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I will NOT click on this post!

This is a nonsense post. I don't think I'm alone, but I have tried to post REAL articles with REAL action required by those in the liberty movement... yet they fall into the interweb oblivion, and all I see on the DP 'active topics' lately is crud like this - "Joining Facebook", and "Michael's picture" or even completely FAKE articles like "Teacher arrested at JFK". ?? These are cute, but REALLY?? Do they have a place in a forum where the stated objective is the promotion of liberty? Sorry to rant here, but those of us trying to promote action rather than useless posts like this are frustrated...we don't have many common places to call folks to action - Perhaps you could check out my "latest post", if anything, to simply promote for anyone concerned or locally - in Idaho, who may want to get involved. ??

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To Clarify

Hi everyone...I want to clarify. I LOVE the humor in some of the posts here on the DP. Not only does it provide an outlet - it is a necessary part of effectively dealing with politics, in general. This post was simply a little rant to get off my chest some of the frustration I know we ALL feel from time to time. I come here multiple times a day...all hours of the day (or night) to find (like one post said) the REAL morning news. I meant NO offense, but I can understand how this could offend some people...and to them, I sincerely apologize - that was NOT my intent. Stay active in whatever way fits you best. We are all on the same team, which means we get to share in good times as well as in frustrating times. Thanks for the understanding.

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Okay Sarah

My earlier comment was a reflex response to being personally attacked. I have gotten past that now so, though I still mean what I said I want to express my sympathy for your feelings. I understand where you are coming from. Maybe you didn't ever read my post headed "I am so frustrated." You are not the only one that is frustrated, angry and worried about the state of our country. It may seem like we come here and post silly useless threads that aren't helping fix this overwhelming problem. To you it may seem like we are taking it all lightly. BUT, Okay, I get it. WE ALL GET IT. The thing is, it took a long time to get into this fix, it's going to take a while to get out of it. In the meantime we can't just stop living! I don't post stuff here that I feel is pointless but I try to have a sense of humor and irony too. Otherwise, what good am I to anyone? I also understand how you feel about your posts. Sometimes I post links that I think are really informative and pressing only to have them sail away into nowhere while stuff I post that I think is light ends up on center stage. Go figure. I don't try to understand humans but I don't let them get to me either. Keep heart and hope and I KNOW you will make a difference. Just be patient with the rest of us too. Okay?



There is not only room for humor, there is need for humor. Let me tell you a little about people.
In 2007, I started making phone calls looking for Idaho's Ron Paul supporters, and they were crawling out of the woodwork. GWB announced a bank bailout and I tried to get the 200 - 300 members of the RP meetup to go downtown and protest. 8 of us showed up. All winter long, sign waves were held, usually about 3 of us were there. When we caught on to the PCP strategy, I started a statewide precinct map and started trying to fill them. I gave them slim jims to hand out and told them they HAD to go door to door. About a dozen people did.
Political activists are a rare breed. And, even national issues really need addressed state by state - you call your own Congressman and Senator.
Get yourself email lists, but ASK PERMISSION. "Liberty lovers" have been spammed to death and are pretty tired of getting email with "end of the world" language in all caps for the subject. Many of us gave up on politics, you are just not going to get me to give my time or money to someone who wants a position of power over me. I will hassle politicians, but how many DP folks are going to call Idaho's politicians? You need a list of Idaho people who are willing to make phone calls and send emails to Idaho politicians. Those are MUCH easier to find than New Yorkers who will call Idaho politicians or Idahoans who will do anything that involves sticking their neck out. Mind you, these folks are not cowards, they already put giant targets on their backs playing politics and have moved on to more effective tactics. If you enjoy politics, there is no reason to stop playing but you need to look further than politics, too.
You are not far from me - about 2 hours. If you ever want to come up and spend a day in the mountains, we can talk.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Sounds good!

I know I can't expect New Yorkers to call Idaho politicians, but I also recognize that this is a great place to spread the word to like-minded folks. That said, I found the DP *LONG* before meeting anyone locally, so I tend to look to this community - as well as those I have met locally - to spread the word on important issues. Who knows, maybe someone in New York or Florida has family or friends here that they can alert if they see an Idaho-specific issue.
As far as maybe meeting up, my family of 4 makes regular trips to the mountains - arguably some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country!!!! (I'm biased...I know!) As the weather improves, I will let you know about any travel plans. I'm in Boise. You say 2 hours-ish? You in McCall or Hailey, by chance? I know a few other folks up that way, so yeah... Happy Friday. :)

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you a PM with contact into. Look forward to hearing from you.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Lighten Up

You sound radical and obsessed. As far as my post about Michael's Picture it was making fun of the idiot schools that suspend kids for nothing because they are a bunch of RADICAL gun haters. Maybe you don't get IRONY. There is more to the message of liberty than banging people over the heads with the need to be involved. Although I am not very good at waking people up it's not for lack of trying. I spend a lot of time on DP looking for stuff to show people to try to get them to come out of their self induced comas and realize what is going on around them. Not all of us are in a position to go out and become big time activists. I recently started having to take care of an invalid relative so I am house bound to this person almost 24/7. There are people here with all kinds of different circumstances. DP is a forum of liberty minded people. Not programmed zombies with one goal in mind. Again I say, lighten up. Forgive me if I sound harsh but you started it.


right on Sarah! now you want

right on Sarah! now you want start going up to strangers on the street and grabbing them by their shirts, telling them the good message about the Dr. Paul revolution?


While I understand what you mean, I can only agree to a point.

Sometimes I'll go to a certain post and just shake my head while wishing I hadn't clicked on it. But I have to tell you, people react to things differently. I actually thought the "teacher at JFK" post was clever, and while it may not be your usual mainstream type of post at waking someone up, its irony may smack somebody awake coming to this site for the first time. Someone with enough intelligence should inquire as to why the comments are making fun of such a stupid, fake post.

The objective here may be to promote liberty, but it has grown in to a community where online friendships have developed. There was a post here yesterday about someone wanting to know if the crash was happening soon. And though the article is not promoting liberty, the question has passed through many poster's minds. Someone also wanted to know if they wanted to "fast" together. Both those posts show that we support one another here.

Michael has seen to it to add certain forum topics(humor,weird stuff) for, as you call them "nonsense posts". Unlike other communities, this community is very diversified with people from different backgrounds, cultures, and yes, senses of humor, coming together. I think the different available topics on this site makes it a lot more welcoming to a new visitor. Same go for the writers.

For example: I think atheist finds it refreshing that not EVERY topic has to have God mentioned in it. I'm also sure many find it relieving that other posters don't forget to mention God.

I can't tell you how many times I've read about people here and other sites complain that another site is to serious, sensationalistic, extremist, conspiracy laded, etc. Here, you get a little of everything. I also think it's healthy to take a nice break from constantly sticking to one topic, if it is for a couple of minutes, to laugh.

Those are my 2 cents and may I add, I've read some of your posts and I certainly commend you on your efforts.

Well Said!

I should have read the comments before responding to sarah's rant! Your 2 cents is worth a lot more!


I will NOT click on this post...

Darnit, I did... I think you tricked me... :-P

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Very insightful post

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