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Liberty Speech by brilliant writer/activist for Liberty, feared by the GOP, President of The Reagan Wing... Doug Parris

Great speech by a great patriot! Doug Parris doing what he does best.

Brilliant, prolific writer, activist in the cause of liberty, a tireless worker in the cause of freedom for over 30 years... ( Parris tells the truth like it needs to be told, at a RLC formation meeting last Saturday in Yakima Washington. They expected 30 people... 160 showed up, including half a dozen state legislators!

As one of the founders of GOPLA (GOP Liberty Assembly), formed of collective leadership from the 2008 Ron Paul race in Washington State, Doug Parris attempted to present a plan in July of 2008 to the newly forming C4L. The plan focused on taking back America through coalescing the grassroots for Ron Paul from the 2008 fight, in preparation for the 2012 race for liberty! This was presented even before the Rally for the Republic... it was ignored!

He correctly predicted the outcome of a C4L focus on education, as was Dr. Paul's many years focus in Congress... so correct, but so deficient in WINNING the nomination fight for the one candidate most needed in this age of flagging hopes and dwindling liberty!

In failing to focus this great 2008 liberty army on the fight necessary to lighting brush-fires following the 2008 election cycle the C4L became a JBS style education and lobbying organization. Great!... But entirely incapable of focusing restless and seasoned grassroots freedom fighters upon the object so necessary to freedom: lighting brush-fires in the neighborhoods, saving the lives of millions by ending Orwellian war, ending the Fed and IRS, preserving freedom, wealth and property, and taking back the party which had the best hope of this, and electing a Statesman President for the first time in more than a century!

The missing four years since 2008 which depleted the ranks of freedom fighters, left the battle for 2012 in nearly the same position as it ended in 2008. The result was an election of nearly an entire slate of... incumbents! Those incumbents have voted their same stripes, not changed them!

It is our own fault!

In this speech you will find out how the GOP has accomplished this, through the microcosm of one state on the left coast!

This patriot should have run the campaign for Ron Paul nationally! Entirely!

But then, Ron Paul might be president! How shocking a prospect is that!

Instead, as the eventual story will be published and told by Mr. Parris, was there a real will to win by those most trusted to possess that will?!

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