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Anyone want to fast with me?

Two weeks from today begins Lent http://www.marypages.com/Lent.htm

I am posting this now, so those who may want to join me, will have two weeks to feast, or enjoy, what they will give up for lent/40 days.

I have practiced Lent for decades because I always found spiritual strength in not being alone in my suffering. The first time I practiced Lent, I gave up chocolate. Every year I progressed, until last year, I gave up food.

That's right, I did not eat for 40 days, and this year I intend to do the same fast because it was so successful.

When I decided to give up food for Lent last year, my doctors were prescribing me medications, 27 pills a day I was taking, and I was getting NO relief. Since my fast, I have not needed any medication and my doctors are amazed at my tests.

While going through Lent, one doctor advised me to drop the fast and scheduled me for a meeting every week. I went to confession and told my priest that I lied to the doctor and told them I had given up the fast, but I did not, because it wasn't hard to do. I was feeling great.

Many here who don't believe in Jesus, or the power of healing, can say whatever they want about it. Jesus helped me heal myself, and made me not hungry until the last week of my fast. And let me tell you, I was tempted. Oh how the Devil tempted me. I was getting dinner offers, and free food coupons, and the soup kitchen was receiving crab dip and beef roasts, and cakes and cookies, and chocolates that made my mouth water. Sometimes at night my body was so energized I could hardly sleep. Still, it was not so hard that I would not want to repeat fasting for Lent.

Some of you may want to experiment, like quitting smoking, or beer, or soda, or ice cream.. whatever you really really like.

I really really like food. I LOVE FOOD. Last year I lost 40 pounds. I was not fasting to lose weight, but to lose the meds.

For 40 days beginning February 17th, I will be consuming:

6 oz Grade B Maple Syrup with
6 oz certified 100% organic lemon juice, fresh squeezed (lemons go on sale at this time of year and so you save money on food bill as a bonus)
Good Water, not distilled.. I also use sparkling water.. and even flavored waters. Clear beverages with no and very low calories.. boullion, coffee, but this is very limited, and I really don't go there until the last weeks, also sugar-free gum helps, because your jaw will miss chewing. I freeze half the Lemon syrup mixture to eat like ice cream some nights.. and make it like a hot tea on cold ones.

So, If you would like to join me on my food fast, or merely give up something you LOVE for Lent, I thought I would make a thread as a kind of support group for those who could use some support giving up something they LOVE.

While I am religious, and do my fast for religious reasons, this was not always my case, so I do not want to make this a religious thread. I have my Church and ADORE JESUS, so grateful to My Lord God and savior. My sacrifice is mine. Your sacrifice must be yours alone. For God, or for yourself, matters not on this thread. The only thing that matters is that you have decided to fast for Lent/ 40 days, and appreciate support from those who are also fasting.

TWO MORE WEEKS.. These two weeks are going to pass very quickly, so I just want to give you a heads up now, so you can mentally prepare.

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i only fast the MSM

that does the trick for me.

That's a hard one

I've never owned a TV. Don't use the car radio, the only radio I have. I subscribe to the local paper, but that's a weekly and not MSM, IMO, and really didn't think I was under the influence of MSM until I decided to go to my first GOP committee meeting. I was very afraid.. and why.. what I thought the GOP was.. well it wasn't. So I learned that I was under the influence of MSM even though I'm not into MSM. Anymore, I think the internet is MSM, so for me to give up MSM, I would have to give up DP because it has a lot of MSM within, and I won't give up my DP.

Wow! I was at mass this morning with the Archbishop...

and this is exactly what the Holy Spirit laid upon me. I don't know why but that what was revealed to me. And then I come home and read this post. I am to fast? The Lord works in mysterious ways. I am pretty sure I will have to attend mass daily or at least be in His Word in order to make it. I will be praying about this. Thank you for your encouragement.


You don't have to do the extreme Granger fast. This is for you http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvtlVJdRhyU

Peace be with you!

Intermittent Fasting

I fast for 18 hours every day, and a 24 hour fast once a week. on my 18 hr fast days I eat around 2000 calories of food. Dropped from 260 to 240 in 2 months.

Leangains?I do 16 hours


I do 16 hours fasts, cycling carbs/fats (higher carbs/lower fats on work out days, opposite on rest days). ~2000 kcals on workout days, ~1600 on rest days.

6 pack on the horizon after only 7 weeks.

It def works...

yes. lean gains works. there

yes. lean gains works. there are several principles behind it (not the actual regimen but the philosophy) which are in stark contrast to this rather severe lent diet plan. Like any plan though, there is no 'magic' behind it, its just all about consistency, following protocol and putting in some hard work when you have to. LG has transformed me. I dont know what i would have done without that knowledge.

I havn't really looked into the leangains approach

I usually eat cheese and vegetable pasta, turkey burgers, soup's, cold cut's, and protein shake's. I save the fatty and sugary foods for my cheat day's.

I may join you on that regiment after Lent

Been thinking about doing that since last year actually.. instead I told myself, "You can eat whatever you want when you want". I've been on a see food diet ever since.. and still the tests are good.

As a chef.. I've got a LOVE affair with food and I really need to make a 180 turn around.. eat to live, not live to eat.

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Wow Granger...

That's pretty hardcore.
Hmmmm, Did you use any supplements when you did this last year? Omega 3 oils or anything?
I kinda want to jump on board with you, but I do the insanity workouts and I do not think I would have enough energy to get through those on this fast.... Did you have enough energy for intense physical activity?

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss

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Wow! You're doing insanity!?

That is insane!!!

Having done fasts in the past, I concur that you likely wouldn't have the energy necessary to make it through the workouts... Maybe for the first few days.

When I did my first juice fast (raw juice) when I was around 25 or 26 (wow! 20 years ago!), I was riding my bike to work in Downtown Seattle and back. It was a 30 minute ride one way, but the killer was the ride home, which included some pretty monster hills. I was able to do it for the first week, but Friday was nearly impossible. The next week I was only able to make it for a few days. And the last week, I was taking the bus, lol.

It is generally not a good idea to engage in intense physical energy during a fast. Walking is fine. Insanity - based on what I've seen on YouTube - not a good idea. You need a lot of energy and protein to restore your body after something like that.

On the other hand, even if you took a break from the intense workouts, did the fast, walked an hour a day, you'll still lose a lot of weight (if that is your intention).

He's the man.
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The word "do" is relative lol. I am definitely not graceful about it, I cannot do everything exactly how the people on the DVD can do it. I do not do push ups, and I have no desire to do them, and sometimes I do not finish the whole DVD.

But I'll tell ya what... whenever I am done with one... I feel like I can take on the world with my bare hands lol

Ahh, the bikerides in downtown Seattle. Those hills are a bitch aren't they?

I'm thinking of juicing and walking for a while instead though. I'm not too concerned with weight loss (I mean... it's not perfect, but I haven't weighed myself in years because I feel like it puts too much pressure on me), but I like the idea of detoxing.

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss

I do p90x. I would highly

I do p90x. I would highly advise against doing ANY physical exercise while fasting, it could literally kill you.

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I wouldn't have planned on trying fasting with insanity, I was just wondering if with the fasting if people have enough energy to even do something like taking a long walk....

p90x, I thought about giving that one a try after I am sick of insanity.

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss

I agree with the above posts

I had tons of energy and no problem working (cooking, washing pots and pans) or walking, but I did not work out or attempt any training. I did have to walk because I had so much energy, it could be difficult to sleep, and for me personally, I need to move my body for my body to move, if you get what I'm saying.

A brisk walk, focusing on breathing, deep breathing, rather than distance helped me. YOGA this is a great time to s-t-r-e-t-c-h, give you that burn without burn out.

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Granger - I'll consider it

Though I probably wouldn't go the full 40 days. The timing isn't the greatest, being the dead of winter... The body needs nourishment and warmth during that time of year. Maybe I could join you half way, say starting the first of March...

I gave up wheat at the start of the year, which has been great for losing weight.

But I would also second the advice given by the poster below on the toxicity of sugarless gum. It is definitely deadly to dogs. People aren't dogs, but I'd be suspicious of eating anything that would kill Man's best friend:


Not so good for your teeth, either:


He's the man.

I was never one to chew gum

Kinda weird perhaps, but I find gum chewing rude. So I have never been one to chew gum, however, last year, my jaws were aching from not chewing, and I found a piece of gum was relief after I drank plenty of my lemonade.. so my belly was full, and in the process of digesting the lemon pulp, whatever message I was sending to my brain.. it was happy to have the opportunity to chew on something.

My fast is extreme.. the use of gum, sparing. Anyone has a suggestion besides gum.. I'm open.

Really Michael, being you have given up wheat.. you are already fasting.. I LOVE wheat.. it would be very hard for me to give up bread.. that was the one thing I craved the most.

Kudos to you. ;)) And sure,, if you want to join in and give up white sugar.. I'll be fasting here and happy to see you.

there are natural 'gums'--

that are neither sugared nor sugarless--

picked one up from the health food store recently for a family member who chews it to keep from being nervous--

it's really not an unhealthy gum--

not sure what is in it, but nothing artificial--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Thank you 1988vote


Chewing gum also

sends a mixed message to the brain. It starts the digestive process via chemicals in saliva, expecting food. Those chemicals put into the system, without the food, isn't a good thing. And so, one more reason to not chew gum. Sugarless or otherwise.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

Granger. let me see if I

have this straight. For 40 days you are going to consume sugar and caffeine with fake sugar gum?

Where is your body going to get protein and fat for rebuilding? Is it going to take it from your bones, teeth and skin?

Good luck.



I mostly consume lemonade. I rarely chew the gum, but found after several weeks, my jaw was going crazy from not chewing.

Last year I didn't have any loss of hair, and being I use bio-oil and others topically, my skin is in great condition.. people compliment my hair and skin.. I guess I could take calcium or suppliments if I was looking less than radient.

I was very pleased with my results last year, and appreciate the luck.. we'll see how well I do this year. I do have my doctor's appointments.. including with my oncologist beginning of March.

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Rather than the lemonade, how about raw juice?

Would that fit into your fast?

I have had great success with raw juice fasts: Carrot/Apple/Cucumber/Celery/Kale/Lemon, etc. Juiced with an Omega 8006. That way your body will still get essential nutrients and minerals. A vegetable broth is good as well. Just boil a bunch of vegetables in a big pot, save the broth and you can drink it for the minerals.

40 days is an extreme length of time, imho. But I know of the increased radiance of the skin that you speak of. Fasting is a wonderful experience.

One other thing to consider, as you're detoxing, the waste is still dumped into the digestive tract, but without the bulk of food, it is difficult for the body to eliminate normally through bowel movements. This can be dangerous, especially for a prolonged period of time.

Thus, during a fast, it is a good idea to either a salt water flush or an enema every couple of days. I generally alternate between the two, as neither one is very pleasant. However, a coffee enema during a fast is an amazing experience!

Good luck Granger.

He's the man.

I'm enjoying a red head right now

I'm a juicer.. And yes, 40 days is extreme. It worked for me last year, and DP will be the first to learn IF I can't handle it, and need to juice my way out of my fast.

It's not for everybody and why I suggested that participation could be as simple as giving up smoking, or beer.

I have always been healthy.. the girl the guys wanted to arm wrestle, rather than date.. Surfing kinda covered up the Jockette..

I was taught this drink I'm having for lunch as a red head. It's rawsome beets, carrots, apple, ginger and Bragg's apple cider vinegar rather than lemon (lemon is the original recipe).

I can't I drink to much ... LOL

Back in the day maybe.

Lots of benefits to Fasting ... you skinny guys can do 1 day a week. or 2 days just juice and broth ...

If your spiritual there are also those blessings to be had.

good luck

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I drink too much as well

Jesus turned water into wine for a reason.

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Right on carpavel

Thank you for the good luck.

I had pizza for breakfast.. getting ready to fast is the fun part ;))

I am curious, but I just now got my weight up to 175 pounds on a

6'2 body. I'm afraid I would lose too much weight. Maybe a high protein all meat diet for a fast? I could give up my two vices...Cheetos and Dr. Pepper.

Yes, you can do the opposite.

The idea to give up.. be it cheetos and Dr Pepper (love them both), or to eat much more when you don't want to eat Healthy.. It's all about doing what needs to be done to improve the mind, body and soul.

How much fun if you go on the Atkins Diet.. you can really help make those of us not eating drool..

steak, bacon, blue cheese, milk shakes.. nuts!
Giving up vices is the key.. but if you need to gain weight, then it becomes an effort and not easy.

That's what my mom suggested

She was on it a few years ago and said I probably would not lose weight on it and to do some moderate weight lifting while on it.