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Anyone want to fast with me?

Two weeks from today begins Lent http://www.marypages.com/Lent.htm

I am posting this now, so those who may want to join me, will have two weeks to feast, or enjoy, what they will give up for lent/40 days.

I have practiced Lent for decades because I always found spiritual strength in not being alone in my suffering. The first time I practiced Lent, I gave up chocolate. Every year I progressed, until last year, I gave up food.

That's right, I did not eat for 40 days, and this year I intend to do the same fast because it was so successful.

When I decided to give up food for Lent last year, my doctors were prescribing me medications, 27 pills a day I was taking, and I was getting NO relief. Since my fast, I have not needed any medication and my doctors are amazed at my tests.

While going through Lent, one doctor advised me to drop the fast and scheduled me for a meeting every week. I went to confession and told my priest that I lied to the doctor and told them I had given up the fast, but I did not, because it wasn't hard to do. I was feeling great.

Many here who don't believe in Jesus, or the power of healing, can say whatever they want about it. Jesus helped me heal myself, and made me not hungry until the last week of my fast. And let me tell you, I was tempted. Oh how the Devil tempted me. I was getting dinner offers, and free food coupons, and the soup kitchen was receiving crab dip and beef roasts, and cakes and cookies, and chocolates that made my mouth water. Sometimes at night my body was so energized I could hardly sleep. Still, it was not so hard that I would not want to repeat fasting for Lent.

Some of you may want to experiment, like quitting smoking, or beer, or soda, or ice cream.. whatever you really really like.

I really really like food. I LOVE FOOD. Last year I lost 40 pounds. I was not fasting to lose weight, but to lose the meds.

For 40 days beginning February 17th, I will be consuming:

6 oz Grade B Maple Syrup with
6 oz certified 100% organic lemon juice, fresh squeezed (lemons go on sale at this time of year and so you save money on food bill as a bonus)
Good Water, not distilled.. I also use sparkling water.. and even flavored waters. Clear beverages with no and very low calories.. boullion, coffee, but this is very limited, and I really don't go there until the last weeks, also sugar-free gum helps, because your jaw will miss chewing. I freeze half the Lemon syrup mixture to eat like ice cream some nights.. and make it like a hot tea on cold ones.

So, If you would like to join me on my food fast, or merely give up something you LOVE for Lent, I thought I would make a thread as a kind of support group for those who could use some support giving up something they LOVE.

While I am religious, and do my fast for religious reasons, this was not always my case, so I do not want to make this a religious thread. I have my Church and ADORE JESUS, so grateful to My Lord God and savior. My sacrifice is mine. Your sacrifice must be yours alone. For God, or for yourself, matters not on this thread. The only thing that matters is that you have decided to fast for Lent/ 40 days, and appreciate support from those who are also fasting.

TWO MORE WEEKS.. These two weeks are going to pass very quickly, so I just want to give you a heads up now, so you can mentally prepare.

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Day Four: Doing great. Not even hungry


jrd3820's picture

Alive and well

I had to move a bunch of boxes today though and it took a little more out of me than it should have. Other than that I am doing well. Glad you were able to get through your meeting at the restaurant. 36 days left!

It was a great meeting

Apparently there is no one running against the regional chair, so the two vice chairs showed up to say why we should vote for them.

The committee voted for Elissa Wadleigh, chair of Sonoma County and rEVOLutionary/Liberty Movement.

I'm on the bylaws committee, and ta da the committee is going to give me $200.00 to go to the convention.

MN gave me permission to set up a fundraiser for myself on DP, and I checked with the committee about fundraising and that's not a problem.

I'm not a computer person.. the computer is like a word processor for me, that's the problem. So this is a good exercise for me.

I had to tell the waitress I was fasting twice. She was looking at me like she had no idea what I was talking about, so I told her I was catholic and observing the lenton season. She left me completely alone after that.

Day Three: My stomach growled


I'm still here! :D

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No growling here, I did go to the movies though and smelling popcorn was brutal.

smell of popcorn would be brutal

I'm keeping myself busy to not think too much about it.. committee meeting is tomorrow and at a restaurant.

Finishing up my second day of lemonade

I feel great! That lemonade really helps knock out hunger pains.. I think it will become part of my regular liquid intake after my fast.

Hope anyone who joined the fast is feeling good, doing well!!

Geez Grang, I'm Getting Hungry Again and I Just Polished Off

some free range Pot Roast, organic collard greens and some Italian olives..I washed it down with some liguid hommade lemonaide..

I'm fasting from the world..Remember what Paul told Peter..All food is exceptable to God..But the food back then was a million time better than the crap most of us eat..

nuff said..

enjoy your fast young man and remember Yeshua has the record for fasting - 40 days and nights in the wilderness..


Ps, I see Mich~ael is giving you a month head start..

He's a Lightweight



I can smell it from here.. wait.. no that's me. LOL What a wonderful dinner. YUM! gulping lemonade now CHEERS!


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Alive and well

Day 2 done. 38 more to go.

Ahhhhhh ha ha

Wheeeeeeeeeee.. as I recall, the third day is the hardest day.. here we go.

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Bump for the fasters

My best wishes to you. I spoke with a Catholic friend of mine who is also going to be fasting. I'll be joining you probably in March, for the tail end.

Good luck all.

Thank you and again Thank You for making a great point

40 days is a long fast, and I encourage anyone who is thinking about fsting to join in anytime, doing as much, or as little, as pleases one.

A one day fast is better than none at all, and for that it is as good, if not even better, than a 40 day fast.

Cheers to water!

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Pineapple juice smoothie things today. Good luck to you.


I'm drinking water, about to do my salted water, and make my lemonade.. ahhhh.. as I recall, the first three days, day number three was the hardest.. so far, so good.. and I feel great. I woke up this morning and thought.. I really should be fasting more, like one day a week for life, just because as uncomfortable as hunger for a shirt time can be, the body actually allready feels better.

Well, I finished my lemonade

and now I'm on water for the rest of the evening.


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Kale juice smoothies all day. Water from now until tomorrow. Day one done.

two days ago

I made kale chips and ate all of them. ;))

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kale chips?

Can you get me that recipe? Well.... get it to me in 40 days lol

I happened to see some in the store

I went and bought some lemons and next to the stand were kale and carrot chips.

To me, they are better than potato chips, and way better for you.

I've had them raw and baked.. I like mine with cajun seasoning.




What to do with the stems http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8NjdFjiwh7A&playnext=1&list=P...

I might join in on this too

I dont come around here as often as I used to(I have openly wondered about the Liberty movement in terms of what changes have been made on a macro scale in more time than the USSR's 5 year plans... which has caused me to wonder if we're controlled opposition), and I'm not Catholic, so I forgot about lent.

I've done water fasts, dry(absolute) fasts, and the Master Cleanse which is mentioned here, and know it is best to ease in. I guess that's out of the question for me, but I had been thinking of fasting sometime in the not so distant future and coming on here to see the reaction after the state of the union address and seeing this thread has inspired me.

I'll have to sleep on it and may start with the master cleanse and then move into true fasting. Stanley Burroughs' book, The Master Cleanser, actually takes shots at real fasting until after one has cleansed themselves, and the logic makes sense. Of course I had done water and absolute fasts before I had read about the master cleanse, and I didn't get the toxic shock syndrome that someone I know tried to say I would get.

For anyone who is interested, I would suggest googling the various types of fasting. As some have noted, juice "fasting" is sometimes by juicers themselves referred to as "juice feasting"(I know that giving up solid foods is a major sacrifice, but I also remember breaking a water fast by juicing for a few days made me felt amazing, as if I were on a mind altering substance!). If you like any of the options you see, by all means feel free to join us even if you join in late.

I coincidentally have a doctor's appointment tomorrow (today) and may have an extra hurdle to jump over getting that cleared, but I think I should be able to even though they may be a bit dismayed. Remember, not much study goes into fasting BECAUSE THERE IS NOT MUCH MONEY TO BE MADE FROM FASTING BY BIG PHARMA, and hospitals also lose out on money from conditions that are remedied by fasting. Dr Joel Furhman is a good name to google(or read his books) for fasting and eating healthy, and I can find other information for anyone who is interested. I know from personal experience it takes effort to come upon much of it in the mainstream media, including the internet, much like with politics. I'm always looking to learn from others as well, even if they have opposing viewpoints. I found out first hand a person that isnt doing much physically can go much longer than 3 days without food or water, not that I would recommend anyone else try it. I just want to let people know they are capable of so much more than they ever imagined.

Hippocrates, the father of medicine was a big proponent of fasting. He said: "Everyone has a physician inside him or her; we just have to help it in its work. The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well. Our food should be our medicine. Our medicine should be our food. But to eat when you are sick is to feed your sickness." http://www.greekmedicine.net/hygiene/Fasting_and_Purificatio...

Socrates and Plato advocated fasting, while Pythagoras required a 40-day fast of his students as an entrance requirement. Yes, you might be surprised what fasting can do to clear your mind.

Again, without notice, and with a doctor to face in a matter of hours I am not sure what I'm going to do, but if I can't join today I want to let these folks know I am with them in spirit. I also don't want others to be deterred by misinformation and disinformation. At the very least I may give up alcohol for a time. Most of us in here have sacrificed something for Ron Paul at some point, so it might be interesting to sacrifice something else with each other for inner purposes. Best wishes for all who decide to give it a go!

Thank you ronpaulholic

It's way past my bedtime.. I'm never up this late, but knowing I start my fast today, well I'm excited. With so much inspiration and good thoughts, GREAT information and support.. such as your post.. THANK YOU! you've already helped me.

I hope you do join me/us.. as much as you like..

One Week from Today

All on board.. get ready..

All those's considering..

Thank you for the support.

I'm in.

I'm ready to start tomorrow. Are you still going to fast? I'd like to have a partner/support person


THANK YOU!!! Yes.. I am ready. Tonight, today.. I'm Mardi Grasing.. ate some great vegetarian food.. having a hurricane.. bought my grade B syrip and lemmons.. and I keep breathing deep... Ohhh food food .. I know I will miss you, I love you so.. but I need to fast to make my spirit grow!

YES.. I am IN with YOU.


jrd3820's picture


I'm in.

Kind of, I am going to be juicing which someone down below pointed out is different, it all seems the same to me though.

Mind over matter, right?

Good luck, Granger!

That sounds *long* to me.

I've only fasted on two occasions, for about a week each
time, but found it to be very beneficial on both occasions.

The first time was in Thailand, a structured fast that included
drinking high fiber (psyllium?) drinks (with a small amount of fruit
juice mixed in, colon cleansing and such.

The second was just recently when I got a severe flu (first time in years)
couldn't eat much of anything for about five days. That put me in
the "zone" and seemingly short circuited the craving for potato chips.
cookies and such (and alcohol). So I just continued for a few days
more eating almost nothing, then gradually increased my intake
of "regular" food and staying off alcohol, and nearly all sweets and
junk food.

I've dropped several kilos in the process and feel a lot better in general.

YMMV - but I'm convinced fasting can be beneficial if approached

There is also this to consider:


I'm thinking this might possibly apply to cannabis, turmeric or other such
forms of chemotherapy as well as to conventional chemo.

Very nice article Blue Republic

Thank you for sharing that with me.

You bring up another interesting topic.. the argument over

Starve a cold feed a fever or
Feed a cold starve a fever.

I'm in the starve a cold feed a fever, because of exactly what you said about a fever /flu, when I too can not eat much, regurgitate or deficate and avoid eating to avoid either and or both. But if you don't eat, then you are rapidly losing the energy you need to heal.

Many disagree with me. And what's interesting is googling that and all the answers.. and while none agree with me.. I don't agree with any of their translations.. makes me think more about the death cult and it's advice..

I give myself complete freedom to break my fast if I am not doing well as I'm not in this to hurt myself. If it doesn't feel good, I'm not going to do it. I am not into pain.

Tumeric.. I began making and eating kitchari regularly when I got my diagnosis, and LOVE it.. matter of fact.. now that you've made me think of it.. it's how I'm going to clelbrak the end of my fast


I cant in good conscience

I cant in good conscience actually recommend someone of normal body weight and stature actually doing this. Perhaps an obese individual with more stores of energy can pull this off, but at ~500-600 cals a day (via 6 oz maple syrup and random assortment of low cal beverages), even someone with a high amount of fat stores cannot mobilize the required energy to keep up with metabolic demand.

Your body's natural response to this 'diet'? (yes, its a diet, no its not technically a 'fast') Burn excess fat of course (excess, not essential), but also a reduction in metabolic output and dumping stress hormones throughout your body. Catabolic effects are likely to begin a few days after the fast begins.

If you are a 180 lb dude and hypothetically lose 10-15 lbs after the 'fast', you will have lost a pretty equal distribution of that weight through water, fat, and lean muscle tissue.

What happens when youre 'done' the fast and start eating normally again? Well now you have a lower metabolic base rate and less lean tissue comprising your total body composition. Your body's first response is to begin building back your lost strength and stores of energy. Your body starts storing more fat. if hypothetically you gain that 10/15lbs back, a higher proportion of that is likely to be water and fat. And you wind up in a situation where you end with a higher body fat % than when you started.

How is this 'healthy'? I appreciate that you feel your lord jesus is looking out for you during your fast. I appreciate the rather miraculous mechanisms of the human body whether instilled by god or by nature. I really think its great that you are off meds. I think a more SENSIBLE approach (if indeed you are approaching this from a health perspective and not a sensationalistic religious motive) Would be to eat a balanced diet. Incoporate fasting principles into your daily routine. do some exercising (not the steady-state, treadmill kind). eat more on days you require the energy to be used. eat less on days you are more sedentary. Stop eating processed and artificial foods.

If you want to give up something for lent for the sake of observing the religious value behind it, why not pick something more practical and meaningful?

a note about the veganism thing - i was one for about 5-6 years. vegetarian for about 8 years. very strictly followed. being a 175lb dude at the time, what was it that i craved the most? either natural, processed or artificial sources of protein. that means veggie burgers, riblets, tofu, soy beans, wheat gluten, etc. I was not any 'healthier' than i was before i began this regimen. if anything, i had a higher body fat % even while remaining a stable weight. I have become highly deficient in vitamin D and some essential minerals, most notably magnesium. After living this lifestyle im not convinced its any healthier than any normal balanced diet.