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Breakfast: Cheese omelette with a side of truth from the old guy.

It is a tiny town, and we are already known to the locals, much more so than we know them. When we walked into the restaurant, we saw an old man we have chatted with nearly every time we go to breakfast. You know the guy, born and raised in the area, knows everyone and spends his mornings at the local cafe, gossiping with "the boys" - the other old timers.

I already managed to get crossways with one neighbor, an old guy who lives down the road from our farm. We got it worked out, but that old guy and this old guy are friends, so when I saw him I thought perhaps I caught a bit of "stink eye" but smiled big and said "Hello" and had a seat.

It took a bit, but he finally could not help but be himself, and he started chatting. I was glad for it, but was not surprised at all when he gave me the standard lecture about how we will always have war. I defended the concept of having ideals, and then went on to say I would lay down my life to defend the Constitution and we were buddies again.

Then he told me in a tone that lacked uncertainty that the Sandy Hook event as presented by the media was nothing but a lie.

This is the old man at the cafe, in small town America.

OK, now hold on to your hats, some of you may not like this but I hope you will think about this very hard. I don't even remember how abortion got brought up, but I was tip-toeing, trying to hedge my words to stand my ground and still tell him what I thought he wanted to hear enough to make him stay friendly. He stopped me in my tracks and said that it does not work to make it illegal any better than it works to make it legal, that it is God's place to judge the woman and the government should not be involved.

Maybe this just should be a reply in the "Old People Are Cool" thread, it just seemed like evidence that truth and love are winning, and I wanted to make that "headline news."

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This is true

Civil Law is to keep the peace, God judges moral law.

I hope some of his other

I hope some of his other friends share his skepticism. Nice encounter..

It was an interesting day.

Had a hot soak with a recently retired cop last night. He moved up here a couple years ago. Talk stayed pretty casual, but suffice it to say our local schools are opting to arm teachers. And I did not tell all of the old man story, it seems many around here still hope for the best, but are quietly preparing for the worst.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

OK So I am asking

What does government non-involvement look like? You may laugh at my question, but in all honesty I am being sincere.

Right now abortion is for the most part legal. How does the government get out of it? That is what I am trying to understand.

It looks like "That is a private family matter."

Unwanted pregnancy is not new. Families used to have "wise women" in them, somewhere in the clan. Those women knew what herbs and how to dose them. And little girls would have been seeing these women all along for help with menstrual cramps and such.
These women earned their respect, these plants were administered with truth. A girl who was raped would not be traumatized any further, merely given medical care. A girl impregnated by her boyfriend would be married to him, and rather than make one or both quit school and go on welfare, the family built them a little starter house and made sure the new family was supported.
In a word, it would look like love.
Thank you for asking.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Thank you for replying

I have felt bad like I seem to butt heads with you and I do not want to do that. None of us will agree on everything I suppose, but I still want to learn. I learn by discussing my views. And see, your words have been on my mind since you have taken time to discuss your views with me. I realize sometimes this writing thing may take more time to get points across and sometimes what gets across is not the point intended at all.

I was thinking about the Raw Milk Cheese business that was closed here in Missouri. I would like to see no government intervention in that way. So then I started thinking about your premise of no government intervention with the abortion issue and wondered how that would work. I clicked on your title yesterday because it was interesting! Then I read your words again about no government intervention and thought it the perfect time to ask. I was hoping I would not be seen as arguing, so I appreciate the time you have taken to get back with me on this.

It would be nice if we could all just be left alone to run our families and farms and businesses the way we want to. It seems in the effort (or guise for some) to “protect,” that the government gets its paws into everything. It reminds me of jellyfish tentacles spreading out and stinging whatever it can and then feeding on the power removed. It seems to me that “Wise” Women would be a power drain on the Legal Criminal front. After all, money would be diverted to their pockets. I am not saying that paying for their services is a bad thing. I am just saying if they provided a service, certain others would not be able to. After watching the cheese farm being raided, it reminded me of the mafia. But now the mafia shows up with “state” papers, not just “a baseball bat.”

Do you have any history of these “wise” women? How do you know about them? It kinda seems to me that in the past perhaps marriage came before pregnancy. Not that marriage had to be a state licensed thing, but that a commitment was made between both parties before sex. And then sex was the consummation of the marriage. Things are a lot different now. Perhaps mine is a Polly Anna view? Afterall, I thought that the Republicans were the "good guys" most of my life.


Traditions vary

Celtic traditions include "handfasting" - sort of a 1 year trial marriage. Ideally, no pregnancies would occur until after that year, and then a real wedding would be held.
Marriages also used to happen much closer in time to sexual maturity. To take hormone infused teenagers, expose them to Lady Gaga and Brittney Spears and then tell them "Now stay a virgin" is not realistic. We have to make young girls respect their mothers and grandmothers more than Hollywood's whore-of-the-moment. We earn that respect by loving our imperfect children.
If you look into Native American traditions, you will find that most tribes held women in high esteem. While the tradition of "Shaman healers" is much discussed, the role of women herbalists is also well defined in many tribal traditions. It was often not a case of a tribal woman, but the position of the eldest woman in each family clan of the tribe.
Here is the Lakota tradition of preparing a girl for womanhood:
For the record, I am not trying to pretend that all things Indian are perfect, just trying to give you some examples.
Many of the women burned as "witches" are merely herbalists, trying to follow their traditions. And if you think that is old history, here is some VERY disturbing recent footage for you. Be warned, it is exactly what the title says:
"Witches burned alive in Kenya, Africa **GRAPHIC!**"

You nailed it. Wise women healed with herbs, things out of their garden and that they gathered locally. They handed information down generation to generation. In a system where BIG profits are to be made by charging tuition and controlling the entire paradigm of "healthcare" to make people turn to a pill from a doctor for EVERYTHING... that is one of the many "rewards" the evil ones reaped when they destroyed family values.

Don't you ever worry about bumping heads with me. I see your shiny little spirit in there. I'll get over, around or through any differences when the chips are down and I know you'll do the same.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

These Words

"Don't you ever worry about bumping heads with me. I see your shiny little spirit in there. I'll get over, around or through any differences when the chips are down and I know you'll do the same."

mean a lot to me. I can also better understand what you mean by no government involvement.

I realize I can never stop the death of even the smallest, but I still believe that even the smallest are human. It is hard for me to hear Dr. Paul say he advocates a shot of hormones for a rape victim. Not because I want the victim to suffer, but because of the desire to protect the unborn. But, I can see the sanity in Dr. Paul’s statement and I can see the sanity in your premise as well. Dr Paul is able to say there is no known pregnancy when the hormones are given. Can the herbal tea be taken as a precaution?

Coming from a pro-life background, anytime someone is not pro-life I immediately think of blood and gore and death and suffering as the alternative. I see in black and white. And I am very analytical to a fault. :) and yet I am a detail person so when the details are understood, I can then add them to my black and white picture.

Thanks fishy. Have a nice weekend. I saw your whisper to Michael, they were very thoughtful words. May the chips never fall, but may we see Liberty.



A bear hug for bear...
There are herbs that can be used in a similar fashion to "the morning after pill."
I tend to see in black and white, too. I am trying to learn to see in love. I do not like abortion, but laws just seem to muck up an already awful situation.
I cannot thank you enough for having this dialog with me. Even if we still disagree, we are learning to talk to each other lovingly, and that is a helluva start!

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

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Nice story

Thank you for sharing fishy. You painted a good picture in my mind that will stay there for a while.


Thanks for the place to tell stories.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.