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NBC Reporter Tweets Photo Inside Sandy Hook an hour after* Shooting (Edit)

"shooting came in at "approximately" 9:30 a.m.

Now look at the time stamp.

Screenshot, save, share.
Update: I made a mistake with the time stamp. The Photo was taken shortly after the shooting. That said, The whole Sandy Hook seems very casual. I can't stop thinking that the event looked like an extravagant fire drill.

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Beware about commenting on the photo

That might alert them unnecessarily to the photo as being an inconsistency, so they might remove the entry as they did Victoria Soto.

Also, there's the possibility of time-zone errors, so it might very well be taken after the shooting.

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This is nothing!

Look at her twitter account. Look at her most recent tweet see how many hours ago it was , and then notice the timestamp. She must have western time in her twitter or computer settings.


Where does she live?

Any chance she flew out from the west coast and her phone had a different time zone programmed in?

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Also the Reverse

Sometimes sites offset based on the viewers browser timezone by using a simple java trick.

So central time might see an hour early but someone on the west coast would see 3 hours early.


I am really confused. When traveling in my car, the phone automatically changes, to the time zone I am in. So, I would expect this to be in Eastern time, since it was taken in Newtown.

All this stuff just confuse me more. It does not follow with my own experience.