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Nevada Committeeman James Smack Issues Statement on Willis Flip-Flop


To:​ Nevada Republican Party Members

From:​ James Smack, ​National Committeeman - Nevada

Date:​ January 29, 2012

Subject: ​Republican National Committee Meeting
​Charlotte, NC - January 23 -25, 2013

This memorandum is in response to the many requests that I have received regarding the events in which I participated at the Republican National Committee meeting last week.

Let me begin with the facts:

Fact #1: On January 21, 2013, I attended a dinner in Las Vegas hosted by Republican National Chairman, Reince Priebus. Nevada Republican Party Chairman Michael McDonald and three other NRP Executive Board members also joined the gathering. At the dinner, there was an open discussion regarding how Chairman Priebus could help the NRP get stronger going into 2014 and the Presidential Election cycle of 2016. Chairman Priebus admitted that mistakes had been made in 2012, and agreed that we needed to fix these issues going forward.

Fact #2: I had previously stated on a Facebook post that I was supporting Mark Willis of Maine in his run for chairman of the RNC and that I would also make a nomination speech on his behalf.
Fact #3: Chairman Priebus did, in fact, ask Chairman McDonald and myself (after the other dinner guests had departed after the end of the meal) if Nevada would be his third nominating state for RNC Chairman as a way to demonstrate unity and to help bridge the divide that has existed between the Nevada Republican Party and the RNC since the formation of Team Nevada last year. At that time, I asked Mr. Priebus to give me until Wednesday evening to provide a decision for him on this matter.

Fact #4: It requires three states with two RNC members each in agreement to nominate any national officer. It was my understanding from Mark Willis that he still had nominations from only two states as of late Wednesday evening. In talking with RNC members in the states that might be still in play, I did not hear anything that led me to believe that Willis had any more than one RNC member from any of the other states willing to submit a nomination in his behalf. This information convinced me that he wasn’t likely to be nominated after all.

Fact #5: Taking all the above facts into consideration, plus factors involving rules changes, etc., I made the decision very late in the evening on Wednesday, and signed the appropriate nomination form for Reince Priebus at around midnight that evening. I asked Chairman Priebus to allow me the opportunity to inform Mark Willis personally of my decision before any information was released to the press and I personally informed Mr. Willis of my decision at about Noon Eastern on Thursday.

Now that you have the facts, let me provide you with my thought process in coming to the decision:

For at least the next four years, I’m going to have to be able to work in a spirit of collegiality with my fellow RNC members. This fact hit home with me at the Resolutions Committee meeting on Wednesday afternoon when it was apparent to Diana Orrock and me that a resolution we had submitted would not be considered or approved as worded.

However, a well respected member of the RNC from South Carolina had substitute language that directed the RNC to form the Rules Committee with all due speed to convene at the spring meeting and make recommendations for changes. There was a great deal of support for this, so I recommended that the Resolutions Committee consider our motion so that the substitute language could be considered.

This got the Nevada Resolution, as written, made and seconded by the committee. The substitute language was adopted unanimously, passed unanimously, and then was adopted unanimously by the entire body of the RNC, with Diana Orrock and myself as the presenters. This action garnered a great deal of support from individual members who are more than ready to blow up Rules 12, 16, and 40.

Now we’ve established a time line for considering rule rollbacks, and I asked Chairman Priebus if he supported this time line when I spoke to him Wednesday evening prior to giving him my decision. He said he would wholeheartedly support the recommendations of the rules committee. At that point, given the near certainty that no third state would come forward to nominate Willis, and the potential upside of being on good terms with the RNC Chairman as opposed to having him as an adversary, I made my decision to join Chairman McDonald in nominating Chairman Priebus.

Now, could I have gone down with the ship, nominated Willis and kept all the Liberty faction happy? Sure! I guarantee that, save maybe a couple of more votes against his reelection, Reince Priebus would still have been elected the RNC Chairman by a landslide, Nevada would still be in the wilderness, and we would have gained no friends from my work there. And, my ability to continue to fight for fair rules and other liberty movement goals would have been further compromised.

I also recognize that we may have gained nothing. Just because Chairman Priebus looked me in the eye and made a promise to help Nevada does not mean it will happen. Campaign promises can be broken. But, in my opinion, there was certainly more upside here by believing in what Chairman Priebus was committing to Nevada than to ignore it and make a symbolic gesture with the Willis nomination. I have him on record as ready to help, and the NRP stands ready for the help and is ready to work as a team with the present RNC leadership charting a course for the future. This has been too well publicized to not happen at this point without Priebus doing substantial damage to his reputation. I, for one, believe in this commitment, and you should too.

I firmly believe that by my decision to join with Chairman McDonald and give my support to Chairman Priebus that I very likely advanced the cause of Liberty far more than the group of rogue delegates in Tampa who gained the Liberty movement nothing more than a black-eye and embarrassed the state of Nevada on national television.

I don’t doubt for a second that the more popular course of action for me among my supporters would have been to ignore the numbers and to stand with Mark Willis to please the emotions of Nevada’s Liberty movement, but I have an ethical obligation to do what’s best for all Nevada Republicans, not just one group.

Fortunately, in this case, I’m fully confident that my decision in Charlotte last week will help all Nevada Republicans, including the Liberty movement, by allowing me to continue to be an advocate, rather than being sidelined as someone who acts irrationally and against the best interests of Nevada. I did my best to help both the Liberty movement and the Nevada Republican Party with the way I handled my vote.

Finally, Nevada Republicans who wish to be much more rebellious and stand solely on principle, even when that damages their ability to make real changes that will benefit their principles, can only do so when the NRP doesn’t have to continually worry about making ends meet and keeping the lights on. A party with no money has zero chance of influencing any decisions, because it will cease to exist, and those that support the party financially do so because they expect to see the party fighting for our core principles of limited government and individual liberty.

So, to my Liberty Friends who would like to step up and start donating $10 a month or more, please visit www.nevadagop.org and sign up. Those that are not interested in helping us be self-sustaining, or are unwilling to volunteer their time for the state party cannot expect your national leadership to insure the party’s destruction by taking futile stands on principle that prevent sensible donors from supporting the party.

James Smack

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All it took was a free lunch and some verbal BS

for this shill to sell out his country and those who allowed him to serve for and speak for them in the Nevada liberty movement.

Just down right nasty.

Hey bud ever hear the old saying, there is no free lunch.
you don't get something for nothing
are you so stupid to sell out for a free lunch
did you get some deal to your liking.

But for sure if you think they are going to bend to your needs means you do not understand the real organizational chart of the GOP.
This puppet got re installed without opposition and all he needed to do is buy you lunch and promise to work with you. Like thats gona happen he takes orders and gives orders he dont work with people.


His rationale is rock solid for politics

This is EXACTLY what happened in Idaho.
I don't think Smack "sold out" - I think he honestly believes he is playing smart politics, and he probably is.
This is the conundrum with the "take over the GOP" strategy... There is no way to do it without becoming that which you sought to overcome.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

If you lay down with dogs, you wake up with cat scratch fever

When you try to defeat evil with a greater evil when you win you only win a worse evil and a worse life. That said understand that if the rescuers will only rescue you into a life of propaganda lies and debt slavery. Its best to fight evil with disengagement and rejection than it is to invite the even worse enemy in to save you.

I do not know what he thinks or thought I do know that he sold out those who put him in the chair position. To call that solid politics makes you moraly bankrupt in my book.


Well, I find it politics that is morally bankrupt.

making what he did rock solid politics.
I don't care for politics, I did my level best to make change "from within the system" and discovered the system is a very tidy self-protecting package.
I literally "made" a county chairman, who then proceeded to "cut deals" (including ones to directly stab me in the back) that have made him a local hero within the "liberty movement." Made him a snake in my book. So it goes.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I think the guy was trying to

I think the guy was trying to do the best he could, but ya he needs to cut others in the liberty movement some slack if he wants us to cut him slack.

Playing politics... is always a loss... Statesmen always win!

It is said by Europeans that...

Europeans win at Chess because they study Chess... but Americans lose at Chess because they play chess!

Principle always wins over deceit and corruption.

If you are in for the short term of greed and theft, play politics.

If for freedom and the long term of life, liberty and property, vote for right though you vote alone! First comes respect. At last... persuasion.

This is a total sell-out

Cannot believe the people who are buying this self-justifying crap. The only way Liberty is ever going to succeed is when people stand their ground. The paper Smack's 'deal' was written on has already been ripped up. It's a deal with the devil, nothing more.

Obedience to God is resistance to tyrants.

Fraud. Sellout. Turncoat. Benedict Arnold. Judas.

Looks like your election was all for naught then eh?

props for willis for running, overall, it was a good thing

this is a good cop bad cop thing, it holds their feet to the fire, knowing if friendly terms don't work there can be insurgence to take them down at any second, this makes them tread much more cautiously when making compromises with liberty candidates on thought of breaking them.. criticism of this nevada chair's actions also keeps the core integrity of the movement alive, so this creates a perfect balance of eco-systems.. everyone has their niche basically.

This is harsh, but right to the point.

-- The Captain (and former colonist): James Smack

-- The Colonel: Reince Priebus

-- The Townspeople: Us

Now watch:


"The honor is found in the end, not in the means. This will be forgotten."

AD in NV

Better to have Benedict Arnold exposed

Better to have Benedict Arnold exposed than let him continue his spying operations.

What's his chances of being elected for anything in the future?

Free includes debt-free!

Just put up the youtube,

for our Ron Paul fund raising auction:


Could someone please

summarize what has been going on and what this rince prebius issue is all about? I still do not fully understand what is going on here. just a short summary its too much to read


The appropriate response is IGNORE HIS CALLS AND DINNER INVITES and push the Nevada Resolution anyway.


This guy had me understanding until he said this $hit...

"I firmly believe that by my decision to join with Chairman McDonald and give my support to Chairman Priebus that I very likely advanced the cause of Liberty far more than the group of rogue delegates in Tampa who gained the Liberty movement nothing more than a black-eye and embarrassed the state of Nevada on national television."

You, sir, are a piss poor leader for throwing your people under the bus like that. A lead takes responsibility no matter what and deals with it in a way that doesn't involve throwing it's people under the bus. How do you expect the people that worked so hard to caucus and become delegates to fight for you the same way when you do that? In the Marines...you do that one too many times and you get fragged. You're a $hithead.

Here's the double edged sword.

Yes, I think he is a big p*ssy and chose wrong.

That said, do we have more RP Republicans in NV capable of serving as national committeeman and if James were to step down, does the RP Republican movement in NV have the wherewithall to replace him with another RP Republican?

I don't think so or it would be a CLOSE CLOSE call and we'd lose an RP Republican in that position.

All the more reason why it's imperative nationwide people are recruiting Ron Paul Republican PCs and county central committee members ALL THE TIME, no rest for the weary.

What good is an RP Republican that never acts like one and

also backs the establishment?

Then he really isn't an RP Republican any more is he?

You lose anyway.

JustLiberty4US's picture

Smack's justification sounds

Smack's justification sounds similar to the justification that Rand gave for supporting Romney; which really wasn't a justification at all. I remember at the convention speech Rand gave, praying and hoping, that he would say something wonderful about his dad (perhaps even mention his name). SSSHHHH.

It will be very interesting to see how the "get along in order to play along" strategy works in the long run for these guys.

I think the idea that past behavior is the best indicator of future behaviors tends to be more reliable.

Not a penny for Ron Paul... ever?

Can it be that this fellow gave thousands to the RNC and Bush and Cheney... but not a penny to Ron Paul in either 2008 or 2012?

Uh... apparently he fooled someone in Nevada. Then again, that is apropos for the GOP mid-streamers! Both the donations as well as the strategy of deceit!


"This has been too well publicized to not happen at this point without Priebus doing substantial damage to his reputation."


"I also recognize that we may have gained nothing. Just because Chairman Priebus looked me in the eye and made a promise to help Nevada does not mean it will happen. Campaign promises can be broken."

You're kidding, right? You may want to consider WHO it is that we're talking about along with the track record.

I think this applies: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sDPtQpFTMb4

Here's another thought on this situation.....

If NV had nominated Willis & he had gotten on the ballot, wouldn't this have sent out the BEST unity message to the Liberty people? Even if Willis had lost, wouldn't Rancid & his thugs have at least been able to say, "Hey, you had a fair shot."

BUT NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once again, they had to have a "crowning," not an election.

I've read Nicole Revels' comment on here regarding Smacks statement of his reasons for all of this, & how they've paid off with the rules. THANK YOU Nicole, for setting the record straight. Smack didn't even get 30 pieces of silver, only empty promises.

If it were not so tragic in lives lost, it would be humerous...

Wow... the best recent narrative of exactly how the GOP sweep of the US House in 1994 resulted in a hodgepodge of congressmen who became within 10 years exactly what they had campaigned against! They all had well worded reasons why sacrificing principle in voting was gaining smaller government... liberty... freedom... re-election... more rhetoric, more rhetoric, more rhetoric...

and freedom waned,
the White House stained,
bombs rained,
corruption and theft ingrained.

Not a single Statesman among them but Ron Paul...

The one patriot among the many would-Be's, the only one who voted NO, and voted thus knowing full well he would receive nothing in return, that he be slandered, spit upon, vilified, and demeaned.

Yet he alone gained the truest respect ever afforded a member of the house, likely in our history!

He alone walked the only path through which liberty would be truly seen for what it is, as well as demonstrated what great sacrifice is required to gain it's blessings.

So, here we see compromise in the face of greater numbers, in the face of feeble promises and promised joy, but a complete lack of understanding of that greatest liberty principle:

He who fears being out-numbered in the result, who cowers at division in hope of support, thinks the word of the enemies of freedom and constitution worth laying aside for the lonely principle, who has not faith in the rock of principle wooing it's own recruits on it's own merit... in essence seeks a little safety in hope of gain, and will receive neither!

In politics it is the height of naivete.

In life and liberty, it can give time, life, property, wealth, all to the tyrants.

Resolve to stand firm though you vote alone. In so doing you will gain the greatest number of grassroots for liberty.

The people shun the party because it is full of rhetoric, cliches, and compromise.

My motto:

A principled America above all party, and all America will come to your party!

I agree with Mr. Smack

...would have done the same thing. The "heroes" who fall on their swords don't get a damn thing done. Play politics, play and win.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Playing... always looses!

It is said by Europeans that...

Europeans win at Chess because they study Chess...

Americans loose at Chess because they play chess!

Principle always wins over deceit and corruption.

If you are in for the short term of greed and theft, play politics.

If for freedom and the long term of life, liberty and property, vote for right though you vote alone! By far the most will first respect, then be persuaded.

I think he should have taken

I think he should have taken a stand. I think we are in rare position after Robomney's inglorious defeat to "demand" to be recognised and show that we won't accept the judas who just stabbed us in the back.

I guarantee you Pubus is laughing about this. He bloody well knows he only has to play nice until the next election.

That said... im sure Smack ment well, and perhaps his diplomacy will yield fruit in the end just by allowing us to gain greater numbers inside the group. Im sure he hasn't signed any infernal contracts with fictious high level monsters.

I agree and while I see Smack's logic in his

decision, I think he failed to look at the big picture from BOTH viewpoints. You have to draw the line somewhere & the line was crossed last year. The GOP blew it and the point is THEY NEED US more than WE NEED THEM. I can see both sides compromising and giving. However, the GOP needs to give MORE in order to repair the damage and trust. A "sorry it won't happen again" shouldn't have to cut it.

When a person commits a crime - and let's be honest, what transpired were several HUGE crimes, - that person pays whether it's through a fine, jail, community service, etc.

When someone commits a "wrong" such as in the betrayal of a trust - infidelity for example - reparations also have to be made by the person at fault in order to EARN that trust back.

Bottom line is THEY NEED TO PAY. Instead, what I'm hearing is "That's water under the bridge - let's move forward".


This was one of the biggest, if not the most important, decisions the people of Nevade counted on Smack to make (right). And he was easily pushed into doing exactly what they did not want him to do.
If this is any indication of what Smack will do for his term, what's the point of getting any hopes up?

In fact, what's the point of remaining in any state's Republican party, if this is what we'll get?
I refused to go with Romney, and the party told me to leave. I really struggled with this, and I have finally quit, because Texas' Rep Party is not worth trying to work from within. They all know the righ words to say when they want something, but they don't mean a word of it, when it comes down to truth.

We had SOME proof, but RNC does not care about Rules n Laws- they just break and then change 'em to suit whomever (not PAUL).

Well, if everyone ELSE is going with Rince..

This is exactly why we get no positive change. Just like Smack, so many others are ready and willing to bend over, and this means the GOP will never see the positive change that could have come following this ridiculous season.

Great, Smack; just great.
Truly stupid. It is why I will never be a part of this suicidal party. Of course, I won't go with the Dems, who've now decided to find a, "Far Right" character, to run for POTUS in 4 years. Rather than put forth a man who represents their wishes, they'll put-up a guy they can, "win", with.

And this is why the USA loses, always....
Ridiculous people on both sides of the fence.

We had SOME proof, but RNC does not care about Rules n Laws- they just break and then change 'em to suit whomever (not PAUL).