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DP Originals - Here's the Plan Guys.

So have you noticed? When you're posting a forum topic on the Daily Paul, in addition to the choice of Forum and state, you have one of 6 'helpful tag' options. The one we're discussing is "DP Original." The idea behind it is this: We need more voices. We definitely have some voices, but many are already pigeon-holed and scapegoated by the "libertarian" epithet. We need young voices that rebroadcast the ideas of Liberty for a wider market.

Make no mistake about it, the Daily Paul is fringe. We are a fringe group. Don't be ashamed about it. Don't try to hide it. As a long time poster here used to say (before he got banned): WAHOR! We All Have Our Roles. This is one of the most instructive and important posts ever made here.

We all have our roles. We all play them to a T. Don't hold it against someone personally if they serve a different role. They didn't choose the role! The role chose them. So whatever role you got, embrace it with gusto.

- - - - -

Do you know how that whole fashion of baggy pants -- all falling off the ass, halfway down practically to the knees -- how that fashion got started? It was in prison. The prisoners were denied belts. Thus their pants were always falling down, just like that. And then when they got out of the brig, they wore their pants like that - for whatever reason. The point is, they learned it in the brig - a tiny, isolated community (like the DP), then they made it cool. They made it so 'cool' that the style became one that is mimicked even in the suburbs of White America. (Still a classic)


- - - - -

Watch that Eminem video. White America. This video predates Ron Paul for me. This video is from when I was still waking up. The Eminem Show was my soundtrack from 2002-2003.

Eminem was way ahead of the game, calling out the hypocrisy of the US government. Right at the beginning of the song, a voiceover says, “I want everyone to listen to the lyrics of this song.” Do it. They’re prescient. This song was a foreshadowing of the the tea party; it was a foreshadowing of the police state; it was a forshadowing of Sandy Hook. Watching as I write, I see he references school shootings at 1:40, and points out the terrifyingly obvious: The shooters look so normal, like the rest of us. "Eric looks just like this," he says, a reference to Columbine shooter Eric Harris, acknowledging that anyone could potentially be an enemy: “I could be one of your kids.” So where does this lead? Drugging our kids. Police state. Fear. The enemy is no longer “out there,” it is within our borders. Screen everyone at the airports. Make them take off their shirts, their pants, their shoes and sox. X-ray them naked.

This song reached a huge audience.

And that is your mission, dear friend, dear DP reader. You. Yes, you, sitting there in your bedroom. You can be part of the conversation. You can use the DP to practice your essay writing. The best essays, DP Originals, as judged by your peers, go into the “features” section in the upper right corner, and if good enough, onto the front page.

And this is your first step to larger audiences: The Washington Times (the DP’s own Tom Mullen now writes for the Times), and the Huffington Post (Robin Koerner writes for the Post). And certainly others. Prison Planet? The Blaze? WND? I’m sure they’d love to have you. The economics of online media outlets means that they're all in search of free content. That is how the economics of the web work now. No, you may not get paid, but you have the opportunity to make a name for yourself while reaching a larger audience with the message of Liberty.

And it can all start for you here. Here you can be free. Be loose. Develop your style. Refine your points and arguments. Wear those pants like they do in the correctional facility (since everyone knows that all of us here are nuts). Then take it out to the streets. Like Tom Mullen, Robin Koerner, and Eminem.

Take your fringe ideas, and make them mainstream. That's the thing about the mainstream: They'll copy anything they think is cool.

Until next time, peace out.

- Nystrom - Norse for new stream. Let's start this new stream flowing.

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I am 24 and want to get into

I am 24 and want to get into political writing. I think DP is a great way to bounce ideas and writings off like minded people before going out to the masses. I wrote a piece on gun control a couple of days ago but I think it got buried without any views. Anyway, if you guys could read it and give me some feedback that would be awesome:


I like the Eminem video btw. I plan on making a hip hop thread soon on artists with Libertarian principles.

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.

Just wanted to tell Mr.

Just wanted to tell Mr. Nystrom thanks again for everything he does here. I don't have money to donate at the moment, but I will when I can. This post is awesome, thank you thank you thank you.


I'm one of those single-digits approval rating people. Posting for me is like flying a kite: I let them sail and sometimes they immediately crash, some fly up so high the string breaks and they just drift away. Some are like a beacon around which people rally.

Sometimes I'm serious, sometimes I'm joking, I have about 5 styles to pick from and I never even know which one is gonna assert. Literary multiple personality disorder? But this and a couple other sites have taught me how to actually write to persuade, write to lampoon, write to be understood. Because I do in fact look upon these boards as somewhat of a playground, a perfect place to be experimental. And as a writer I spent much of my early life just trying to get friends and relatives to just READ WHAT I WRITE AND TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT IT. Around here we get about 200 critics at any given moment. Think about it. There ain't a college or a writing instructor in this world that can give you that.

Plus if you have a wry sense of humour, getting shredded around here can be as entertaining an experience as I ever had. I'd compare it to getting an Emmy or something but not only has that never happened to me, it never will. The response to my Alex Jones post was so far beyond recognition, forget about it, that was MIND CONTROL IN ACTION. Sorry guys but I gotta take a bow on that one. Totally experimental. I actually start out telling you I'm going to manipulate you, then I blatantly manipulate you, then I tell you I just did and basically allow you to laugh or suck bitter pickled eggs. Your choice. Served up hot or cold every day.


Check the rank and the comments. And it's accompanying factoid: at least for present I'M FREE TO POST STUFF LIKE THAT. I'm even free to publish what I think of as "proto posts" where I don't really have my thoughts in order, I throw words against this wall like a plate of spaghetti noodles and just see what sticks. Often community input (read scorn and derision) allows me to repurpose the same post for for later. Where I learned perhaps the single greatest lesson as a writer in this movement. I don't mind sharing it back, you people taught me this:

IN THIS MOVEMENT, TIMING IS EVERYTHING. What is a lauded post or great idea today can come and go totally un-noticed the next day.

Where else in the world do you get to make mistakes like this? This isn't a consequence free environment so much as a supportive one. Around here, persistence can pay. If at first you don't succeed, jump up on that horse that threw you, beat it dead and then see of you can lead it to water and make it drink (see that? experimental mixed-metaphor).

SMUDGE POT REGRETS HE HAS BUT ONE REPUTATION TO GIVE IN SERVICE OF HIS NATION. Losing it here has such a low cost and such high potential rewards.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

Michael Nystrom's picture

Excellent perspective

Thank you Smudge Pot. So much insight in this post:

Posting for me is like flying a kite: I let them sail and sometimes they immediately crash, some fly up so high the string breaks and they just drift away. Some are like a beacon around which people rally.

It is the same for everyone; same for artists making a new painting, singers writing a new song, authors writing a new book. You never know what is going to hit, but to 'hit' means only that it resonates with a wide swath of others. And that is about more than just the post, or the song, or the article or the book. It is also about timing, about what else is going on, where the collective conscious of the universe is at the moment...

I have about 5 styles to pick from and I never even know which one is gonna assert.

Robert Anton Wilson said he had about 26 personalities inside of him, which could assert at any time. Regardless of the number, everyone has more than one.

This board is a playground; Life is a playground.

Plus if you have a wry sense of humour, getting shredded around here can be as entertaining an experience as I ever had.

It is no fun if you're attached to your words, attached to your image, attached to your ranking. Pretty entertaining if you understand that none of that is you. Agonizing if you make that mistake.

Anyway - thank you for the response. I wish I could have written it. I wouldn't change a thing.

Thanks for saving me the time!

And your AJ post was brilliant, as I stated at the time. People are so easily manipulated.

He's the man.

Hau Oyasin

Maybe we will meet or maybe one day I will stand in one spot and feel warmth in my feet and maybe I will be able to tell that you were standing there maybe 5 minutes before. Or after. Amazing how connected we are through friends and pressing flesh IRL. I know people that know you and you know people that know me to the point where I'm convinced you are in fact a distinct physical entity no matter what else you may be.

I'd be honoured to have a means of private contact. I don't abuse on you high-level contacts (the ability to contact you that is) but I like having that ability. Fact is till now, anything I had to communicate to you was being handled by somebody else.

In conclusion, in case you missed it, some maniac put up a parody of AJ and the premise is what if he had only nice things to say? By the powers vested in me I supply this credible answer:


Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

I was driving through a Bad Part of Dallas

one day and there was this smartass looking guy strutting down the sidewalk with his pants like that and guess what? He actually walked them right off himself and they were down around his ankles and he just kept strutting! Fortunately he was wearing boxers underneath. LMAO!!!!!!!!! I know I should feel sorry for him but sometimes it's just plain hard to!


Michael Nystrom's picture

Now its our turn

lol! People are so afraid of getting caught with their pants down. If they fall down, so be it. We're all human. We all got the same junk down there.

That is pretty funny.

He's the man.

Wow Michael....

Your Creativity & Inspiration nodes intersected!

Such keen powers of observation - I should be a journalist!

No, I never even noticed the other box... it took me about 5 minutes to find it. I am a creature of habit, and I still post the way I did when I first found this site... lol!
"They didn't choose the role! The role chose them."
Indeed, how many of us meant to "wake up?" It just happened, and for as many times as I have wondered "Why me?" I still have no answer...

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Cyril's picture

"I should be a journalist !" ... I wish you were

"I should be a journalist !" ... I wish you were:

there would be a Hell of a lot more Truth out there, and tons less of gross distracting non-sense.

If I knew an editorial board (and you'd be for it), you guys'd ALREADY been connected by me. LONG ago.

But, "with if's... etc."

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Careful what you wish for.

I just volunteered to be a newscript writer for Freedom Broadcast Network. They are getting ready to air "newsbreak" type radio programs, and I will be one of the script writers. I really don't know what I am doing, but it is fun, and gives me a chance to try to "spin" the news toward truth. Thanks for the encouraging words!

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Cyril's picture

FINALLY some good news! :)

FINALLY some good news! :)

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

The sagging pants

The sagging pants thing....that style developed in prison indicated you were someone's b#*&%@. Just a FYI...thats why I always laugh when I see somone willingly wearing their pants that way...they have no idea what it means...but very appropriate for somone still asleep.

I don't believe sagging indicates a status or pecking order the

Sherrifs @ LA County had run out of ways to humiliate their captives so the ordered only 6x and larger orange tops and botoms (pun intentional).The captives embraced this slight and the rest is...

Aaron Russo, Nikola Tesla, Ron Paul, I'm jus' sayin'

(((Michael))) Alexa ranking higher than Drudge

Alexa ranking
I can’t recall how I found this, but at the time I was comparing website rankings.
At this site www.alexa.com the Daily Paul ranks as follows compared to Drudge(numbers represent three-months):

Daily Paul
Global Rank 11,608
US Rank 2,930
Sites Linking In 4,884
Query popularity 5

Global Rank 72,279
US Rank 15,502
Sites Linking In 1,125
Query popularity 5

You rank higher than Drudge by a factor of over 4 (popularity number 5 is the same); the descriptive “fringe” is relative and debatable don’t you think based on the numbers?

Correction Noted Below

perhaps the site Alexa can still be referenced for tracking your rankings.

you have a glitch on your

you have a glitch on your computer, or you didn't type in drudgereport.com

drudge has a steady ranking of 94, or in the 90s to upper 80s. you are sadly misinformed, sir.

infowars and world net daily and breitbart are all in the same ball park.

Too bad the government was attacking the infowars website, because it was destined to climb up to 350, but uncle sam said, i want you to go back to 400 this instant.



for pointing that out; the hour is late, it's not my computer. I just plugged in the wrong name;I did notice infowars' ranking.

What did rhino do that got

What did rhino do that got him banned?

I probably already know, but I don't remember.

I've been waiting for a post by him regarding "the next shoe to drop."

You're right about the significance of his WAHOR post. It's true, we all have our roles, and every role is important.


Is it too late to teach you

Is it too late to teach you The Clash, Rush, etc? ;)

Cyril's picture

Great idea.

Great idea.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

This is a good idea.

This is a good idea.

Michael. Are you wearing cellophane underwear?

Because I can clearly see you're nuts.

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

I am dusk icon. anagram me.

Wallace & Gromit : A Close Shave: Sheep Rescue


"Get yourselves organized down there."

Free includes debt-free!

It's awesome listening to

It's awesome listening to this song now that I have the blinders off.

Hey Michael, I'd love if

Hey Michael, I'd love if you'd read my post. It's my own DP Original, an account of some of my personal struggles in life and freedom. It's long, so I certainly understand if you don't have the the time.


Thank you for creating and maintaining this site. It means a lot to me.