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What about the budget?!

So you can count me amongst the few who thought what the Republican house of representatives did to avoid the debt ceiling gambit, was a good idea. It just seems that no sooner did Mr. president sign it into law that everybody started talking about gun control and immigration reform. Does anyone actually want to deal with the problem? wait! I know the answer... NO! Better yet does anyone know how we can get the mainstream media to to actually call D.C. Out on this?

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My first post on the daily paul

I have grown alot since then.


But the situation hasn't changed one bit.


Back then i used to think we could get something done.

I also thought Boehner was on our side, and that there was still hope that America might work its way out of this mess.

Shortly after this I was introduced to the petrodollar, the banking cartel, Murray rothbard, the power elite, the CFR, John Perkins, Preston Bush, Smedley Butler, and stefan molyneux.

I have since come to terms with reality.

I am now an anarchist.


Welcome to the world of the living.

The only real downside is one can't go back to "sleep." (which occasionally would be nice, if just for a spell)