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Anyone want to fast with me?

Two weeks from today begins Lent

I am posting this now, so those who may want to join me, will have two weeks to feast, or enjoy, what they will give up for lent/40 days.

I have practiced Lent for decades because I always found spiritual strength in not being alone in my suffering. The first time I practiced Lent, I gave up chocolate. Every year I progressed, until last year, I gave up food.

That's right, I did not eat for 40 days, and this year I intend to do the same fast because it was so successful.

When I decided to give up food for Lent last year, my doctors were prescribing me medications, 27 pills a day I was taking, and I was getting NO relief. Since my fast, I have not needed any medication and my doctors are amazed at my tests.

While going through Lent, one doctor advised me to drop the fast and scheduled me for a meeting every week. I went to confession and told my priest that I lied to the doctor and told them I had given up the fast, but I did not, because it wasn't hard to do. I was feeling great.

Many here who don't believe in Jesus, or the power of healing, can say whatever they want about it. Jesus helped me heal myself, and made me not hungry until the last week of my fast. And let me tell you, I was tempted. Oh how the Devil tempted me. I was getting dinner offers, and free food coupons, and the soup kitchen was receiving crab dip and beef roasts, and cakes and cookies, and chocolates that made my mouth water. Sometimes at night my body was so energized I could hardly sleep. Still, it was not so hard that I would not want to repeat fasting for Lent.

Some of you may want to experiment, like quitting smoking, or beer, or soda, or ice cream.. whatever you really really like.

I really really like food. I LOVE FOOD. Last year I lost 40 pounds. I was not fasting to lose weight, but to lose the meds.

For 40 days beginning February 17th, I will be consuming:

6 oz Grade B Maple Syrup with
6 oz certified 100% organic lemon juice, fresh squeezed (lemons go on sale at this time of year and so you save money on food bill as a bonus)
Good Water, not distilled.. I also use sparkling water.. and even flavored waters. Clear beverages with no and very low calories.. boullion, coffee, but this is very limited, and I really don't go there until the last weeks, also sugar-free gum helps, because your jaw will miss chewing. I freeze half the Lemon syrup mixture to eat like ice cream some nights.. and make it like a hot tea on cold ones.

So, If you would like to join me on my food fast, or merely give up something you LOVE for Lent, I thought I would make a thread as a kind of support group for those who could use some support giving up something they LOVE.

While I am religious, and do my fast for religious reasons, this was not always my case, so I do not want to make this a religious thread. I have my Church and ADORE JESUS, so grateful to My Lord God and savior. My sacrifice is mine. Your sacrifice must be yours alone. For God, or for yourself, matters not on this thread. The only thing that matters is that you have decided to fast for Lent/ 40 days, and appreciate support from those who are also fasting.

TWO MORE WEEKS.. These two weeks are going to pass very quickly, so I just want to give you a heads up now, so you can mentally prepare.

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Day 17: First day At Convention

I tasted the food, to be kind, but I did not eat it. I did very well and since the food was ok.. it wasn't hard. Feeling great still!

Day 16 More tomato juice

I think I'll finish the bottle tonight. Had a Yoga Veda CHI and some almond water.. I'm in sacrament.. I want pizza. LOL No pizza for me.. but I smell it.

Day 15 Hello Tomato Juice, boy you sure taste good.

:D Bought some brown rice miso today, plan to take that to the convention, and got myself some kumboucha and other kind drinks so I have something and not tempted to eat bread and butter and donuts.

jrd3820's picture

Still going strong here also

Lots of kale smoothies and pineapple, banana, strawberry, and blueberry smoothies. Been really busy lately, but going strong.

Good to know!!!

I've been wondering... well it's really good to know that you are doing well too! I look forward to my first smoothie.. deep sigh :D

Michael Nystrom's picture

Sounds awesome

I love miso, in vegetable soup. Kombucha I love as well. I make my own. I got my starter scoobi from (It grows much better in warm weather, but in Cali, you probably wouldn't have to worry abou that)

Good job Granger. After the fast, I encourage you to give up wheat completely.

Chances are you'll lose weight without even trying, and experience a boost in energy.

I was going to join you on March 1, but it is still so cold here! And it is not good for me to fast during such cold weather. The body is in a weakened state during a fast, and the harsh weather makes it unwise for me to do it at this time.

When is the convention? You'll have to be on guard. You'll be tempted when you're on the road. It is a law of nature.


Good job and good luck!

It's been amazingly awesome and I am grateful

the back of me feared that this might be very hard, but it wasn't hard at all, and I surprized, but happy for it.

Wheat... I love it too much to give it up.. the only thing I have craved is pizza, and not much. Developed a squash pizza crust made with gluten free flour.. haven't tried it yet.. also want to start fermenting sodas out of fruit and making cashew cheese.

I'm heading to the convention tomorrow 1pm, want to get to Sacramento by sunset.. I feel like I have a front row seat to the end of the party.. that post you made about McConnel.. I'm sure it's because they see we're taking the party and they're bailing. So far what I'm reading about the leadership in CA it's corporate fluff. They seriously need to be given the Liberty message, and I'm happy to help do that. Thank you for the GOOD LUCK.

Day 14: Good Belly

I'm doing great, almost hate to hate to be breaking the fast, and I guess that's why I forgot to get some miso? I'll get it tomorrow.

Hope anyone else fasting is doing well too.

Day 13: Busy Day

Man.. good thing it was busy because we had what looked to be fantastic spaghetti and meatballs.. oh it smelled sooo good.

We served 90 starving people.

I am doing well, feeling hungry, and had a taste of cirried carrot soup. It was delicious. Tomorrow I begin drinking good belly probiotics and continue my lemonade.

Day 12: Lumpia in the Choir

I LOVE lumpia, and so my friend, brought a big plate of lumpia, and sweet chili sauce, and a palm nut salad, and pineapple to celebrate another friend's birthday. The lumpia smelled perfect, and it looked perfect. In a way it was like being in heaven, the Church stained glass light pouring through the morning window, the laughter of people exiting Mass, the children who came up and gave us cookies, nicely wrapped so I could put them away.. but that lumpia..

And then everyone was teasing me for not eating, saying they were eating more lumpia just for me.

Still, I feel great, even though, no lumpia for me.

DAY 11. Cool huh?

I Thank God, I'm well and happy and feeling no pain, just good.

Day Ten, do it again!

Three Sister's Stew.. I know there has to be an international name for that.

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I already feel like a completely different person, I wonder how I will feel on day 40

hungrier than today

I've given myself permission to drink miso and fruit juice, but I'm feeling great, so haven't felt the need to go there. It's really amazing isn't it? (((((((((((((((jrd3820)))))))))))). day 10.

Day Nine and I'm fine

Finishing up my lemonade :D

Day Eight: I drank all my lemonade allready!

Doing great!!

Working on recipes

Polenta pomadoro with roasted pine nuts
Kitcheri with roasted root vegetables and cashew gravy

jrd3820's picture


I felt hungry today for the first time... an actual hunger. It was a rough day, but I stayed the course. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

I really want orange sherbet. Just sayin....


sounds goooooooooood. If it was for the wind chill, I'd be drooling!

Day Seven: I dream of pizza

Kinda funny how pizza is what I want.. I'll get over it, but I can smell pizza.. must be coming out of my pours LOL


Thanks for the invite anyway, I love my Rocky Road Ice Cream.

I love rocky road too

Before I know it, I'll eat as much as I want guilt free!

sugar free gum?

are you trying to dumb everybody down?

That was before

I learned on this thread that there was natural gum, so when I feel I need to chew.. then I will pick up some natural gum.

Nay on the sugar-free gum. Thank you for the post providing me another opportunity to make that clear.

Day five, I'm still alive

Feeling great too.. not hungry still..

jrd3820's picture


All is well here. Just a ? for you... and don't take it the wrong way because I really am just genuinely wondering what your plan is.
I saw on your donations thread you have money for food listed as part of your expenses. Do you plan on fasting then if you end up going?

I do plan to fast

Matter of fact, the CA GOP treasurer asked me to confirm my reservation so they would have enough refreshments and I told him, I was fasting.

It's not about eating, it's about networking. I figure I can ask for a to go box and share the meal with the committee members who can't afford to go to the meals..


I'm enjoying my fast. To me, what would be a waste, is if I went and ate, and didn't connect, educate those at the table about sound money or Justin Amash or (DP).

jrd3820's picture

That is what I was thinking

Just checking to see if I would be fasting alone in the meantime. 35 days to go!

I will start tonight.

but I have to break fast at 8AM or else I get really hungry.


Can one eat after sunset?

What about milkshakes?

I would like to but I do not think my family members will allow me.

I would be a beginner so I would have to ease into it imo.



If you have never fasted before, start simple. Try not eating wheat and sugar. Or consider a juice fast.

Most Catholics go vegetarian and eat fish of friday. That's a good fast. Could be you give up chocolate..

This is all about healing, being healty.. everyone is different, so you need to do what is right for you, with us!