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I Have To Ask This: For What And For Why?

I want answers!

This is one of the most important questions that I can never seem to get an answer for when I ask other people:

Exactly WHAT Is America Fighting For In The Middle East?

WHY are we there? For WHAT and WHY?

Is there some kind of secret, "Marshall Plan," for the Middle East?

And it's one, two, three...what are we fighting for? I ask because I do give a damn, before the next stop is Iran.

Featured article sparked this post:

Peak oil theories 'increasingly groundless', says BP chief

The US will be self-sufficient in energy by 2030, with only 1% coming from imports, the company's analysts predict


Full article linked above.

So...WHAT are we fighting for?

What is everybody fighting over in the Middle East if America is set to become energy independent in less than 20 years?

WHY are we there, and why does it seem like a bunch of countries from all over the globe are taking sides and fighting over the same slice of Middle Eastern pie which is not Israel?

Or is it??????

Oil, minerals, natural gas, gold, platinum, and that stuff used in our cell phones... On the surface of things, those reasons may seem plausible and logical, but there's a big BUT.

What do you think? I have a few ideas as to WHY and WHAT America is fighting for. Please share your own answers and ideas too!

A. Just because the United States will become energy self-sufficient by 2030 does NOT mean that our government wants certain countries like Russia, China and Iran to become self sufficient as well by having access to an abundant supply of resources practically in their own backyards. America wants to gain and maintain control over the Middle East in order to prevent the enemy from achieving energy independence, and to prevent any kind of serious threat to our dominance of the entire planet. If Russia and China were to become energy independent nation states, the US is toast on the global plantation in the 21st Century because of population alone. A "Global Democracy," does not bode well for the population of the United States as compared to say...India, or China.

B. America and Her Western allies are simply drawing a line in the geostrategic sands of the Middle dividing the West from the East. ONE side is going to call the shots in the 21st Century, the East or the West. Whoever wins control over the Middle wins. The British and Her Queen's family have been fighting this war for centuries.

C. West vs. East is bullcrap, the US gov't could care less about the actual energy resources of the Middle East. Same with the Queen. ALL that matters is what matters to the GLOBAL Corporations that seek nothing but, "new markets," to exploit the cheapest labor possible. Corporations want to make, "Made in Iraq," the next Made in China, and they want your next I-pad manufactured in markets where slave labor is kosher and kool.

D. It's all about a war abroad in order to take down America by draining Her wealth, and destroying our elderly and our youth to create social unrest and some kind of Civil War or Economic collapse that will be the New World Order's cherry on top of their Baby - the devised destruction of the united States of America, and the West itself captured in one fell swoop by the BEAST of the East.

E. Equality of evil. Everyone will be equal at the end of what's going on in the Middle East. We will all be equally dead, or equally impoverished under a global government. East vs. West is nothing but a ruse, the energy that is capable of being produced with modern (old) technology is infinite, and the whole resources, minerals, land and control theory is nothing but a seemingly logical argument to justify war, and more of it.

F. F*&k it! All of the above, and so below.

G. Go West


H. H.G. Wells was right.

I. Israel. The original, "Gateway to the West." The BEASTS of the East are setting up to march on the gates of Israel, take Her down and then proceed to implement their own version of the CIA - Communist International Agenda in the West.


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jrd3820's picture

Why do humans do anything?

Because they can.
They'll say it is for resources, it's not for resources.
Maybe they will say it is about "extremism and terrorism" but we all know that's not the truth.
Like you said, it's about the New World Order bringing us down. There are a few men in this world who have too much power and they masturbate to the sight of humans killing each other for no real reason. They get hard on's at the thought of a drone falling from the sky killing innocent women and children.
They are bored and lonely and filled with hate. They have no real joy in their life so they try to steal happiness from others. They have problems with the size of their male anatomy and dictating world wars make them feel better about that.
That is my "took too much nyquill" answer, I might delete this later.

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss

The USA mae a deal a long time ago

The USA built the oil industry in the ME. It was our technology, our materials, our labor, our intel, our security, our INVESTMENT, corporate, governmment and military. THEY MADE AN AGREEMENT, THEY WANT TO RENIG, TAKE THE INDUSTRY WE ESTABLISHED.

So we are in the ME to PROTECT OUR INVESTMENT.

The usa must control the oil

The usa must control the oil producing region because the countries under our control only accept us dollars for their oil. If they would ever start to accept other currencies for their oil the then us dollar and the us ecomomy would experience a rapid total collapse.

Most interesting when looking

Most interesting when looking at what China wants to do with their own currency.

Iraq and Libya tried the same thing, and got shot to pieces.

Is China saying, "Bring it on," with their latest gesture?

Are the wars in the Middle East REALLY about Russia and China?

Does gold even matter in the 21st century in terms of money? Yes, it's ideal to consider gold and silver true money, but in reality the zero's and one's in the computer code matter most.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.