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VIDEO: MSNBC'S Finney rips 'crazy crackers on the right' for very hateful language

VIDEO: MSNBC'S Finney rips 'crazy crackers on the right' for very hateful language

Jeff Poor
January 29, 2013

On Tuesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “NOW w/Alex Wagner,” network contributor and former DNC communications director Karen Finney used coarse language to describe factions within the Republican Party that might challenge bipartisan efforts to reform immigration — then urged Republicans to keep their “hateful” tone in check.

“We had evangelical Latinos wanting to meet with Howard Dean at the DNC,” Finney said. “That’s a shift, right? We saw in droves the Latino community moving over to the Democratic Party largely because of the tone. Even Republicans in the Republican Party who were Latino [were] just disgusted with the tone. Those crazy crackers on the right — if they start with their very hateful language — that is going to kill them in the same way that they learned, at their little retreat, let’s not talking about rape.”

Finney later tweeted that she had used “crackers” simply as another term for “crazy” — not a racial epithet.

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I keep wondering

How in the world people can say that this country is moving too far to the right when all we have seen is endless spending and expansion of government.

Nice to see the Dems planting

Nice to see the Dems planting the goal posts inside their 35 yd line where they can easily score. And the GOP does some hand wringing and goes along with it because they are actually Dems too.

Southern Agrarian

Whereas liberals can

call gun owners everything short of the spawn of satan
and that seems to be acceptable?