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Majority of Hispanics FAVOR stricter gun laws, Amnesty for millions of illegals equals END to 2nd Amendment rights.

Giving 20 million illegal aliens Amnesty or a pathway to citizenship will be the end of the second amendment.

Amnesty equals the DUMBEST thing we could ever do.

Only 29% of Hispanics favor 2nd Amendment rights for US Citizens - dismal numbers.

If we don't fight amnesty, kiss your country and guns goodbye.

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Go down the rabbit hole

What segment of people in our country was Obama referring to in 2008 as "clinging to their guns and bibles"?

What segment of people in our country will be most impacted by "common sense" gun control laws? If you astutely said the people that actually follow the laws you would be correct. But what segment of society is this, largely? What segment of society does not follow "common sense" gun control laws?

What segment of people in our country largely vote Republican?

What segment of people in our country would largely be against amnesty for illegal aliens?

You can follow this thread for hours if you can read between the lines and the lies propagated by the fake news on TV and the internet.

Once this "thing" goes hot it's going to go down to racial lines, I fear. Hope I am wrong. But the way I see it now, and as I have experienced personally, there is nothing a white guy can say to anyone mixed or non-white anymore that won't be taken out of context as race bait.

Sad, and I don't like delving into racial conspiracies or paranoia because it's silly and unproductive, but what I am describing is what I'm seeing on the street and online more and more. Acknowledging this passive reality is difficult because I don't want to believe it, but it's hard to ignore when you're feeling it.


The reason for gun control at this juncture?

Might not be about whether the Hispanics are for it or against but rather, about having the gate opened where there is no restriction, flooding the Country to divide it further than it already is.

If firearms were allowed and the people holding the firearms had their eyes opened to this great flood pouring across from the, most specific, southern border, this might cause unwanted bloodshed, if the severity was recognized. And, bloodshed, would\could put an end to the plan of destroying the United States fully in 'the' so-called desirable subtle fashion. Every trick in the book is being tried until a sufficient opening can be found in order to accomplish the goal (destroying the United States fully).

As the dissenters voices are silenced by this flood, the voice of the flood being heard more loudly. As in Germany, the killing could take place without notice, if there is to be, 'a killing'. The flood would cover the sound.

In subtle fashion as it 'has' been going, not to raise enough of an alarm, so that the people don't awake and take any meaningful action.

Even The Devil thinks that he does God a favor.

As for atheist who think that there is nothing after the grave, for you, you are correct.

Now, for the atheist, there is nothing after the grave, no reward.
The Devil claims the reward that should have been yours and laughs. So sad, he says. You have to be his slave for being so foolish. For how long?


My Hispanic friend stopped by today and for some reason he was once again all gun ho on obama with this amnesty thing.. now I know he's concerned because his brother is here on a green card or illegally or something but he was all happy for the amnesty.. I told him that the united states is already having a hard time employing the people we ALREADY have now and that I wouldn't trust what ever is behind this amnesty thing and he kinda got that. He also was telling me that Mexico is VERY dangerous place now with guns and gangs.. He isn't in favor of gun laws that prevent you from protection yourself..

All in all he is a pretty good example of the nice but naive outlanders who obama wants to run a faux play on.

Daughter of 1776 American Revolutionists

I don't buy it.

"According to a 2012 study by the Pew Research Center, only 29 percent of Latinos view protecting gun ownership rights as very important, compared to 57 percent of whites."


"A 2011 survey by Lake Research for the Mayors Against Illegal Guns Coalition found that 86 percent of Latinos support mandating a background check for all gun buyers."

How many people were actually surveyed? And the survey was done by whom? I don't trust that coalition and I certainly don't trust the msm.

First they were used as the main scapegoats for the dwindling jobs that they were stealing from Americans. Now this?

From personal experience (this country & abroad) I have only met ONE Latino woman who was anti-gun. Everyone else was pro-gun. I'll tell you something else too, for the most part, if they don't agree with the law, then they won't follow it(as I don't have to tell you). Many own guns where it is illegal in their country to own and where it is common place to give money to a cop to look the other way.

Now that's just from personal experience. But I will tell you that throughout history, it's very common for a government to look for scapegoats, direct the anger and blame away from them and towards a certain group, and ultimately divide.

I can quickly see this turning in to a "no amnesty for the illegals that want to take your guns away, now don't be hypocrites and show them how to be upstanding citizens by following the law and registering/handing over your guns". I hope this country doesn't fall for it again. Fool me once.....

things I notice about you

first you call illegals Latinos, how politically correct, in the US Census just a note it's Hispanics, but regardless it's all illegals not just Hispanics.

Second, it's your prerogative not to connect Hispanics that voted over 70% for Obama and their dislike of guns.

They voted to make guns illegal in Mexico many moons ago my friend, what makes you think the great America will be any different?

Just silly. Allowing illegals to break the law, have Special Spanish language road signs in neighborhoods, Goverment etc. is not American...sorry. It's not liberty.

Giving Amnesty to illegals is not compassionate, it's foolish. It was their choice to break in to the country, they knew what they were doing, so if they purchased a house, have a job etc, it's all under false pretenses.

If I choose to not pay my taxes, that's my choice, probably going to jail, unless I can get a hold of the half dozen attorneys that won. My risk, it was their risk to break or rules and not wait in line with hundreds of thousands of orher people wanting to come here legal.

If you think I want Amnesty - You're NUTS

I didn't realize the term "latino" was the PC word. I'll call them latinos, hispanics, illegals, undocumented aliens - I really don't care much for words as long as it's not derogatory. I've even called them criminals. There! Does that make you feel better? I have a strong feeling it does.

My prerogative not to connect Hispanics(I'll use YOUR word to make you happy) to obama & his dislikes of guns is because I DON'T AGREE. The REASON for the Hispanic vote is because they are convinced that he is for AMNESTY & the DREAM ACT. I've spoken to these people & I have a very good feeling that you tend to avoid them, much less interact with them. After all, why should you bother with them? They're criminals, right?

As for voting to outlaw guns in Mexico, I find it amusing how you choose to believe what you want to believe when it's convenient. Since you like FOX, here's a story they put out:

Here's that same story from a different news source:

Notice a difference? Remember when Dr. Paul was drawing thousands to his rallies but the msm, IF they happened to mention it, called it hundreds? Seem familiar?

Does this story also seem familiar?

We're not the only ones fighting political & msm corruption.

You seem pretty selective about what you CHOOSE to believe from the msm when it seems to strengthen your cause/agenda.

You sir, don't notice very well.

A picture is worth a thousand:

then you are just wishg it to be not true

just like people wished that Hispanics didn't use government welfare programs after we legalized them in the 1980's guess what, they do.

They come from a different culture, a culture were guns are illegal.

What??? Yeah, okay....

I don't wish it to be true BECAUSE I don't believe everything the msm tells me? Or because I consider the source which is a group of mayors for gun control? Or because of my personal life experience?

Maybe you're hoping it is true? Oh wait - you know for a fact that is, right?

"They come from a different culture, a culture were guns are illegal."
There is a difference between a culture(and choosing to follow it) and laws(and choosing to follow those as well).

you make me laugh

umm they voted out guns in Mexico a long time ago. You do realize guns are illegal in Mexico?

I know for a fact that Hispanics voted for Obama by the 70% plus range.

I know that very recent polling shows Hispanics in big numbers support Obama's effort to ban guns.

A nice study was done in California showing that Hispanics, not all, but most believe in big Goverment.

If you want to ignore, that's fine, but voting is a fact, they didn't vote for Republicans after the last amnesty, they aren't this time either, they vote for bigger Goverment.

I replied above.

Keep right on believing all those little nice studies your government tells you. You also believe their nice little vaccine studies too, right? Talk about pot calling the kettle.

Lets all just chill.

First of all, nobody knows the real number, but I haven't heard anything credible that says it's over 11 million. On top of that, 70% of those favoring gun control means roughly 7.5 million more Americans in favor, however the Consitution doens't change with a popular vote. So out of the 250 million voting age Americans, 7.5 million more supporters of gun control doesn't immediatly get the 2nd ammendment changed. On top of that, those 7.5 million are spread out over only 5 or 6 main states. I don't think Alaska is going to be too worried about the influx of Hispanic voters.
So, while not helpful, this doesn't amount to anything concrete that I would worry about at all.
PS. When we sound the alarm every 5 minutes, people tend to start tuning us out.

Free market capitalism isn't right for America because it works better. It's right because it's free (and it works better).


You only need a couple of Obama Presidents to elect Supreme Court justices for the Constitution to be gone.

As far as that 11 million number, they have been using that number for 15 years, it's just common sense that it's more than that, even if you use census records you can see the Hispanic (not Latino my politically correct friends) has skyrocketed, but yet the illegal population has stayed the same? Ha ha ha ha...C'mon!

Truth is not an alarm, it's the truth. Let's see A+B=C

70% plus of Hispanics voted for Obama, Obama trying to get rid of guns. duh


I suspect this has more to do with being Catholic than being Hispanic.

The Catholic Church is a centralized religion. America was founded by people who hated centralized religious authority.

If you're a member of a church with a multitude of branches you're probably not a friend of liberty.

doubt it

last election for the first time, Catholics voted Republican over a Democrat President. It was based on making Catholic organization provide abortions for their employees in their medical care plans. But there are no numbers from Catholics and guns. I would expect Catholics in rural areas are in favor of guns, those in big cities against guns.


they can break in to our country but want law abiding Americans to give up their guns!!!