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Jon Stewart on Glenn Beck's Utopia

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What about the time Stewart had Ron Paul on?

It was such a friendly interview. Stewart clearly loves the guy.

That you'd claim Stewart doesn't talk about drones shows you don't watch the show a great deal. Stewart's very critical of this administration, way more than the press is for the most part. You can't make "look at what he doesn't talk about" arguments if you don't watch the show.

EDIT: Daily Show had a bit last year about how blatantly the media were ignoring Ron Paul.
"Help us Ron Paul, you're our only hope."
I hope this changes your perspective on stewart.

There is nothing funny about

There is nothing funny about the above listed. But it is funny to tear apart GB. Again...learn to laugh. Laughing is not common in these parts. People are way to serious. If you can't find the humor in this than you must be a miserable person to live with. Have you had an aneurism yet? Cause you are well on your way. Lighten up friend...there is humor in this world we live in. Laugh a little, you'll feel better.

I laugh at plenty

Stewart (and Colbert) can be funny. Until recently I used to watch both of their shows on a regular basis.

Don't find this funny at all,.

I'm still boycotting Jon

I'm still boycotting Jon Stewart.

He's a douche

but he nailed Beck spot on with this piece I have to admit.

"The perfect Marxist Utopia"

No chain stores.

No backyards, to force people to interact

No beer or fireworks on July 4.

Freakin' bizarroville.

Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.