxes.

Good stuff

They are still asking too much...although I would love to school Dave Bing in a private game of HORSE

For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.