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Anyone else here notice that the picture of Michael N shows him pointing at something? If he was a five year old and did that in school he would get suspended. Anyone hear about the deaf kid, oh excuse me, hearing impaired, that got suspended for "making a gun sign" when really he was just signing? Michael, it's a good thing you are posting that picture here on DP or else you might be in serious trouble! hahaha! uhh, Why I laugh?

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Link for Michael

Hi Michael, here is the link to the first part of the episode I was talking about. Can't find the actual part where he says "why I laugh" Doesn't seem to be on youtube. If anyone can find it I would love to have it. Anyhow, here's the link



Michael Nystrom in photographs. A Googe perspective.

The company Michael Nystrom keeps is quite remarkable.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

Michael Nystrom's picture

Wow - interesting

As you scroll down the page, I have no idea how those are related to me.

I was just contemplaiting putting up a picture of me as a kid - letting it loose onto the internet.

I'm afraid to do it. I generally like to keep my cyber footprint small. (LOL!)

I guess that means I should do it.

I thought the same thing when Obama was pointing at people

on his ceremonial coronation march.

"Hey! Git 'im! He's makin' like he 'as a gun!"

Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

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Michael N

That's how I used to sign my papers in the first grade. I can still remember how I used to write, all loopy, sloppy. It is unfortunate that I no longer have that documentation - all those paintings and drawings, and simple words with simple sentences. What an incredible record it would be to have. The young ones today will have an opportunity to keep all of that - digitized, and stored forever. The only reason I threw it out was for lack of space.

But at any rate, you're right! I'm pointing a gun. At my ballot. That I just cast for Ron Paul.

And you're right. I could have gotten suspended. And you've sent me back into a reverie. If I was that kid - that same kid, six years old in 1974, before cable TV, before the internet, before cellphones, before facebook, before the PC, before even Atari. The first "wow!" I remember was Pong. Seriously, at the age of i, without all this stuff we have now - Pong was the bomb! But if I was that kid now, with all these arbitrary rules placed on them.... That is so sad.

It is one reason I really don't want to have kids. That is the most ultimately pessimistic statement of all. All this sh!t, this sh!tty world, ultracompetitive to the point that nobody can make it. No one but the big stars, who are just duping everyone else. The biggest lights of all are in the government itself; then the pundit class; then the entertainment class. That is the Gold Rush of today. Gold was the rush in 1849 (go Niners!), this is like a false gold rush. Everyone is aiming to be the next Glenn Beck, the next Limbaugh, the next whatever.

Of any book, I cannot recommend one more highly than "Entertaining Ourselves to Death." It is what we're doing. That book was written in '84, or '86 (can't remember which), but it was right when I was graduating from high school. I'll tell you what the bomb was then: MTV. That was the bomb, to come home from school and vege on the couch for three hours, watching video after video, waiting for the one you wanted to see. And they'd show one you didn't want to see, and you'd say to yourself, "funk," but then you'd hope that one you liked would be on next. And it would be so random. But even the bad ones were good. Like they say about both pizza and sex: Even when it is bad, it is good.

And within the context of that bomb, the big bomb was Michael Jackson's "Thriller."

I'm going to go watch that again now. That is the great thing about YouTube: You are in control. With MTV, you had zero control. It was not random access (RAM). Unlike the record. Unlike the 8-track and cassette tape. CD was the first random access device.

CDs are pretty much outdated now, but I still like them. I like the physicality of them, even if the physicality of them is meaningless. Records, the physicality had meaning. You could at least see it. It was just one long groove per side, but you could at least see song lengths. "Whoa - that's a long song! Bob Dylan's "Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowland" takes up one whole side of one LP record. Blonde on Blonde. (It was a four record set - "double album" as they used to call them. I'm sure it was the bomb when it came out, but that was before my time. I do enjoy that record.

From Blonde on Blonde to Thriller in pop music. That really was a beautiful trip, the musical evolution.

having given way to completely digital music.

Great Rant, Michael!

I can really relate. I avoided having children for the exact same reason.

Pong was awesome. MTV was cool, although I did not get it. It was cable and we lived too far out. The best thing I remember is that I was on my own. After school, which I despised, I was free until dinner, then, free until dark. I was outside or around town with nobodies permission for every waking hour. I hitchhiked, walked, or rode my bike everywhere. On the weekends in high school we would pile into someone's mom's car (no chaperones) and drive to Aspen, Vail, Glenwood Springs, Boulder, or Grand Junction for soccer games or tournaments. We would bring our sleeping bags and sleep on the soccer fields. Today we would get sent to juvenile camp for some of the good clean fun we had. We were so free. I miss that freedom so much.

You better watch how many times you say bomb in one post, Michael, the terrorist keyword indicator light for you is probably at the orange high alert level now. Especially after the questionable photo.

Do you mean....

Amusing Ourselves To Death by Neil Postman?

That is a fantastic read. Roger Waters of Pink Floyd actually came up with the concept for his great album Amused To Death after reading that.

And if the band you're in starts playing different tunes, I'll see you on the dark side of the moon.


I used to play that for hours. AND MTV sure was the thing although I didn't watch it as much as most. I would rather play music. We did have much more freedom back then. I can't imagine being a kid now. School always seemed like prison to me but at least we could leave at lunch and breaks and there were not fences all around, or armed guards. If I had kids today I don't think I would send them to school.

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War on kids

I wouldn't send them to school either.


I really don't want to born kids into slavery. And I don't really see things getting better.


This is the first time someone has said "I don't want to have kids" that I have not jumped in with a heartfelt expression of the the joys of parenting. My "kids" are in their 30s now, one wide awake and like a deer in the headlights, the other sound asleep and breaking my and my husband's hearts on a daily basis. The grandchild that made everything worth fighting for is now out of our life. Time will march on, and perhaps some day I will want to revisit this post. I can tell you what I used to say... That children are our only "guaranteed" life after death. They are the physical manifestation of the love between you and your beloved. Those things remain true. That is the best I can muster today. Oh, except what my husband has said to every smart person who ever chose not to have children. "You can't do that, man. The stupid people are out-breeding us already."

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Thales of Miletus

When Thales was asked why doesn't he have children his reply was: "Because I love children!"

No wonder Thales was famous for his wisdom.

"Air is the very substance of our freedom, the substance of superhuman joy....aerial joy is freedom."--Gaston Bachelard--

people who are concerned about giving birth to children in . . .

such a world as this can still help 'at-risk' children--

there are children all over the world who didn't ask to be born into slavery who need and want homes--

Family doesn't have to be biological--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

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OMG - Just watching Thriller again on YouTube


It brings back a lot of memory and context. Michael Jackson back then was huge. He was so big, I don't even know what you could compare that to now. Michael Jackson was at the undisputed top. And then to do this - Thriller. It was groundbreaking. It was earthshattering.

I would wait hours to watch this video. And then I would yell, "It's on! It's on!" to my sister if she was around.

He turns into a werewolf. A scary one. That was freaking scary. And then they cut to him in the audience - this was just a movie. He's in that red jacket, with his jerry-curl, which was the style of the time. He's digging it. That is where this modern day meme, the 'michael jackson eating popcorn gif' comes from:

This is vintage Michael Jackson. This is his residual self image. At least it is mine of him.

I can't even remember how the rest of the video goes, I'm so into the moment.

Yeah I love Thriller

I watch it every Halloween and can't get over how great it was. Wish Michael J had stopped there with the surgery. IMO he was his best self then and there but I guess he didn't feel that way. Anyway, I love how they captured the spirit of the old classic movies with that video along with classic MJ music and dancing. Wasn't the director the same guy that did "American Werewolf in London"? That movie was too cool!


Michael Nystrom's picture

Yes, I think it was the same director

And Michael got Vincent Price to be in the video. That was awesome.

I wish he'd have stopped there with the surgery as well. Why did he need it? He was beautiful. What a beautiful creature - just as he was. It is the same for all of us. Beautiful. Perfect. Unfortunately blind to it.

Yeah, that was a great video.

But times were simpler back then. I just heard a radio expose on NPR about how high school girls these days have to worry about naked pictures of themselves showing up on facebook. Or being cyberbullied to death. What a horrible fate that must be for some young people today.


Just wanted to comment about the last paragraph.

As far as HS girls worrying about naked photos of themselves appearing online, that's their fault. Most just send these photos to their boyfriend, and the boyfriend just about always puts the photos on Facebook/4chan for the world to see. Funny how it only seems become a worry once they get caught by their parents/job.

After so many times, you'd think that these girls would learn NOT to send people they know (and even random strangers online) naked pictures of themselves. It always, ALWAYS comes back to bite people in the ass.

But of course, 99% of them will keep on doing it, and will continue to act all surprised when it comes back on them.

A signature used to be here!

I just voted up my own thread which I never do

Not for my thread but for your awesome response! You are making me go back to the good old days too! BTW the "why I laugh" came from Homer Simpson.


I always upvote and bump my own posts!

Is that really that bad?! :) I mean heck, even Obama voted for himself! Is it narcissistic or what?! Hah! Content creators are users too, and we should get a vote! :) I stumbled across a comment from BMD where he was talking about being able to see the votes! I guess this feature is no longer available on the front end, but I'm sure it's entertaining to monitor this info on the backend!

I think all up and down votes should be accompanied by a mandatory comment as to why and to document who. For more accountability....although keeping this info behind the scenes probably makes it easier for mods to find trolls and also probably encourages more voting.

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


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jrd3820 had an excellent question

I said that we need to 'use the children' on our side, since the gun grabbers are definitely going to use them.

Man - did you hear Gabriel Giffords testimony today? They kept playing it over and over and over again on NPR. Today was one of those weird days that I had NPR on all day. I don't normally do that. Normally I catch Tom Ashbrook on On Point in the mornings. That is really an excellent program.

But today, they kept replaying the "powerful testimony" (their description) of her appearance, which is here. She's recovering from a gunshot wound to the brain. That in and of itself is an awesome, and incredible achievement, and for that we owe her all the respect, and prayers, and love in the world.

As far as her message goes, we cannot conflate our personal feelings of good will towards Ms. Giffords with what she is saying, which goes as follows:


Interesting to finally watch it, after having heard her voice all day. Her hair has grown back. And no disrespect at all, but her presentation was very childlike. The words, so difficult to form, such simple constructions. And what really stood out to me was the point she wanted to emphasize:

"We must do something!"

And I agree. We must do something. Like that guy said the other day, this is not about guns. This is about social collapse. Why is our society producing freaks like this - freaks that can't handle the pressure? This country has always been loaded to the gills with guns, as he points out.

Maybe the pressure is getting too high

- - - - -

Hey skippy - thanks for noticing. You have a level of "fine grained perception" as my wife and I refer to it. Fine grained perception. You notice the details. Not only do you notice the details, you spoke out about it. That is precisely what we need. More of in this country.

Don't be silent. Speak out. Help your neighbors. Be a good citizen. A good citizen is a defender of the constitution.

- - - - -

What is the 'why I laugh' from Homer Simpson? Do you have a YouTube?

Part I of the episode

Can't find the part where he's in the hospital and says "why I laugh" but he comes out of a coma from the fall and the doctor tells him he has brain damage and he laughs and then says "why I laugh"? about having brain damage. If anyone can find that please post it.


Okay Michael

I haven't really tried to pull up the episode but here is a link to some humorous quotes from years past that still make me laugh. "Why I laugh" included! Enjoy. I will try to find the links to the shows later. Even us serious people on DP need a laugh now and then. http://www.allgreatquotes.com/simpsons_quotes_homer11.shtml


It's been a long time

since I saw that episode but I will try to find a link tomorrow. Brain is tired now and looking up Simpson episodes gets me sidetracked with laughter. I'm sure it's online somewhere or at least hope so. I'll post it asap.